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Mallorca’s water parks: discover them

    Get ready to discover the most fun water parks in Mallorca! When the hot season arrives, your mind can’t think of anything else but soaking in the water, and this is probably the reason why you have chosen to travel to Mallorca. Spending a few days lying on the sandy beach, reading a good book and enjoying the relaxation is all very well, but sometimes your body also asks you to get moving!
    If you don’t know what to do in Mallorca other than the beach, at ROIG, we suggest you put on your swimsuit, grab your towel and head to one of the best water parks on the island. You’ll love them!

    Marineland Mallorca

    We start our selection of the best water parks in Mallorca with Marineland, located 10 kilometers from Palma. It is a dolphinarium with marine zoo, which has many different attractions to offer, in addition to animal watching.

    The dolphin show is the most outstanding attraction of Marineland Mallorca, as you will be able to see the animals performing acrobatic jumps. You can also get close to the sea lions’ habitat or the aquarium, where you will find hundreds of exotic fish from the tropical oceans.

    There is also a playground with a children’s pool and a very realistic pirate ship. Your kids can take a dip while learning about the animals.

    Aqualand El Arenal

    Aqualand El Arenal is located less than 20 kilometers from Palma and is not only the best water park in Mallorca, but also one of the largest in the world. There you will find a wide variety of slides, wave pools and rivers, which will captivate visitors of all tastes.

    The park is divided into 4 large zones: Adrenaline fun, Kidsworld, family fun and Chill Out & Play. This enclosure is perfectly adapted for children, as you will find areas with shallow pools and small attractions. However, Aqualand also has an area suitable only for adults.

    If you want to unload adrenaline, we recommend you try the attractions such as the Tsunami or the Tornado. One of the park’s most popular attractions is the King Cobra, where the most daring will free fall 15 meters, before the slide ends with twists and turns.

    You can also try a rafting-like experience on their Rapids attraction, while the Black Hole will take you on a trip down a pitch-black air slide at full speed.

    This park is not only for adrenaline lovers, but in spaces like Kidzworld, families can also enjoy a relaxing visit. The little ones will find a water-spraying dragon and several slides with parallel tracks, so they can compete with their friends.

    The park also offers a parrot show, a small petting zoo, and a mini farm.

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    Western Water Park

    Western Water Park is another water park in Mallorca with slides, for which a lot of time and money was invested in the construction. Finally, the inauguration took place in 2000 and people instantly fell in love with this theme park set in a cowboy town.

    There, you can enjoy a good time with your family, riding rides such as the Tijuana Twins, the Big Hole, the Tatanka or the Devil’s Tail. So that you can spend a full day, there are also places to eat and drink. If you want to buy a souvenir of your aquatic journey, you can do so in the souvenir store.

    In the amusement park you will find the highest and steepest water slide in Mallorca, nicknamed The Beast. This ramp will let you fall vertically downwards for 30 meters, giving you the sensation of free fall. Other star attractions are the Boomerang, Tornado and Crazy Horses slides.

    There is also a space exclusively designed for the little ones, where you will find thunder waterfalls and a half pipe of 260 meters that spits water. In addition, there is entertainment for children and they will have a great time at attractions such as Darky Park, the Ponderosa or Coyote Park.

    Kathmandu Park

    Katmandu Park in Mallorca has been considered the most welcoming theme park in Europe. Here you can find a water zone with slides and a multitude of attractions such as mini-golf, 4-D cinema, and laser challenge.

    It is one of the most popular water parks in Mallorca because it is set in the mythical legend of the Red Jewel Desirata. It is a very nice and well cared space, which has sessions of up to 2 hours of games for children. In addition, if it is the birthday of one of the children, the park is specialized for this type of celebrations and can organize an ideal party.

    Kathmandu Park organizers recommend that you set aside 4 to 6 hours to visit all the attractions, although it is a good option to spend the whole day outside. The kids will end up happy and exhausted, but surely you will too.

    Hidropark Alcúdia

    Hidropark Alcúdia is in the north of the island of Mallorca and covers an area of no less than 40,000 square meters. This park offers a wide variety of attractions, including slides, wave pools, trampolines, bouncy castles, paintball, and giant floating balls. It is therefore a perfect combination of leisure park and water park.

    Do you dare to go on the Kamikaze slide that will launch you down a steep 50 km/h drop? Another of the most impressive slides is the Line & Line. But if you have come to the park with the intention of taking it easy, we recommend that you opt for attractions such as the Slice Race or the Soft Track.

    In the children’s section, you will find a red octopus that pulls water through its tentacles, three mini slides in the shape of a star and the Wave Pool, a wave pool perfect for all ages.

    Water attractions also include the water slide known as the Spiral, which winds around a pool filled with floating balls. These balls are gigantic and carry a person inside, trying to stand on the surface of the water.

    In addition to the water attractions, in Hidroparc Alcudia you will find a chill-out area where you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of your vacation. The park also has a variety of restaurants where you can recharge your batteries and continue with your day full of emotions and adventures.

    This plan is perfect to go with your family, but also to spend a fun day with your friends.

    BH Hotel Water Park

    The BH Hotel Water Park is a water park reserved only for adults and is in the BH Hotel in Magaluf. This enclosure offers a quite different proposal to the rest of the water parks on the island, since, to begin with, it is the first water park for adults in the world.

    Among its attractions, you can ride on its steep slides that will take you up to 60 km/h in 2 seconds. One of the slides has a 360º looping and is called “the human roller coaster”.

    At the BH Hotel Water Park you can buy the all-inclusive pass, so you don’t have to think about money for food or drinks, all day long. This is a very worthwhile plan with friends or as a couple!

    Now you know the water parks in Mallorca and the exciting attractions that each one of them offers. From ROIG, we want to help you get to know the island in the best way and, therefore, we offer you our fleet of rental cars in Mallorca, which will allow you to reach each of these water parks on your own. Our company is characterized by the seriousness, professionalism, and experience with which we treat our customers.

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