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The food of Mallorca: A road trip through the flavours of the island

    There are many ways to explore the places you travel to, especially if you’ve decided to visit the largest of the Balearic Islands. For example, you could discover its wild nature, beautiful landscapes, history, culture, and architecture in every street and building. The options are endless, but one way, and undoubtedly the most delicious, is through its food. 

    At ROIG, we want to introduce you to Mallorcan food with a road trip to taste the island’s flavours. Will you join us on this mouthwatering journey?

    From Palma to Sóller: Mediterranean delights in the gastronomic capital

    The gastronomic journey across the island begins with a car rental in Mallorca. At ROIG, we are a highly professional company with many years of experience, always striving to help our customers find the vehicle that best suits their needs.

    Once you’re behind the wheel, the journey of savouring the distinct flavours of this Balearic island begins. 

    Palma de Mallorca

    Palma de Mallorca, with its cosmopolitan charm, serves as the starting point to delve into the culinary delights of Mallorcan food. In this port city, the fresh aromas of seafood and fish blend with the scent of Mediterranean herbs that permeate the markets and cobbled streets. In Palma, you can find everything from the most traditional taverns to the most avant-garde restaurants.


    As we move away from Palma and head towards the picturesque town of Sóller, the palette of flavours enriches further with the essence of the orchard and the characteristic citrus fruits of the region. This scenic route unveils Mallorca’s food tradition, presenting a seamless blend of local ingredients and time-honored culinary techniques.

    Flavours of the east coast: A seafood feast in Porto Cristo and Cala Ratjada

    Whether you opt for one of ROIG’s premium services, like our chauffeur-driven cars in Mallorca, or decide to rent a private vehicle, embarking on a journey to explore the flavours of Mallorca’s east coast promises a culinary experience where ingredients that awaken the senses are savoured with every bite. The convergence of the sea and land presents a selection of fresh and exquisite dishes for your enjoyment.

    Porto Cristo

    In Porto Cristo, the aroma of the sea and ocean breeze provides a delightful backdrop for a culinary journey that brings together the finest ingredients from the Mediterranean. The waterfront restaurants offer a range of fresh seafood, captured on the very day by local fishermen. Try the shrimp, mussels, octopus, squid, and more—each dish featuring the region’s seafood is not only fresh but also of exceptional quality.

    Cala Ratjada

    In Cala Ratjada, the blend of fishing tradition and culinary excellence results in a remarkable feast of flavors. Seaside restaurants offer a picturesque setting to savour marine delicacies while the waves crash on the coast. This ranks among the best activities in Mallorca! Their menus showcase dishes such as seafood paella, fresh fish, and various seafood options, all of which are excellent choices.

    Wine route inland: Tastings in Binissalem and Santa María wineries

    Wine routes are ideal for sampling the finest wines of the region, but they may not be the best option if you need to drive afterward. That’s where ROIG’s transfer service comes in – serving as a taxi in Mallorca, ensuring you can enjoy your wine tastings without the concern of driving. Come along on this vineyard adventure with us!


    Situated in the heart of Mallorca, Binissalem has emerged as the hub of Mallorcan wine production. Nurtured by the radiant Mediterranean sun, its vineyards cultivate indigenous grapes like Manto Negro and Callet, resulting in wines that embody the distinct character and personality of the region. The wineries in Binissalem offer wine tastings, providing insights into the techniques employed by local winemakers and the diversity of their grape varieties.

    Santa María

    Nestled amidst mountains and sprawling vineyards, Santa María is a region characterised by wineries featuring both traditional and modern architectural styles. They offer tastings highlighting the elegance of Mallorcan wines. These wineries provide tastings that showcase the elegance of Mallorcan wines. In Santa María, the harmonious marriage of the land and vines results in aromatic white wines and alluring reds, capturing the essence of the picturesque surroundings.

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    Rural flavour in Alcúdia and Pollença: Traditional dishes in a picturesque setting

    In this part of the island, Mallorcan food tradition comes alive in every dish, leading you through a celebration of flavors that mirror the most authentic essence of Mallorca. Accessing this area is made easy through the car rental service in Mallorca that we provide at ROIG, allowing you to fully enjoy its delightful culinary offerings.


    The charming narrow cobblestone streets of Alcúdia will transport you to a bygone era, where the city’s rich history interweaves with culinary tradition. Within this medieval setting, the restaurants and taverns of Alcúdia serve up traditional dishes that revive ancestral recipes passed down through generations. Delight your taste buds with dishes like Frito Mallorquín, coca de verduras, arròs brut, and many more.


    Pollença, surrounded by the majesty of the Sierra de Tramuntana, provides a singular culinary experience in an extraordinary natural setting. Restaurants in this Mallorcan locale blend the freshness of local ingredients with the imaginative flair of chefs, presenting dishes that encapsulate the essence of both the countryside and the coast. Indulge in flavours such as Pollença’s roasted lamb or tumbet, authentic delights that will tantalise your palate.

    We trust that this culinary journey across the island has provided you with insights into the Mallorcan food scene. Keep in mind that at ROIG, you can access the best car rental deals in Mallorca, ensuring you can enjoy the island at your leisure, and with the assurance of comfortable and secure transportation from our fleet of high-quality vehicles.

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