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The Windmills of Muro: A Photographic Journey through Mallorcan History

    Muro is a traditional rural village that has become one of the best places to visit in Mallorca. Here you can find sandstone buildings, an old church and one of its main attractions: the windmills that helped the inhabitants to extract water from the subsoil.

    At ROIG, we want to accompany you on your trip to the largest of the Balearic Islands and, for this reason, as well as offering you the best car hire deals in Mallorca, we are going to introduce you to the unique charm of the windmills of Muro.

    Blowing from the past: The history of the windmills in Muro

    The windmills of Muro were used to extract water from the subsoil with the help of wind power. In Mallorca, wind power began to be harnessed in 1845, when a Dutch engineer named Paul Bouvij began his project to drain the Pla de Sant Jordi in the city of Palma de Mallorca. To facilitate this work, it was essential to build windmills to harness this natural force.

    The first mills built to draw water are known as ramell mills, which have wooden slats instead of the typical sails. Damià Reixac was the carpenter in charge of designing and building these large machines. However, the blade mills, which are the best known, date from the 1930s.

    On the island of Mallorca, you can find water extraction windmills that are built with a wooden, iron or masonry tower. Each municipality has its own windmills with their own characteristics, in terms of dimensions, construction system, materials, etc.

    Nowadays, these mills have ceased to fulfil their function and have become relics of domestic architecture that show us the techniques most used in each area. In Mallorca, there are around 2,300 water extraction mills and most of them are in the municipalities of Campos, sa Pobla, Muro, ses Salines and Palma.

    Between blades and stone: Unique activities and experiences

    The mills of Muro offer some of the best experiences to do in Mallorca and will lead you to discover the true essence of these rural machines. On your trip you can discover how history comes to life through all the activities:

    • Guided tour of the windmills of Muro: Experts will lead you through the corridors and up the stairs of the windmills so that you can discover the secrets hidden behind each stone and learn about the engineering that allowed these structures to harness the Tramuntana wind for centuries.
    • Water engineering workshops: Local craftsmen offer workshops so that you can experience first-hand the principles behind the operation of water extraction mills. You will have the opportunity to become an expert in this ancestral technique that became a pillar in the agricultural development of the area.
    • Up to the heights: Climb to the top of a windmill and contemplate the breathtaking views of the village of Muro and its long white sandy beach.

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    Towards Muro: How to get to the emblematic windmills

    The windmills of Muro are in the town of Muro, in the most rural and remote areas of the current population. We recommend that you plan your arrival so that you don’t miss out on this experience. These are some of the quickest ways to get to these engineering structures that we offer at ROIG rent a car Mallorca:

    • By car: Muro is a town located in the east of Mallorca, between the municipalities of Alcúdia and Can Picafort. You can reach it through the car hire service in Mallorca that we offer at ROIG.
    • Chauffeur-driven cars in Mallorca: This premium service offered by ROIG offers you the opportunity to have a professional driver take you to the windmills without having to drive or look for parking. When you have finished your visit, the driver will pick you up and take you to the next point.
    • Taxi in Mallorca: You can also request a taxi from any location on the island to get to the windmills in Muro. If you are at the airport, you can hire the transfer service, which will take you to Muro quickly and affordably.

    Capturing the weather: Tips for photographing windmills

    If you love photography, you can’t forget your camera on this visit to the windmills of Muro. However, if you are not a professional, you may need some tips to make your photos very Instagramable:

    • Make the most of the natural light: Muro’s windmills have a special beauty when bathed in the soft light of dawn or the warm tones of dusk. Plan your visit to make the most of these magical hours of the day and take the best photos.
    • Find the perfect position: Try different angles and perspectives to find the composition that best highlights the windmills and their surroundings. You can start with wide frames that include the entire landscape and then try close-ups that highlight the architectural details and textures of these ancient machines.
    • Play with depth of field: Use a wide aperture to create a blurred effect in the background and highlight the silhouette of the windmills in the foreground. This will create a sense of depth and add a very dramatic and romantic touch to your photographs.

    Now you know all the interesting facts about the windmills in Muro and how you can enjoy a photographic journey through Mallorcan history, all you must do is go and visit them! At ROIG, we offer a serious and professional car hire and transport service, so you won’t have any problems getting around during your holiday. Visit our website and discover the offers we have prepared for you.

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