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Blog The best beaches for scuba diving in Majorca

The best beaches for scuba diving in Majorca

    The attractions of Majorca go far beyond its 3,640 km²-surface. The fact that the airport of Palma is one of the busiest in Spain has to do with what surrounds this Balearic island: the warm waters of the Mediterranean. We are not exaggerating when affirming that they are the perfect bet to fight the heat, to sail by the beautiful Majorcan coastline and to unload adrenaline with the best watersports, between which you can find snorkeling and scuba diving. Are you tempted by the idea of practicing these activities? In that case, we invite you to discover the best beaches for scuba diving in Majorca.

    On the island, you will find about 300 spots. However, there are some that are ideal to explore the seabed and that even give you the opportunity of swimming around shipwrecks. The list we offer includes proposals for divers of all levels, from beginners to experts. In addition, these are places that you can access easily and quickly with our rental cars in Majorca. The same happens with the ports from which you will be able to take a boat when the point of immersion is on an island or at open sea.

    Ready? Well, take note of these places that we have chosen for you, and that we present in alphabetical order.

    Cala Llamp

    This cove is only 2 km away from Port d’Andratx. Submerging yourself at 10 m, you will find a cave covered in yellow anemone. Of course: to enjoy a safe diving session, south and southwestern winds mustn’t be blowing.

    To get to Cala Llamp from Andratx, take the road from Palma Nova to Port d’Andratx (Ma-1), in the direction of the latter, until you reach a crossroads similar to a roundabout. Continue on the third exit towards Camí Vell de Cala Llamp and continue along carrer García-Morato, which leads to another roundabout. Take the second exit, which will take you to the Camí Vell de Cala Llamp and continue to a new roundabout, where you will have to take the second exit, corresponding to the carrer del Congre. Drive to the junction with carrer Sirviola, on the right, for about 600 meters and up to carrer Tintorera, also on the right, which will take you to Cala Llamp. Once there, park the car and go down some stairs that will take you to the cove passing through a restaurant area.

    Cala Lliteres

    It is no coincidence that this beach, located 2 km from Capdepera, is popularly known as the Scuba divers’ cove. It is no wonder, as it accommodates one of the oldest diving centers in Majorca. This makes Cala Lliteres an ideal choice for beginners and for those who wish to immerse themselves for the first time -never better paid- in this discipline, since they will be able to hire instructor services. Declared a Natural Area of Special Interest, it allows for diving sessions of up to 12 m to contemplate magnificent caves, tunnels and underwater arches. Among the fauna of the area, species such as squids or groupers stand out.

    To reach Cala Lliteres by car from the center of Capdepera, continue along carrer del Nord towards the roundabout, take the second exit (Ma-15) and continue for approximately 1 km up to the detour that leads to the Cala Lliteres urbanization, to the left. When you reach the street of Alcalá Galiano, continue along the Can Pastilla road to where carrer de la Aguja merges. Park the vehicle and continue on foot along a path that leads to Cala Lliteres, on the right.

    By the way: if you’re in the area, take the opportunity to visit the imposing castle of Capdepera, whose construction began in 1300.

    Cap de Formentor

    The most northern point of Majorca is also an ideal setting for diving, both for beginners and experts. While the latter may contemplate an extensive range of underwater fauna such as octopi, conger, grouper or moray, the most experienced can dive to 40 m in depth, where they will admire caves, arches and rock formations.

    To get to Cap de Formentor, just follow the Ma-2210 road with your rental car in Majorca. In any case, it is possible for the organizing company to organize sea transfers to the exact diving point.

    Cova de la Santa

    We continue in the north: specifically, between Alcúdia and Port de Pollença, where we find the perfect place for those who wish to dive into underwater tunnels. If you go to this destination, you can choose between two immersion areas. On the one hand, the Casa de la Santa, which displays an impressive field of rocks, and the so-called Swiss Cheese or Gruyere Cheese, a structure of connected tunnels that you will have the opportunity to explore at a depth of 23 m. The diving spot is next to two hotels in Majorca: the Zafiro Tropic and the Zafiro Palace Alcúdia. Do not hesitate to contact the staff, who will indicate the exact place.

    Cave of Sa Madonna

    Located very close to the aforementioned Cala Llamp and on a cliff wall, it is an impressive underwater cave with a depth ranging between 7 m and 25 m. Its curious name has to do with the sculpture of a Virgin that can be seen inside. The abundance of fauna will be an additional perk when diving here, but it is suitable only for experienced divers.

    6. Es Faralló or Gran Queso

    In Cala Ratjada, in the northeast of the island, we find another of the best beaches to dive in Mallorca, and especially recommended for experienced divers. Its waters accommodate Es Faralló or Gran Queso (Big Cheese, in English), a huge rock with holes – hence its name – and crossed by a network of tunnels that house a large range of underwater fauna. All that and much more awaits at a maximum depth of 30 m.

    The best road to reach Cala Ratjada is the Ma-15.

    7. Sec Island

    This small island located in the bay of Palma is a good option for divers of all levels, since it has routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Its main attraction are two sunken fishing boats that have created an artificial reef, which explains the abundance of marine fauna. To carry out the dive, you need to get to the island by boat, since this islet is very far from the coast (it is in front of Caló de la Nostra Dona, in the Sol de Mallorca urbanization).

    The first wreck is the Clara, located at 18 m depth and with a large anchor, and the second, the Regina Maris, at 29 m and consisting of a wooden boat on a sand bank. There you can see scorpion fish, moray eels, breams and amberjacks.

    8. Malgrats Islands

    Declared a protected area since 2004, these islands in the southwest of Majorca – are located in front of Santa Ponça, a town that is reached by the Ma-1, which is notorious for the abundance of underwater fauna and flora. In addition, this corner has the peculiarity of having witnessed a shipwreck in 2007, which makes it an unbeatable place for scuba diving. During the activity, you can also see sea breams, moray eels and octopuses, among other species.

    9. Marine Reserve of the Island of Toro

    Another place that should not be missed is the Marine Reserve of Toro. You will find it at the tip of the Isla del Toro, in the municipality of Calvià, and it has a variable depth of 3 m to 40 m. While scuba diving within its waters, you can see banks of tuna, barracudas, groupers, jackdaws, triggerfish and rays.

    To get to this reserve, take the road from Calvià to El Toro. Once there, you have to follow the first indication, which will take you to the port, and continue on the same street until the end. You can easily find a parking spot.

    10. Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve

    The last recommendation of the top-10 of the best beaches for scuba diving in Majorca is the Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve, located where the Sierra de la Tramontana begins, in front of the town of Sant Elm, on the west coast. The creeks of the island of Sa Dragonera, which reaches depths of up to 70 m, is home to one of the most spectacular seabeds in the Majorcan coastline, as the visibility is excellent. The only drawback are the currents, with which we must be careful. Access must be carried out by boat.

    With our rent-a-car in Majorca, getting closer to the best beaches for scuba diving in Majorca will be a children’s game. And if you prefer, you can also get there by hiring one of our taxis in Majorca or organizing excursions in Majorca. Whatever means of transport you need, at ROIG we can offer them to you, since we are the only company that provides a comprehensive road transport service in Majorca.

    We are waiting for you!

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