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Discover Sant Joan in Mallorca: celebrate the summer solstice

    Would you like to celebrate Sant Joan in Mallorca? Great idea! On the eve of Midsummer’s Eve, the night of 23rd June, Mallorca celebrates the summer solstice with a lively festival, where fire, music, dance and typical Mallorcan products are the stars of the show. Summer kicks off with a night full of magic which, according to Mallorcan ritual, usually ends with a purifying swim in the sea.

    At ROIG we want to help you celebrate one of the most important nights of the year, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. We explain everything you need to know to celebrate the summer solstice, known as the night of Sant Joan, in Mallorca. Read on to find out!

    Best places to celebrate Sant Joan in Mallorca

    The night of Sant Joan is the shortest night of the year and is celebrated in many places around the Mediterranean, as well as in most towns and cities in Mallorca. In all festivities, the common thread is usually the fire that symbolises renewal and the beginning of a new cycle.

    In Mallorca, celebrations are held in many towns and villages. In addition, the towns of Deià, Manacor de la Vall, Muro and Son Servera have Sant Joan, or Saint John, as their patron saint, so the festivities are a real craze and last for more than a week. 

    In the city of Palma, the capital of the island of Mallorca, on the 23rd of June several workshops and children’s activities are organised, as well as demonstrations of traditional dances. At around 11 p.m. the magnificent “correfoc” begins, which is a spectacle with fireworks and demons of Sant Joan in Mallorca dancing under the sparks. 

    Also on parade are two enormous fire beasts, several Sant Jordi dragons and the Na Coca dragon, linked to some of Palma’s most popular legends. The evening ends with loud percussion music that makes the city rumble. You can find the high point of the festival in the Parc de la Mar, next to the Cathedral.
    The town of Sant Joan, without a doubt, is also one of the best places to celebrate Saint John’s Day in Mallorca. The festival of “El Sol que Balla” (the dancing sun), which ends with the first sunrise of the summer solstice, from the small sanctuary of La Consolació, stands out.

    In the regions of Felanitx and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, on the 24th of June they celebrate the dance of Sant Joan Pelós, an ancient Mallorcan tradition in which a man disguises himself as Saint John and dances carrying a lamb. It is a spectacle you should not miss out on during your trip to the Balearic Islands.

    Top beaches to celebrate Sant Joan in Mallorca

    Around midnight it is time to fulfil the rituals that mark this magical evening of Sant Joan in Mallorca. Many people flock to the best beaches on the island to carry out the ceremonies of the first night of summer, enjoy the sea breeze or even go for a moonlit swim.

    On all of Mallorca’s beaches you will find people setting off firecrackers, rockets and fireworks, so you can choose the one you like best or the one closest to your accommodation. However, there are some specific beaches where the party is much more luminous and spectacular. We present them to you.

    Can Pere Antoni Beach

    Can Pere Antoni Beach is located two kilometres east of Palma and, in addition to being one of the best beaches to go to with children in Mallorca, it also has one of the liveliest Midsummer festivals. As a backdrop you will have the palm trees of the promenade and the striking silhouette of the Gothic cathedral of Palma. 

    Wind permitting, the waters will be calm enough to enjoy the fireworks while soaking in the water. Dance barefoot on the cool sand and have the time of your life on the shortest night of the year.

    Deià Cove

    If you are looking for something even more traditional, in Cala Deià, Sant Joan becomes a night of havaneres, in which some groups play traditional songs of Mallorca that verse on the times the catalan and Mallorcan people were sent to Cuba to fight the independence war during the 19th century. This pretty Mallorcan village gathers in this small cove to enjoy the concert while having Trempó for dinner.

    Port des Canonge

    For all those who are looking for the best beaches to celebrate Sant Joan in Mallorca, in a very quiet and charming way, the beach of Port des Canonge may be the ideal place. You will be able to get away from the crowds and have a drink while you watch the fireworks in the distance and enjoy the good music.

    Bona Cove

    Cala Bona is a small maritime enclave in the municipality of Son Servera that is characterised by its fishing port and its quiet beach. Here you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere from the terrace of one of the best restaurants and bars. Because sometimes all it takes is a toast to welcome the new seasons in life.

    Muro Beach

    If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is the most fun party in Mallorca, the beach of Muro is the place to be. Every year the town of Muro dresses up for two weeks of festivities, but it is during the festival on the 23rd June that all the fireworks are set off to the rhythm of the most lively music.

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    What to eat for Sant Joan Eve in Mallorca

    But the summer solstice, or Sant Joan, is not only celebrated with a big Midsummer festival in Mallorca, it is much more than that. This is the perfect holiday to delight yourself with a gastronomic treat and make your palate dance with joy to the sound of the best ingredients.

    The typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine are based on top quality ingredients from the land and the sea. Each festivity is accompanied by specific delicacies and the feast of San Juan could not be less. We present the best typical food of Sant Joan in Mallorca.

    Veal meatballs with tomato and pepper sauce

    Homemade meatballs are a dish that everybody likes, both young and old. This dish has been served in restaurants in Mallorca for many years, on the vigil of Sant Joan and the days following it. It is a very tasty and elaborate dish that requires two preparations: the meatballs and the sauce.

    Menjar Blanc

    Menjar Blanc is a typical Mallorcan dessert that is very popular at this time of year. It consists of a cream made of almonds, rice and sugar that has been cooked since mediaeval times and that diners fall in love with from the first spoonful. Each region has its own variations. Want to taste more than one?

    Ensaïmada amb xocolata cuita (Ensaïmada with hot chocolate)

    The ensaïmada is the Mallorcan sweet par excellence and you can find it in most bakeries with different fillings (chocolate, cabell d’angel or Siam pulp, cream, apricot, etc.). On the feast of Sant Joan, Mallorcans go out for a snack accompanied by hot chocolate, or as they call it “xocolata cuita” or “cooked chocolate”. This way they make sure they have enough strength to face the night ahead.

    Trempó mallorquí

    The summer salad par excellence on the Balearic island is the Trempó, and on the night of Sant Joan it is welcomed. Its ingredients are based on ripe tomatoes, peppers, onion, oil and salt, although everyone adds their own special touch and innovates with ingredients such as olives, chickpeas, potato, egg, tuna, etc.

    Now that you know everything you need to know to celebrate Sant Joan in Mallorca, are you ready to spend this magical holiday with us? At ROIG we want you to feel comfortable on the island and to be able to move from one place to another at your own pace, which is why we offer you the best car rentals in Mallorca, so that you can celebrate the beginning of the summer solstice in style.

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