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The best beaches in the south of Mallorca

    Discover the best beaches in the south of Majorca! This island is a paradise where the sun shines eternally on the golden sand and crystal clear waters. This corner of the Mediterranean hides some of the best beaches in the whole country, making visitors enjoy their natural charm and relaxed atmosphere. 

    If you don’t want to follow the same route as all the other tourists, but would like to discover the island’s most special spots, here at ROIG we present the best beaches in the south of Mallorca. Let’s go there!

    Es Trenc

    Es Trenc is one of the best beaches in the south of Mallorca and is considered to be the jewel of the island. It stretches for several kilometres and its fine white sands, turquoise water and protected natural environment make this beach a true paradise. 

    It is also quite easy to access and there are several parking areas nearby, making it one of the best coves in Mallorca to go by car. Its peaceful atmosphere is ideal for all those sun and nature lovers looking to relax during their holidays.

    Palma Nova Beach

    Playa de Palma Nova is one of the best coves near Palma de Mallorca, very lively and with a wide range of entertainment on offer. It has a long stretch of sand so that you have plenty of space to lay out your parasol and towel at your leisure. Its location is close to restaurants, bars and shops, which attracts tourists and locals alike.

    There are also plenty of water activities here to add a little adrenaline to your holiday: water skiing, paddle surfing, snorkelling and so on.

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    Llombards Cove

    If you are looking for a more intimate beach away from the crowds, Cala Llombard may become your favourite. This space surrounded by pine-covered cliffs offers a very peaceful environment that enchants all visitors looking for the best diving beaches in Mallorca. It is perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and connect with nature, together with their travel companions.

    Es Caragol beach

    Es Cargol beach is another of the best beaches in the south of Mallorca and is located at the most remote point of the island, a perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in absolute tranquillity. It has an extensive area of white sand, which makes the crystal clear water look turquoise, so if you are looking for a place for long walks along the shore, this could be the beach for you.

    Please note that this beach has no services nearby, so we recommend that you bring your own supplies and everything you’ll need to enjoy a wild and authentic Balearic Islands experience.

    Mondragó Cove

    Cala Mondragó is the ideal beach in Mallorca to go with children. It is located in the Mondragó Natural Park and is a true natural paradise that the locals are working hard to preserve. Its calm waters and unspoilt surroundings make the cove a popular destination for families and nature lovers.

    In addition, the park has trails and routes nearby that allow you to explore the beauty of the area and discover new hidden coves and breathtaking landscapes with the youngest members of the family.

    Cala d’Or

    The small town of Cala d’Or hides a secret that leaves no visitor indifferent: its small cove. This golden sandy beach invites you to relax under the warm Mediterranean sun, while you read a good book or enjoy a pleasant conversation with your companions.

    In addition, this area has a wide range of services and amenities, so when you need a break from the heat, you can go to its restaurants, bars, shops, cafés, etc. Enjoy a full day at the beach, without giving up any of the comforts.

    Pi Cove

    You cannot miss Cala Pi on your route along the beaches of Mallorca, as it boasts one of the best coves in the south of Mallorca and one of the best kept treasures by the inhabitants of the area. The natural area is surrounded by cliffs and pine forests, creating a picturesque setting and a peaceful atmosphere. 

    To access it you will have to go down a staircase carved into the cliffs, which gives it an extra touch of adventure and exclusivity. If you want to enjoy the sun, sand and sea in a more private environment, Cala Pi will make you fall in love.

    picture of posidonia in mallorca

    Figuera Cove

    Technically, Cala Figuera is not a cove, but rather a port, but the truth is that its charm is so highly valued that it is worth mentioning in our selection of the best beaches in the south of Mallorca. This picturesque fishing village captivates with its white houses, its colourful little boats and its warm, crystal-clear waters.

    You can stroll through the narrow streets of the village, enjoy a delicious meal in one of its seaside restaurants and contemplate the local marine life – you’ll never want to leave!

    Ses Covetes Beach

    Ses Covetes beach is located very close to Es Trenc, although it offers a much quieter and less crowded atmosphere than its famous neighbour. It is the perfect beach to take your watch off and forget about the world around you, your stress and your worries. In this corner it is just you and nature.

    Nearby you will find some traditional Mallorcan restaurants that will allow you to taste the best gastronomy of the area. We warn you that you will leave on a roll!

    Portals Vells Beach

    Surrounded by tree-covered hills and immense cliffs, the beach of Portals Vells is a true hidden paradise. In this idyllic corner of the Mediterranean you can not only enjoy the sea in all its essence, but you can also discover small sea caves in a very well preserved unspoilt environment.

    The truth is that this is the smallest of the beaches presented in this post, but it is worth a visit if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy the most exclusive experience.

    Cala Llombards Beach

    If there is one beach that is stunning for its natural surroundings, it is Cala Llombards. Its fine sand invites you to spend a whole day relaxing on it and only get up to cool off with a dip in the sea. What stands out most about this beach is its crescent shape, which creates a very cosy and secluded atmosphere, as well as making the waves reach the shore gently.

    S’Almunia Cove

    Access to Cala S’Almunia can be a little complicated, so we recommend that you go with people who are in good physical condition and that you avoid going with your family if your children are small or if you have to carry too much luggage. 

    However, if you manage to get down to this small cove via the steep stairs, you will see that the effort will have been worth it. And with a difficult entrance, this is a haven away from the tourists.

    Santanyí Cove

    Finally, another of the best beaches in the south of Mallorca is Cala Santanyí, a beach known for its beauty and family atmosphere. Its shallow waters are ideal for families with children and for those who like to slowly walk into the sea. Once there, you can find services such as restaurants, parasol and sun lounger hire, beach bars, etc.

    These are the best beaches in the south of Mallorca, but this island has many more marvellous spots that could not even fit in 10,000 articles. That’s why we recommend that you go and discover them for yourself.

    At ROIG, we want to help you enjoy Mallorca in the best way and we offer you the best rental cars that will allow you to move freely around the island. Enter our website and find the most appropriate vehicle for your experience!

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