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Sa Dragonera: Everything you should know

    On holiday in Mallorca looking for a day trip to discover a totally different landscape? A trip to Sa Dragonera is a great option. This National Park was declared a protected area and is one of the most beautiful natural places to visit in Mallorca.

    At ROIG, we want you to get to know the Balearic Islands and not just the most popular tourist locations. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the island of Sa Dragonera, so you can add it to your holiday itinerary. 

    What to see in Sa Dragonera

    After a huge effort by environmentalists, Sa Dragonera finally became a protected area in 1995, restricting human activity on the island to prevent damage to these places of great environmental value. The Natural Park consists of the island of Sa Dragonera and two small islets called la Mitjana and Espantaneu. 

    The island of Sa Dragonera is approximately 400 hectares in area and 1 kilometre in length. Once you arrive at the pier at the Natural Park, it is best to wander around the island at your own pace and discover things along the way. Several trails with marked routes lead to the best viewpoints and places of interest in Sa Dragonera. 

    Tramuntana Lighthouse

    We begin our list of the best things to see in Sa Dragonera with the Tramuntana Lighthouse. This is the shortest route you can do on the island and it will take you about an hour each way. You can do it from the port itself and the destination is the Tramuntana Lighthouse. This is an elevated point from where you get incredible views of the coast of Mallorca.

    Tramuntana Lighthouse

    We begin our list of the best things to see in Sa Dragonera with the Tramuntana Lighthouse. This is the shortest route you can do on the island and it will take you about an hour each way. You can do it from the port itself and the destination is the Tramuntana Lighthouse. This is an elevated point from where you get incredible views of the coast of Mallorca.

    The Cave of Light

    The Cueva de la Luz is a spectacular site that is accessible only by sea. It is a unique marine cave that thanks to the sun’s rays which filter through the rocks, has an impressive show of lights and shadows inside. 
    The crystal clear water of the cave and surrounding rock formations create a magical atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. It is the ideal place for those looking for a unique and unforgettable experience on the island.

    Old Lighthouse

    The Old Lighthouse, or “Far Vell” as it is known by locals was built in 1850 as the lighthouse of the island. Originally named Faro de Na Popia, the building, for many years, battled against the winds that lashed the coast and brought rain and fog to the island before falling into disrepair. Today, it is a pleasant balcony offering bird’s eye views over Mallorca and the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea.  

    The natural harbour of Cala Lladó

    Cala Lladó is a natural harbour located on the northern coast of the island, characterised by its tranquility and crystal clear waters. With activities such as snorkeling and diving, it is the perfect place for those looking for a bit of adventure. 

    The clear waters allow exceptional visibility to observe the fauna, many species of fish, and other marine life. In addition, the cliffs surrounding the cover offer a breathtaking landscape and a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy nature in its purest form. 

    Llebeig Lighthouse

    Another option in the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera is the Llebeig Lighthouse, although due to its location, is only suitable for those who wake up early and have more time on the island. The route consists of a three-hour round trip. The path leads to the Llebeig Lighthouse, which was an old watchtower built to protect the territory from the arrival of pirates. 

    Sa Trona viewpoint

    The Mirador de Sa Trona is an impressive place that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the island of Sa Dragonera and the Mediterranean Sea. Located 360 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest points on the island and therefore offers unique views.

    From here, you can enjoy the majesty of the island, with its cliffs, coves, and beaches, as well as the crystal clear sea surrounding the island. In addition, the viewpoint is an ideal place for photography lovers, as the views are breathtaking both day and night. 

    Punta de na Miranda

    The Punta de na Miranda is the easiest route to do in the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera so it is recommended for anyone. During the walk, you can enjoy beautiful views over Lladó Cove and the old farming areas of the island, which are now in disuse. 

    Flora and Fauna of Sa Dragonera

    As the whole island is a protected Natural Park, the fauna and flora have been protected from human disturbance and have been able to continue evolving at their natural pace. If you are a nature lover, we recommend that you escape for at least one day to this island to see its spectacular range of natural life. 

    Flora of Sa Dragonera

    Como la isla completa es un Parque Natural Protegido, la fauna y la flora no han sufrido apenas por la huella humana y han podido seguir evolucionando a su ritmo natural. Si eres amante de la naturaleza, te recomendamos que puedas escaparte al menos un día a esta isla para ver su espectacular abanico de vida natural.

    Flora de Sa Dragonera

    The variety of plants on this beautiful island includes these species:

    • Aleppo pine: a pine tree commonly found on the island and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.
    • Acebuche: a species of wild olive tree also found in other areas of the Mediterranean.
    • Albaida: a shrub with white flowers that is endemic to the Balearic Islands.
    • Thyme: a common aromatic herb on the island and in other areas of the Mediterranean.

    Fauna of Sa Dragonera

    On the other hand, the animals that live peacefully in Sa Dragonera are the following:

    • Balearic Lizard: an endemic lizard of the Balearic Islands. It is small in size and has a brown body. 
    • Peregrine Falcon: a species of bird of prey that is symbolic of the island. The population of falcons in Sa Dragonera is one of the largest in the Balearic archipelago.
    • Giant lizard: a lizard that can only be found on the island of Sa Dragonera and is in danger of extinction.
    • Yellow-legged Gull: a gull that is commonly found on the island and in other parts of the Mediterranean.

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    Do people live in Sa Dragonera?

    At the moment, no one lives in Sa Dragonera. The island was inhabited by fishermen and farmers until the 1970s when the Spanish Government acquired the island and turned it into a protected Natural Park. Since then, the island has been uninhabited, except for foresters and staff working in the conservation and protection of the Park.

    With construction prohibited and past installations removed from the island, the animals and native plants of Sa Dragonera have regained control and thrived without interference. The island is a natural refuge for numerous species of animals and plants, which makes it a very special place for nature lovers and ecotourism. 

    How to get to Sa Dragonera?

    If you are wondering how to get to Sa Dragonera, the answer is easy, there is only one way! The only way to access the island is by boat. Below, we outline two options you can choose from. 

    An organised excursion

    The fastest and most comfortable way to get to the island is by joining an organised excursion from Mallorca to Sa Dragonera, like the ones we offer at ROIG through Mallorca Top Activities. To visit the island, you will need to go with your car to one of our departure ports: Sant Elm, Santa Ponça, Peguera, and Puerto de Andratx. This way you won’t have to worry about anything on your visit to the island – the guides will show you what to do and recommend the most impressive places to visit.

    By ferry on your own

    Ferries leave the port of Sant Elm every 30 minutes between 9:45 am and 2:15 pm. The trip lasts about 20 minutes and will return to the same place on the way back. It is important to note there is a limit on the number of people who can enter the island to avoid overcrowding, so we recommend that you book your place in advance.

    Now you know a bit more about the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera, a small islet of the Balearic Islands that will make you fall in love with its wild nature. If you are interested in hiring an organised excursion to the island or if you need to book a rental car to move freely around Mallorca, don’t hesitate to consult our ROIG Rent a Car website where we will help you plan a unique holiday to remember. 

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