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The most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca

    Discover the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca! The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of paradisiacal places worth discovering. One of them is Majorca, an island full of adventures and experiences where you can have fun and relax at any time of the year. Its Mediterranean charm will take you to visit the most secluded beaches, natural monuments and the most impressive views.

    However, at ROIG we would like to introduce you to one of the main attractions to enjoy in Mallorca: lighthouses. These are tall watchtowers from which you can enjoy marvellous views of the Mallorcan coastline. Some of them will leave you with your mouth wide open, so read on to discover them!

    Formentor Lighthouse

    The Formentor lighthouse is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca. It is located on a cape of the same name and is made up of a 12-kilometre-long stretch of land. You can find this magical spot in the north of the island of Mallorca and it has undoubtedly become one of the most beautiful lighthouses to visit.

    Before it was built, the road leading to it had to be prepared in order to transport all the material. The stones were brought there on mules and little by little what we know today as the Formentor lighthouse was built, making it an essential place on your visit to Mallorca.

    The Tramuntana lighthouse

    The Tramuntana lighthouse is located in the north of Dragonera Island, 700 metres from Mallorca, which you can reach in a small ferry in a matter of minutes. This island can be one of the best options for spending a different kind of day, soaking up the islands close to Mallorca.

    The itinerary around Dragonera Island allows us to discover the most important natural values that motivated the mobilisation of citizens against the attempts to urbanise this small piece of land. It was declared a natural park in 1995 and is one of the wild places worth visiting.

    If you want to see lighthouses on other Balearic Islands, you can also visit the Punta Moscarter lighthouse in Ibiza.

    The Lighthouse of Portocolom

    The Portocolom Lighthouse is one of the best lighthouses in Mallorca to visit for a romantic getaway. It is located in Punta de ses Crestes and has become one of the most photographed places on the island, as you can see on Instagram. So, if you want to have a good memory of your holiday, don’t hesitate to take your mobile phone with enough battery.

    One of the main features of this lighthouse is its black and white striped tower, which gives it a very aesthetic touch. From its 25-metre height, this lighthouse has witnessed many stories that have occurred throughout the history of the island of Mallorca, most of them shipwrecks of large vessels that crashed against the rocks.

    Capdepera Lighthouse

    The Capdepera lighthouse is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca and is responsible for marking the channel that separates the two islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Its construction is completely traditional, making it one of the original monuments that can be seen on the island. Its views look directly onto large, spectacular cliffs, which are not suitable for people with vertigo.

    This area tends to be constantly buffeted by strong winds and in the past the area was known for its numerous shipwrecks. We suggest you go to Cala Ratjada to have a good swim and walk along the promenade, after visiting the lighthouse. In the afternoon you can visit the Castle of Capdepera, another historical monument worth seeing.

    Aucanada Lighthouse

    Located at one end of the famous Bay of Alcúdia, the Aucanada Lighthouse was inaugurated in 1861. Its main charm is the setting it offers, ideal for families, as it has a shallow beach and all the services you will need during your stay, such as parking, picnic area, etc.

    This is a perfect area for hiking, as this is the starting point for most of the routes that run along the entire Alcúdia peninsula. If you feel like enjoying a day at the beach, we recommend that you choose the excursion that will take you to the marvellous and peaceful beach of Coll Baix, as it is quite a natural spectacle.

    Cap Blanc Lighthouse

    The Cap Blanc lighthouse was inaugurated in 1863 and was one of the lighthouses designed by the engineer Emili Pou, like most of the other lighthouses on the island. This lighthouse marks the limits of the bay of Palma and is accessible by car from the Ma-6014 road. 

    The lighthouse may not strike you as one of the most beautiful in Mallorca, but the surroundings are its most interesting feature. It is a building surrounded by cliffs from which you can see one of the best sunsets in Mallorca

    A curious fact about the Cap Blanc lighthouse is that it has the oldest optics of all the lighthouses in the Balearic Islands.

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    Porto Pi Lighthouse

    The Porto Pi lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in Spain that is still in operation. Its construction dates back to the 15th century and since 1617 it has retained the same mediaeval appearance. For this reason, it has been considered one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca and a historical monument.

    Inside you can visit a small museum with a permanent exhibition on the island’s lighthouses. Here you can learn about their lighting system, the most common maritime signals, etc.

    The Cap de Ses Salines lighthouse

    The Cap de Ses Salines lighthouse is located on the southern tip of the island of Mallorca and is responsible for guarding the channel that separates Mallorca from the Cabrera archipelago. It currently houses all the equipment necessary to study the Mallorcan coastline and to carry out all the necessary maritime projects.

    The main charm of this lighthouse is that, as it is quite far from any civilisation, at night it has one of the most beautiful starry skies on the island. Just make sure you go to see it on a night when the sky is clear.

    Creu lighthouse in Sóller

    Sóller is one of the most important towns in Mallorca and we could say that it is the capital of the island, after Palma. Here you will find the Faro de la Creu lighthouse, located at the end of the Port of Sóller. This lighthouse is of “new” construction and dates from 1944, functioning as a replacement for the old one, built in 1864.

    You can see both lighthouses from the Port of Sóller, while walking along the beautiful promenade and eating a refreshing ice cream. This has been considered one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca to watch the sunset, as the light slowly hides between the two running lighthouses.

    Now that you know the most beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca, you can start organising your route around this charming Balearic island. The best way to get from one place to another is by car, which is why at ROIG we want to help you enjoy Mallorca as only you deserve, offering you our rental cars at the best price.

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