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Blog The best sunsets in Majorca

The best sunsets in Majorca

    If you are one of those people who enjoy the orange and blue colours of a good sunset on the beach, you are probably wondering where to see the best sunsets in Majorca. Here are the most charming places on the Balearic island, to say goodbye to the day in the best way and watch the sunset in Mallorca in the most beautiful places.

    Where to see the sunset in the south of Majorca?

    Majorca is one of the main holiday destinations during the summer, so it is not surprising to find rivers of tourists looking for the best spots on the island.

    But don’t worry, because the spots we will present below are much less visited by travellers compared to other parts of the island. This way you will be able to see the sunsets of Mallorca practically alone and enjoy nature in its purest essence.

    The south is one of the best areas to stay in Mallorca if you prefer to escape the hustle and bustle and discover the most charming rural villages of the Balearic island. You can find the exact time when the sun sets and drive to these viewpoints to see a real spectacle of nature.

    Ses Covetes

    You will have to reach the paradisiacal beach of Es Trenc to find one of the most magical spots on the island: Ses Covetes. We recommend that you can spend the afternoon there or even enjoy a whole day of maximum relaxation, as it is one of the best beaches for relaxing and enjoying a good day lying on the sand.

    At sunset you can go to the beach bar where you will be served a drink while live music plays. The idyllic landscape, your refreshing drink and the melody of the songs will become one of your best memories on the Balearic island.


    The Colònia de Sant Jordi lighthouse is another of the places with the best sunsets in Mallorca. The best thing to do is to park your car in Colònia, which is the start of the path to reach the lighthouse, and start walking to enjoy the last stretch of the journey to the highest point. 

    Along the way you will find many spots from where you can see the cliffs of the south of the island of Mallorca and take photos of the sun, already orange, reflected in the sea itself.

    Very close to the lighthouse is the Hostal Colonial ice-cream parlour where you can go for an ice-cream, before or after sunset, to refresh your summer evening. Plan ahead so that you can take the walk in peace and quiet and not be caught in a hurry when you see the sun go down.

    Where to see the sunset in the north of Mallorca?

    If you stay in the north, on the other hand, you will find an equally idyllic landscape but with all the services at your fingertips. You will have practically everything you need without leaving your holiday resort, although we recommend that you take a route by car around the best coves in Majorca to discover the most charming corners of the island.

    In the north of Mallorca there are hidden the most winding roads that will allow you to reach viewpoints and cliffs that you have never seen before. The Tramuntana mountain range has an incalculable natural and cultural value, as well as some of the best places to enjoy the sunsets in Mallorca.


    The Sa Foradada viewpoint is the most emblematic spot on the whole island to watch a good sunset in Mallorca. It is a viewpoint located between Valldemosa and Deiá and it offers some of the most spectacular colours at the end of the day. 

    The area is characterised by its steep cliffs, and in particular, the spot we suggest is an outcrop of land that juts out into the sea. Its most photographed image is the hole that has formed in one of the most distant rocks and which gives the spot its name.

    We recommend that you go well in advance, as the parking area is not very large and you could run out of space to watch the sunset. You will see many people lingering on the terrace of the bar, but the best views are really to be found walking along the path along the rock ledge towards the sea.


    In Sa Calobra you will also find the best sunsets in Mallorca. To get there, you will have to go to the municipality of Escorca and reach the last beach of Torrent de Pareis. This is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca and where you can take a refreshing dip before bidding farewell to the sun that has been accompanying you all day.

    It is a very intimate and natural spot where you just have to sit on the sand and enjoy the spectacle. Face the sun, between the two cliffs, to see how the sun slips through the cracks until it disappears. This is a very different sunset and will allow you to take original photos to remember this magical moment for the rest of your life.

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    Where to see the sunset in the west of Mallorca?

    The west of the island is synonymous with luxury, which is why it has become one of the best places to watch the sunset in Majorca, while enjoying a good drink in one of its lounge bars.

    The main charm of the west of Mallorca is its capital, Palma, but in this area you will not only be able to visit the city, but it is also the place where you will find the most services for group activities. If you want to book a kayak trip, a guided hiking route or a diving class, this is the ideal place for you.

    The spots we suggest in the west, where you can watch the sunset in Mallorca, are very accessible and you can easily reach them with your vehicle.


    Lighthouses undoubtedly offer some of the most spectacular views of a region’s landscape, and this is the case of the Cap Blanc lighthouse. It is a high place from where you can see the entire Bay of Palma, as well as marvelling at the rugged landscape of the cliffs of Cap Blanc.

    To get to the lighthouse you will have to drive for a while along a rather winding road, so we recommend that once you get there you can make the most of the way. After watching the sunset, go to the restaurant at the Aguila viewpoint to try the most typical dishes of Mallorcan gastronomy.

    Cala Blava

    Cala Blava also offers the best sunsets in Mallorca. It is a small piece of beach that you can reach by car and park right there to go down just a few metres to the sand. This beach has a special charm and the name is due to its crystal clear waters that acquire this intense blue tone when they reflect the sky.

    You won’t find any services in the cove and if you don’t go in the high season, you may even be completely alone. It’s a good place to open a bottle of wine and toast, while you watch the sun slowly disappear into the mountains, giving way to the calm and refreshing night.

    Where to see the sunset in Palma city?

    Mallorcan gastronomy is known all over the world: arròs brut, ensaimadas, sobrasada, snails, porcella, etc. Many people come to the island’s capital to enjoy these delicious dishes, but there is nothing better than ending the day by reaching one of these important points in the city where you can watch the sunset.

    You can reach them on foot or by car and have a drink in one of the bars located in the area, to say goodbye to the day as it deserves, without leaving the capital.


    Watching the sunset from the city of Palma has a very characteristic charm. While the viewpoints allow you to enjoy one of the best moments in nature, the city also gives you the opportunity to do so in a very urban, sophisticated atmosphere that blends in with the best of the local culture.
    The Parc de la Mar is located in front of the Cathedral of Mallorca and has become an excellent option to watch the sunset, for all those people who want to do so from the capital itself. You will be able to see how the reflection of the cathedral changes on the waters of the lake as the sun goes down.


    To get to Assaona you will have to take a 20-minute walk along the beach from the old quarter of Palma de Mallorca. The first thing you will find when you reach this beach are magnificent views of its imposing cathedral. 

    Sit down on one of the terraces to have a drink while you watch the spectacle of lights and colours that the sunset offers you from this point on the island. Don’t worry if it’s a bit chilly, as all the bars have blankets so that customers can bid farewell to the sun in the most comfortable and original way possible.

    Now you know where to find the best sunsets in Mallorca and where to go to see them. The best way to get around the island is with a vehicle, as it is the way to reach the most hidden corners that will allow you to enjoy the charm of the island. That’s why we can’t say goodbye without recommending a car hire in Majorca by ROIG rentacar, your trusted company. They say that you can’t leave Mallorca without seeing the colours of the sunset, so after reading this article, you have no excuse.

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