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The hidden charm of Banyalbufar: terraced vineyards with sea view

    The beautiful village of Banyalbufar is a treasure to be found on the island of Mallorca, surrounded by a wild landscape. To its left you will be amazed by the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea and to its right by the rugged landscapes of the Tramuntana mountain range. This corner of the Balearic Island enchants everyone who sets foot on its streets.

    At ROIG Rent a car Mallorca, we believe that the best way to get to this village is through car hire in Mallorca. But before you start organising your getaway, we encourage you to discover a little more about the hidden charm of Banyalbufar.

    A window to the past: the history of Banyalbufar

    The history of Banyalbufar dates to the time of the Arab occupation of Mallorca, when the first terraced farming systems were established to make the most of the region’s steep slopes.

    These terraces were built by hand, using stones from local quarries, and have endured over the centuries, bearing witness to the dedication and ingenuity of past generations.

    As we have mentioned, the fastest way to get to Banyalbufar is by private transport, either by renting a car or with one of the premium services we offer at ROIG, such as chauffeur-driven car hire in Mallorca.

    Harmony between nature and tradition: terraced vineyards

    Banyalbufar is a village with a long history that has given it the character it still has today. One of the main attractions of this region are the well-known terraces of Banyalbufar.

    These are step-shaped constructions, known as “marjades”, which were created by local farmers to cultivate vineyards and other types of vegetables on the slopes of the mountains. As Mallorca is a land without many flat areas, they had to figure out a way to grow crops on sloping land.
    We encourage you to stroll around the terraces at your leisure, while you contemplate these architectural wonders intermingled with nature. If you are not planning to stay several days in Banyalbufar, we recommend that you prioritise this experience, as it is one of the best things to do in Mallorca.

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    A viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean: the scenic beauty of Banyalbufar

    Once you have chosen your hotel in Banyalbufar or a nearby area, we recommend that you take a look at our car hire offers in Mallorca, to have the freedom to move around the island in the most comfortable way. Now, once you have arrived in the village and have settled quietly in your hotel, we recommend that you go for a walk around the area.

    Among the streets of the village, you will come across the Torre de Ses Ànimes, an old defence tower built in the 16th century. This building stands directly on a cliff and offers the most impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding countryside of Banyalbufar.

    Long ago, this tower was used to protect the village from pirate attacks, but nowadays, it has become one of the best viewpoints in Mallorca.

    But, the Torre de ses Ànimes is not the only interesting thing to see in Banyalbufar, you will find many other historical buildings and monuments that will enrich your holiday. 

    For example, the Church of San Juan el Bautista is the most important religious building in the village and its bell tower and interior are of great historical and artistic value. Of course, we also encourage you to take a dip at the beach of Banyalbufar, a small but charming place where you can relax.

    Secrets and legends: curiosities of Banyalbufar

    The watchtower that stands on the cliff of Es Verger point, between Estellencs and Banyalbufar, seems to be more than a simple historical construction. The truth is that it is shrouded in a web of mystery and legends that have been passed down orally over the centuries.

    This tower was built in 1579 by order of the mayor of Banyalbufar, Don Teseo Valentí, and its purpose was to warn of possible maritime attacks by means of smoke signals during the day and fire signals at night. It then became a strategic lookout point that witnessed both battles and tragic events.

    Over time, the tower was abandoned as a lookout point and in 1875 it was sold to Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, who described it as the best viewpoint on the entire coast of Mallorca. However, its story did not end there, as tales of unexplained apparitions and supernatural encounters began to emerge in the town’s conversations.

    We assume you know that we are talking about the Tower of Ses Ànimes, a place that has witnessed inexplicable events that have turned it into a haunted place. From here there have been sightings of strange lights and encounters with spectral figures. 

    One of the most chilling stories is the one that tells how a Falangist soldier, during the Spanish Civil War, confronted a female figure approaching the tower in the darkness of the night. Despite shooting twice, the bullets pierced the woman’s translucent body, leaving the soldier terrified and confused. If you’re looking for thrills and spills, the Torre de ses Ànimes is for you!

    Also, when you get out of there scared to death, you may need to hire a taxi in Mallorca or a direct transfer service to the airport – we’ll be happy to help you!

    As you will have seen, Banyalbufar is a village with a hidden charm that is worth visiting on the island of Mallorca. If you want to have a comfortable experience during your holiday, do not hesitate to hire our car hire service in ROIG. Enjoy a professional service, serious and adapted to your needs and budget during your holidays.

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