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The 10 best views in Mallorca

    Do a test and search Google Maps with the words “views in Mallorca”. We’re sure you’ll come up with lots of viewpoints, too many. But of course, holidays are finite and you’re not going to have time to visit every one of them, otherwise you wouldn’t have time to lie on the beach and get a tan.

    At ROIG we want to help you solve this problem, so we’ve put together a list of the 10 best views in Mallorca, so that you can choose the ones you like best and add them to your holiday itinerary. Are you ready to discover the beauty of the Balearic island from above?

    1- Cala Tuent

    We begin our selection with a view in Mallorca which, for us, is one of our favourites. To get there you have to drive along the winding road to Sa Calobra, one of the most famous images of the Serra de Tramuntana. Once you reach the end, you will come across Cala Tuent, which lies at the foot of Puig Major. 

    Take some time to cool off and then we recommend that you climb up to the viewpoint that is located one and a half kilometres from the cove, in the direction of the Església de Sant Llorenç. You can go there by car or on foot, depending on your strength and how hot the sun is – the views of the Mallorcan coastline are breathtaking!

    Once you have arrived there, you cannot miss the small village of Sa Calobra, as it is a unique fishing spot that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

    2- Es Colomer viewpoint

    This is probably one of the most famous views in Mallorca, so we recommend that you go early in the morning to avoid the crowds of tourists. Es Colomer is an obligatory stop on your way to Cap de Formentor, because of its impressive views.

    It is also one of the best viewpoints to visit by car, as there is a small car park on the road that will allow you to leave your vehicle there, so you can get there on foot. From the car park alone you will be able to enjoy the views, but we encourage you to walk up the stairs that will take you to the highest point.

    When you reach the main viewpoint, you will have direct views of the cliffs in different directions. We have to admit that this is quite an impressive area.

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    3- Sa Foradada

    Sa Foradada offers one of the best views in Mallorca to watch the sunset, although many people know this and you will rarely be able to enjoy this event in peace and quiet. This viewpoint is located on the west coast of Mallorca and can be reached directly from the island’s main road Ma-10.

    Once you leave the car, you will find a fairly large esplanade from where you can contemplate the sea and a clear horizon from the heights. But don’t just stop there, take a look at the shape of the perforated rock in front of you. This rock is the reason why the viewpoint is called La Foradada.

    With a rounded area of 18 centimetres in diameter, you will be able to see a real spectacle when the sun falls through the hole.

    4- Bellver Castle

    We continue with one of the best views of Palma that you can reach by public transport or on foot from the centre. To the west of the Mallorcan capital is Bellver Castle, which is surprising for its circular shape. But what not many people know is that it houses a viewpoint from which you can see the whole bay of Palma and a large part of the south of Mallorca.

    This is a good place to start your trip around Mallorca or the Balearic Islands, as it will help you to find your bearings on the map and to know the direction of your planned route.

    5- Ses Ànimes viewpoint

    Another of the best views in Mallorca is located at Torre des Verger, on the road to Estellencs. The viewpoint is presided over by a tower dating from 1579, known as the Torre de ses Ànimes. In order to appreciate the beauty of the views you will have to walk up a narrow flight of stairs to reach the tower’s viewpoint. NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH VERTIGO!

    In summer there are usually quite a lot of people, as it is a good spot to see a sunset in Mallorca, so we recommend that, if you go in high season, you try not to go in the late afternoon.

    You can reach this viewpoint near Palma de Mallorca by car or using public transport.

    6- Ses Barques viewpoint

    We continue with our selection of the best views in Mallorca with the Ses Barques viewpoint. To enjoy the full experience we recommend that you start your day by heading to Sóller, one of the most beautiful villages on the Balearic island. There you can hop on the hundred-year-old tram, stroll through its beautiful streets and have an ice cream in the main square.

    When the afternoon comes, go up to the viewpoint, as your visit would not be complete without this panoramic view. There you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the entire port and you can have a well-deserved coffee at the bar with a terrace right there. Get your camera ready because the photos from this point are picture-perfect.

    7- Ricardo Roca viewpoint

    If you want to enjoy one of the best viewpoints in the Tramuntana mountain range, this is the perfect spot for you. You may have noticed that most viewpoints are located on the most scenic roads, and this is the case of the Ricardo Roca viewpoint, which is located on the road that runs from Andratx to Banyalbufar.

    This road runs practically parallel to the coast and is located at the foot of the great Tramuntana mountain range. It won’t cost you a penny to park next to the viewpoint and walk up the small stairs near the tunnel, the breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys will take your breath away!

    8- Cúber reservoir

    Cúber is an artificial reservoir located at the foot of Puig Major. It is the starting point for a large number of hikes to get to know the Tramuntana mountain range in depth. Along your excursions you will be able to enjoy impressive views of the reservoir, but one of the best panoramic views you will have is on the road itself.

    When you are driving along the winding MA-10 from Sóller and cross the main tunnel of the Serra de Tramuntana, we recommend that you pull over and take in the unobstructed views of the turquoise waters. It will be a real treat for your eyes and you’ll have a break from the curves of the road while you’re at it.

    9- Cap de Formentor Lighthouse

    How could we forget the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, one of the main attractions on the island of Mallorca! This lighthouse was built in 1863 to reinforce the luminous signalling of the island and to provide greater safety for boats. However, this construction was the most complicated for the island, as the spot was completely wild and it took two years just to get the machinery to the place where the lighthouse stands today.

    A total of 200 employees worked there from Monday to Sunday, due to the difficulties in reaching the area, so the local diocese had an altar built so that they could receive mass on Sundays. Finally, they managed to erect a 22-metre tower that stands on the cliffs 210 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views. You can’t miss this view on your trip to Mallorca!

    10- Puig de Randa and the Cura Sanctuary

    We would like to end our ranking of the best views in Mallorca with a landscape characterised by contrasts. The western part of Mallorca is known for its rugged landscapes, due to the Tramuntana mountain range, which offers a mountainous festival. However, the eastern part is completely flat, except for one mountain, Puig de Randa, a hill 543 metres above sea level that watches over this part of the island.

    At the top of the mountain is a sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Cura. You can climb up to visit the historic building, but best of all are the breathtaking views surrounding the temple. But be careful, because time flies and you can spend hours watching life in Mallorca happen below your feet.

    What do you think of the 10 best viewpoints in Mallorca that we have presented? Don’t get overwhelmed, because you don’t have to visit them all, you only have to choose the ones that have caught your attention. 

    You will have realised that to get to these panoramic points you need a car, and at ROIG we want to make it easy for you. On our website you can find the best rental cars, whatever your budget, so that you can get to any point on the island at your own pace and without complications.

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