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Our Commitment to the Environment

At ROIG Drive Mallorca, we are a company with more than 70 years of experience, working daily to innovate and stay at the forefront of technology and sustainability. For this reason, we have added sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles to our fleet that will take you to every corner of the island without compromising the planet’s health.

Next, we explain how we integrate sustainability into our company’s daily routine, as an essential value for the future of ROIG.

What is our goal for the future?

At ROIG, we offer not only a modern fleet of cars in perfect condition but also a very close relationship with our customers, providing them with advice and recommendations on what to do in Mallorca. This transparency has helped to increase our credibility and improve our reputation.

Our future goal is to continue fighting for a greener planet, without vehicles being an obstacle. We are confident that by incorporating, promoting, and practicing sustainability in our company, not only does the environment benefit, but we do as well. We strive to encourage our customers’ participation, which is good for them and our business.

We know that, in addition to electric vehicles, alternative fuels and clean technologies will be implemented in time. At ROIG, we want to be prepared, adapt, and welcome all these initiatives that will revolutionize the mobility sector as we know it today.

Now you know that ROIG’s commitment to sustainability is evident through the car rental offers in Mallorca we provide. Our team is characterized by offering serious, professional service tailored to the needs of our clients, so you can find the vehicle that best suits your needs and those of your companions. Take care of the planet while having fun in Mallorca!

Our Fleet of Eco-Friendly Cars

Audi Q4

Audi Q8 e-Tron

BMW 225





Our Sustainability Values at ROIG

The ROIG group is a passenger transport company on the island of Mallorca, and we know that vehicles will continue to be a very important part of mobility in the future. That’s why we have decided to update our sustainable transport solutions to minimize gas emissions as much as possible.

In our company, we like to work seriously and professionally, to provide the best quality service to our clients. That’s why we have made all these commitments to people who come through our doors to rent a car in Mallorca:

  • We have electric vehicles in our rental fleet in Mallorca. In addition, all the vehicles we offer include the AdBlue system that reduces emissions released into the environment.
  • Our buses are powered by EURO 6, following European gas emission regulations.
  • We bet on shared mobility services that allow transporting many more people with the same emissions, preventing each of them from moving in their private vehicle. We achieve this through transfer services to and from the airport.
  • We reduce pollutant emissions and waste generation in each of the actions we carry out.
  • Most of our printings are eco-friendly and on recycled paper to minimize the carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • Much of the merchandising you can find at ROIG rent a car in Mallorca is made with recyclable material: biodegradable bags, pens, cards, etc.
  • We have installed solar panels in our offices to be able to self-sustain from our own energy.
  • We have installed a 30,000-liter tank at our facilities to collect rainwater and use it to clean our fleet of buses.
  • Our car rental washing machine has an osmosis system, making the most of every liter.
  • Besides our car rental to individuals, we also offer premium services, like car rental with a driver in Mallorca or taxis in Mallorca, so you only spend the gasoline you need on your journey, without having to drive around looking for parking.

Did You Know?

In Mallorca, there are almost 400 electric vehicle charging points

Other measures we have implemented

However, all the sustainability work we do at ROIG does not end with vehicles but extends to each of the areas our company works with. Therefore, we contribute to sustainability through these recycling measures daily:

  • We separate paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass in each of our offices and external facilities for later recycling.
  • We recycle printer toners, batteries, and fluorescent lights from our facilities.
  • We also do selective collection of tires by separating them by vehicle type, for more appropriate recycling.
  • We collect used oil, retired batteries, and oil filters that have been removed from our vehicles.