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The best markets in Mallorca

    Mallorca is an island where its inhabitants are very conscious of maintaining their own traditions and this is very noticeable in the gastronomy and typical Mallorcan products that you can find in their markets. These have become the weekly meeting point for locals looking for novelties or the fresh ingredients they need to get through the week.
    At ROIG we want to help you get to know the island in depth and get to know the customs and traditions of its inhabitants. That’s why we present you with the list of best markets in Mallorca where you won’t be able to resist buying sobrasada, fresh tomatoes, freshly made ensaimada, etc.

    Markets in Palma de Mallorca

    Palma is the capital of the island of Mallorca and also its largest city. When we talk about markets, the first thing that comes to mind is the square of a small town and the traditional people buying food for their recipes. But all this has changed, because the market has returned to the city!

    Mallorca’s street markets are an excellent way to get to know the island and the customs of the people who live there. At these markets you can fill your basket with fruit, flowers, vegetables, local products, etc. Some of the markets also offer handicrafts, such as leather bags, handmade jewellery, clothes, accessories, etc.

    These are the best markets in Palma, and you won’t have to leave the city to visit them.

    The organic market

    The organic market is one of the best markets in Mallorca and one of the best known. It consists of 15 stalls offering a myriad of organic products, such as fruit, bread, vegetables, sweets, olive oil, wine, cheese, sausages, among others. This was the first organic market established in a Spanish provincial capital and was inaugurated by a consumer association called “Lligams“.

    The clientele who frequent the organic market want to avoid food contaminated by pesticides and promote small local businesses that work ethically and honestly. This is a good plan you should not miss when in Mallorca.

    L’Olivar Market

    In the Plaça de l’Olivar you can find this market which is distributed on two levels. On the lower floor there is a market with the essence of a municipal market, which has become the perfect place to do your daily shopping with quality products and ingredients.

    If you go upstairs you will be surprised by the various bars and stalls selling freshly prepared food. It’s the perfect place to have a vermouth, lunch or even dinner in a very original way and contributing to the market’s producers. There you will also find a florist’s, a hairdresser’s and a toy library for the little ones.

    Pere Garau Market

    The Pere Garau Market is not a tourist attraction, but rather it meets the real need of the people of Palma to buy fresh, local ingredients. As Palma is a city characterised by its ethnic diversity, in this market you will find an offer that will allow you to try flavours from the other side of the world, such as Latin America, China, etc.

    The neighbourhood in which it is located is very welcoming, so visiting the market is a very peaceful and pleasant experience.

    Santa Catalina Market

    The Santa Catalina Market is a simple market located in the heart of Palma, which offers a wide variety of products in its stalls. Inside you will also find four tapas bars where you can relax and have a drink after a long shopping trip. The main products sold at the stalls are organic vegetables, fresh fruit, cold meats, fish and seafood.
    It’s a neighbourhood market that will give you the assurance that everything you see on the counters has been sourced locally. When you visit Santa Catalina Market you will find yourself in an ideal place to get a taste of the most authentic flavour of Mallorca.

    Fairs and markets in Mallorca’s villages

    It’s now time to take the car and start to explore the charming villages of Mallorca, which have a deep-rooted tradition among their inhabitants. In the past, the opportunity to hold a weekly fair or market meant extra income from people coming from other villages, but nowadays it is the meeting point for all those people who like quality ingredients and support small producers.

    Fira del Ram

    The Fira del Ram is another of the best markets in Mallorca and one of the biggest fairs in Mallorca. It is held between February and April and has around 200 attractions and stalls where you can buy food, drinks and traditional local products. You can recognise this fair by the huge Ferris wheel that can be seen from many parts of the island.

    Santanyi Market

    Santanyi is a municipality located in the south of Mallorca, about 50 kilometres from Palma and every Wednesday and Saturday they hold a market in the Plaza Mayor. The Santanyi market is held in the open air and occupies a large part of the town centre. 

    During the spring and summer months it is the busiest time of the year, as it has become a point of reference and many people come to visit it.

    Flor d’Ametller Fair

    The Fira de la Flor d’Ametller (Almond tree fair) is held in Son Servera and revolves around the flower and fruit of the almond tree, a very well-known tree in Mallorca. This festival takes place in February, as this is the time when the almond tree blossoms, leaving a carpet of white and pink flowers on the ground. It is held on the Ca S’Hereu estate and admission is free.

    Market in Consell

    The Consell market is one of the best second-hand markets in Mallorca and is held every Sunday morning. The town’s industrial estate is a large area with hundreds of stalls where visitors can find all kinds of second-hand objects, products and clothes. Looking for your new decorative antiques or vintage furniture? Then this may be the best place to find them.

    Santa Ponça Market

    Although St. Patrick’s Day is a festival that originated in Ireland, it didn’t take long for the Mallorcans to take over this celebration, which is all about beer. Santa Ponça town hall organises a very festive day each year with craft markets, children’s activities, Irish folk music and lots of Guinness beer. Perhaps this is a slightly different market, but traditions evolve and cultures merge.

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    Christmas markets in Mallorca

    Christmas markets are undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Mallorca at Christmas. At this time of year, the streets are filled with colours and the squares are flooded with music to give way to craft spaces where everything that is sold is related to having a merry Christmas and making the cold of winter flee for a while.

    The options for visiting Christmas markets are not only in Palma, but you can also find them in different Mallorcan villages. In these markets you will find a wide range of Christmas products, ideas for Christmas decorations, gifts and much more.

    Christmas Fair in Palma

    This Christmas fair has more than 130 stalls scattered around some of the streets in the centre of Palma. In the city’s Plaça Major you will find the typical stalls with clay figures for nativity scenes – there are some truly original ones! In Via Roma you will find all the stalls related to gastronomy and in Las Ramblas you will find one of the biggest craft markets in Mallorca at Christmas time.

    Christmas market in Son Amar

    At the Christmas market in Son Amar you will be immersed in the magic of Christmas with the decorations on offer and you can stroll around while you enjoy a warm drink. Find that little something that couldn’t be missing on your gift list and soak up the Christmas atmosphere at the stalls selling handmade products. You’ll also be able to see Father Christmas, leave him your letter of wishes and have your photo taken with him.

    Christmas market in Lluc

    This is a very special market located in the well-known Lluc sanctuary, the spiritual centre of the island and a space surrounded by the highest peaks of Mallorca. It is a small space, so you will find 50 stalls with products related to Christmas, handicrafts, ecology, gastronomy, decoration, etc.

    There is also a programme of activities for the little ones to have fun while you calmly do your Christmas shopping.

    Christmas market in es Pilari

    In the es Pilari square there is a parish church with the same name that is well known by all Mallorcans. Year after year, a Christmas market is held there, prepared with great enthusiasm and dedication, where you can find different craft stalls that will fill your mind with ideas for Christmas presents.

    In the church courtyard, activities are also organised for children, including children’s workshops, entertainment, live performances, etc.

    Es Refugi charity market

    Finally, we would like to leave you with another of the best markets in Mallorca and the one that attracts the most attention: the Es Refugi charity market where you can find all kinds of Christmas gifts, such as books, furniture, lamps, costume jewellery, bags, shoes, clothes, etc. You can also find nougat made for the NGO Dignitat i Feina and handmade nativity scenes, decorations and more, made by the NGO DARE.

    The prices are very affordable and all the profits go to help these NGOs that are doing very interesting and necessary humanitarian work. In addition, the event has a restaurant where you can enjoy the best home-made Mallorcan cuisine, prepared by volunteers from the organisations. Buy a number for the big tombola and wait impatiently for your number to come up!
    Mallorca’s best markets open their doors to show you the traditions and culture of the largest Balearic island. If you want to stroll from one market to another and enjoy your own way, don’t hesitate to take a look at the offers we have at ROIG to hire your car at the best price.

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