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    Visiting Majorca in December: why not? Moreover, as good connoisseurs of this island, it is an option that we recommend without a doubt. Although this time does not precisely call for a dip by the beaches of Majorca, we assure you that this destination has many surprises in stall. And now comes the big question: what to do in Majorca at Christmas?

    Surely, the first thing that comes to mind are the big shopping centers of Palma, which are even more crowded than during sales and full of dedicated shoppers hunting for the perfect gift for these dates. While this is part of the liturgy of these days, we assure you that the range of possibilities does not end with shopping.

    Need proof? In that case, here we bring you some good ideas regarding what to do in Majorca at Christmas, so that you can make the most of the calendar of events that take place during these holidays. In addition, at the wheel of your rental car in Majorca, you will find it very easy to move between those locations that organize outstanding activities.

    Pay attention!

    Contemplate the Christmas lighting of Palma de Majorca

    We open our list of things to do in Majorca at Christmas with a classic: Christmas lighting. Besides being one of the most entrenched traditions at the end of November, it is also the one that kicks off this festivity. Of course, they are a great incentive to encourage Majorcans and foreigners to go out, allow themselves to be infected by the magical atmosphere of these days and go shopping. Of course: the insular capital, Palma de Mallorca, is the one that makes a more spectacular display.

    In addition to the charming streets of the historic center of the city, two of the great arteries that dazzle the most these days – literally – are the Passeig del Born and Carrer General Riera, whose lighting reaches the commercial area of Los Geranios. Christmas lights also reach the Son Dameto park, the Son Roca neighborhood and Carrer Juan Gris.

    Since 2019, all the lighting in Palma is set up LED lights, which makes this action more sustainable, by reducing electricity consumption.

    Tour the Christmas markets in Majorca

    Although the snow is not a regular visitor to the island, the Christmas markets of Majorca are responsible for giving a central European touch to this Mediterranean island. Next, we tell you about the most important and when and where to find them (with our rent-a-car in Majorca, it will be very easy to get there). As you can see, we have preferred not to write down the exact dates, since they vary from year to year.

    • Christmas bazaar of the Swedish Church, on Joan Miró Avenue, 113, Palma, the last weekend of November

    • Christmas Market- Weihnachtsmarkt of Santa Ponça, at the El Molino fairgrounds, in Santa Ponça, Calvià, from the end of November to the middle of December (approximately)

    • Christmas and Reyes de Palma Fair, in the squares of Espanya, Major and Porta Pintada; via Roma and Las Ramblas, from the end of November to January 6

    • Poble Espanyol Christmas Market, in the Plaça Major and the Sala Magna of the Poble Espanyol de Palma site, at the beginning of December (check dates)

    • Marratxí Christmas Market, in this town, at the beginning of December (check dates)

    • Christmas market of the Lluc sanctuary, in Plaça dels Pelegrins de Lluc, at the beginning of December (check dates)

    • Alcúdia Christmas Market, in mid-December (check dates)

    • Sant Llorenç Christmas Market, in mid-December (check dates)

    • Porreres Christmas Market, in Plaça de la Vila, in mid-December (check dates)

    • Street Christmas Festival, in Port Adriano, Calvià, from mid-December to December 20 (approximately)

    • Christmas Market in Port Portals, Calvià, from mid-December to January 6 (check dates)

    • Consell Christmas Market, in this town, the Saturday before Christmas

    • Christmas Market Es Pil·larí, Palma, in the Església square, the weekend before Christmas

    • Sineu Christmas Market, in this town, the weekend before Christmas

    • Manacor Christmas Market, , the days before Christmas (check dates)

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    Take a route around the nativity scenes of Palma de Mallorca

    What would a Christmas in Majorca be without the nativity scenes of Palma? If you want to discover them, here we summarize those that you cannot miss.
    • Mallorquín de Cort and Buzón Real nativity scene, in plaza de la Cort, 1
    • Consell de Mallorca nativity scene, in the street of Palau Reial, 1
    • Mallorquín nativity scene, in the Plaza del Hospital, 4
    • Bartolomé March Foundation nativity scene, on the street of Palau Reial, 18
    • Traditional Majorcan nativity scene of the Center of Culture Sa Nostra, on Calle de la Concepció, 12
    • Centro Comercial C&A nativity scene, in the street of San Jaume, 2
    • El Corte Inglés Shopping Center nativity scene, on Alexandre Rosselló Street, 12-16
    • BBVA Monumental nativity scene, in the street of Sant Miquel (patio of Sant Antoniet)
    • Center for Military History and Culture of the Balearic Islands nativity scene, in Sant Miquel street, 69, ground floor

    Ice skating in Palma de Mallorca

    Between mid-November and the end of January, Palma hosts the Ice Park, the only ice-skating rink in Majorca. This installation, with an area of 420m2, opens its doors in the Ses Estacions park, next to the Intermodal Station and Plaça de Espanya. If you want to enjoy this activity, remember that the use of gloves is mandatory. The rink opens from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. For bookings and information, you can write to, or call any of the following telephone numbers: (+34) 971 720 059, (+34) 607 231 523 and (+34) 607 876 772.

    Take part in a sports competition in Majorca

    We are not over with physical activity yet, as we suggest saying goodbye to the year by taking part in one of the sports events that take place in Majorca.

    In addition to the Port de Palma Nadal Cup, a solidarity competition held on December 26 at the Golondrinas pier and combines swimming and a race, there are other options. For example, on the same date and also in Palma, you can participate in the San Silvestre Juaneda, a restistance athletic event that has Bellver Castle as its setting. In turn, on December 31, the Balearic capital also hosts the San Silvestre Palma Palmilla, with two lengths: 2 km and 10 km.

    On the 31st, Palma is also the scene of the 10 Km Palma de Mallorca (Yodeman Skyrunner), another athletic competition in the background. Also, on this same day, several Majorcan cities organize their San Silvestre career, such as Alcúdia, Calvià, Can Picafort or Inca, with distances ranging from 5 km to 7.5 km.

    Would you like to come to run in a team or with your athletic club? If so, check out our bus service for sporting events in Majorca.

    In any case, we recommend you check the dates, as they may vary from year to year.

    Attend the Sibyl’s Song (Cant de la Sibil·la)

    Another of the suggestions that must be made in Majorca at Christmas is to attend the Cant de la Sibil·la, a combination of liturgical drama and Gregorian chant born in the Middle Ages and which ceased from being performed at churches in the mid-16th century, following the Trento council. The reason is that it was considered a pagan rite by the Catholic Church, as it announces the arrival of the Messiah and the end of the world. Despite disappearing in the rest of Europe, this tradition was only preserved intact in Majorca, although it has recovered in Menorca, Catalonia, the Valencian Country and L’Alguer. Hence, in 2010, UNESCO will include it in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

    Represented before the midnight mass, on Christmas Eve, the Song of the Sibyl stars a child, or a woman dressed as a sibyl, a fortuneteller dressed in a silk cloak and with a sword in her hand. The song that is interpreted, usually a cappella, has its origin in a Mozarabic melody with a text translated into thirteenth century Catalan. You can attend this unique concert in all the churches of Majorca, although the most relevant are those of the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and the Lluc sanctuary.

    Welcome the new year in Palma

    What better place to spend New Year’s Eve in Majorca than in its capital? Every December 31 at night, Palma welcomes the new year in two of its most emblematic places: the squares of Juan Carlos I and Cort. After the 12 bell chimes, a firework display surprises the people gathered around the square.

    Attend a Three Wise Men parade in Majorca

    To put the finishing touch to the things to do at Christmas in Majorca, we invite you to take part in the Three Wise Men parade, known as Cavalcada de reis, especially if you plan to travel with children to Majorca. Although there are many Majorcan towns that receive the three Wise Men, the main parade is the one that runs through the streets of Palma on the afternoon of December 5. It involves about 600 people, who accompany a dozen floats and about twenty troupes. Normally, the parade starts at the Moll Vell starting at 6:00 p.m. – their Majesties of the East reach the island by boat – and concludes at the Casal Solleric, from where the Kings give a small speech addressed to the children. Along the way, about 7.5 tons of gluten-free candies, courtesy of Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar, are handed out.

    What do you think about these suggestions? If you have other ideas of activities to do in Majorca at Christmas, do not hesitate to send us your comments. You will help many other travelers to live a really special Christmas.

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