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Blog Top places to see waterfalls in Mallorca

Top places to see waterfalls in Mallorca

    Do you want to see waterfalls in Mallorca? This idyllic island is known for its impeccable natural landscapes. It has a number of beautiful beaches, seaside resorts, limestone mountains and a first-class architectural heritage. If you want to see all kinds of natural landscapes in just one trip, you will find plenty of options in this part of the Balearic archipelago. One of the most interesting activities you can do is a waterfall route in Majorca, as these waterfalls attract travellers and locals all year around and promise to give you the best snapshot of the season.

    It is possible to get to them on a hike, as the island has numerous hiking routes designed for the more sporty and for those who want to enjoy nature to the full. If you prefer to do them by car, you also have options! You can comfortably rent a car with ROIG to get to the waterfalls you like the most without having to make too much effort.

    Do you want to know where to see the most interesting waterfalls in Mallorca? We have selected the best places to see waterfalls in Mallorca so that you can organise your excursion without lacking ideas. Pay attention to this list and delight yourself with the most impressive landscapes of the most beautiful Balearic island.

    Salt des Freu waterfalls in the Tramuntana mountain range

    A tour of the Serra de Tramuntana is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Mallorca as it offers an exceptional landscape! The unique and beautiful landscape that emerges in this area of the island has earned it the title of World Heritage Site in 2011, so visitors will be truly privileged in this location.

    You will have a lot to see in this well-known mountain range, as it is home to Sa Foradada, a viewpoint from which you can enjoy the best panoramic views of the island; the Jardins d’Alfàbia, an estate steeped in history; Torrent de Pareis, a spectacular natural rock formation that decorates the horizon and, of course, the waterfalls of Salt des Freu.

    The Salt des Freu is a waterfall that is actually made up of several waterfalls that make it very special. Unlike many others, this one is located in the middle of the thick, leafy forest, making it a spectacle for the senses.

    There are a variety of ways to get there, as it is one of the most visited attractions in Mallorca. The quickest and easiest way is to take the Ma-2100 road from Bunyola to Orient, leaving your car parked at kilometre 8.5. After that, just follow the signposts for a stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    Want a pro tip? Ideally, go early in the morning in comfortable clothes so that you can walk through the forest and enjoy all the attractions of the Tramuntana mountain range without any discomfort. If you arrive in the middle of the day you may find more travellers, it’s a very popular spot! So you’ll be able to enjoy it all much better if you don’t get your sheets stuck to you on the day of the excursion.

    If you end up exhausted from walking, sightseeing and walking your route through the mountain range, you should know that you will find countless coves to rest before retiring. Choose between Sa Calobra, Cala Deià, Cala Tuent, Cala Figuera or Cala de Llucalcari, which one seduces you most to relax at the end of the day?

    Waterfall in the Puig de Galatzo Reserve

    The Puig de Galatzo Reserve is located on the outskirts of Puigpunyent and also belongs to the Tramuntana mountain range itself – you can’t miss it! This means that you can make a route to enjoy these two locations in the same day and enjoy all that this natural environment has to offer.

    In this area you won’t find an imposing waterfall as is the case with Salt des Freu, but you can take an entertaining hiking route where you will come across other smaller waterfalls that are very beautiful and add the finishing touch to the surroundings.

    You will enjoy the most authentic flora and fauna of the island in an excursion to remember. If you make it all the way to the end of the trail, you’re in for a surprise! There is a location with several waterfalls and pools integrated into the surroundings for a well-deserved swim. It’s especially fun if you go at a time when the weather is good or during the summer season.

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    Cala Banyalbufar Waterfall

    Are you looking for a beach and a waterfall in the same place? The island also offers you this dreamy, postcard-worthy possibility. In the village of Banyalbufar you will find a charming cove in the lower part of the village. On your way there, you will have the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing in case you are not familiar with the area.

    On this wonderful beach there is a hillside where a sort of natural waterfall falls, which bathers use to rinse off after bathing in the sea. Moreover, in the cove itself you can spend a fantastic day sunbathing, snorkelling or browsing through the old and charming fishermen’s huts that are located here.

    Waterfall at La Granja d’Esporles

    La Granja d’Esporles is an old building that has become a very interesting museum representing rural life in Mallorca over many centuries. If you opt for this excursion, you will be able to enjoy a full day of cultural, historical and scenic experiences

    You will be captivated just by seeing the facilities, both inside and outside. They are surrounded by gardens of memorable beauty that you will want to walk through, a beautiful natural fountain waiting to welcome you with the freshest water and a natural waterfall that ends at a beautiful bridge that completes the view, making it even more special.

    Molins des Llinars waterfall in Pollensa

    In Pollensa you will find a series of windmills located on the hillside. In order for them to work perfectly, they make use of the water that falls from the slope of the hillside itself, creating an interesting current. The Molins des Linares worked thanks to the work and grace of the natural waterfall until 1958.

    Nowadays you can see how many of them are being converted into houses and lodgings, so the area is undergoing a major change in appearance. However, on days when there is abundant rainfall, you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall that is created and falls gracefully.

    Torrent des Lli waterfall

    The Torrent des Lli and the torrent des Salt de Vistamar are located in the municipality of Valldemossa. In this destination you can discover waterfalls that are not as famous or well-known as the ones we mentioned earlier on this list. However, you will find a lot of charm in the place and the opportunity to do some sightseeing quietly, without so many travellers around you.

    From the Marina de Valldemossa you will be able to see how an impressive and beautiful waterfall is formed on days when there is rain. The waterfall is no less than 50 metres high.

    Desde la Marina de Valldemossa podrás observar cómo se forma una cascada impresionante y de gran belleza en los días en los que la lluvia acompaña. El salto de agua llega a ser de nada menos que 50 metros de altura.

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