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6 Reasons to rent a bus in Majorca

    Do you want to spend a few days in Majorca with a large number of people? Are you organizing the logistics of an event that will take place in the largest of the Balearic Islands? There is no greater freedom than having the option to move around on a bus that will make all the stops you need, whether for excursions or for transfers to the airport or other places. The benefits of renting coaches in Majorca are many and will depend in part on the reasons why you are considering getting transfers across the island. Do not you know them? ROIG, one of the leading companies in land transport, wants to explain them all, so you are sure about your decision. We assure you that you will not regret it!

    Transfers from Majorca airport will run smoothly

    Forget about the queues or wasting time wandering around the arrivals terminal in Palma airport. There is no doubt that one of the main reasons why you may decide to rent a bus is the comfort you will have when making transfers from Majorca’s airport to any point of the island. This means that, if your guests arrive at the same time or on the same plane, one of the drivers will be waiting at the door to guide them to the bus, so that no one gets lost and everyone arrives at their hotel easily and stress-free. This is a great idea for large groups that, unable to hire a taxi in Majorca due to lack of space, are looking for an easy way to move around from the moment they arrive on the island.

    Your transfers in Majorca, whenever and wherever you want them

    Whatever the plan is: when renting buses in Majorca, you have the opportunity to discover the island freely, without depending on schedules or pre-established routes. This option is ideal for school trips, since children will enjoy the road and can make all the stops that teachers mark, and even finding the best place to stop for lunch without complications. On the other hand, it is also a great idea for conventions or company outings, since it will be the organizers who will decide the route and the collection times. Not only this, but they will have the possibility to modify it and warn the driver if there is a delay with total flexibility, something that is not possible with companies that offer a closed service. And, of course, if you want to organize a bachelor or hen dos in Majorca, a bus is the best alternative to get to each point of the route you have prepared for the future bride or groom. This means that you will also have the option of agreeing on a pick-up point and time whenever you need to, even if you are partying until the wee hours of the morning. Much more comfortable, isn’t it?

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    Look after your loved ones and the environment

    Renting a minibus in Majorca is also ideal for large families, as it is the safest way to move around the island together. Choose a fleet of rental buses that are renewed each year, as is the case of ROIG Bus, to ensure that your coach is equipped with the best technology, not only for the comfort of your loved ones, but also for your safety. In addition, we advise you to trust the experience of a company that has been a reference in excellence and service for more than 65 years: remember that quality is priceless.

    But this is not all. Another benefit of renting coaches in Majorca is that, in addition to protecting your loved ones, you will be helping the environment, since travelling in the same vehicle will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and take care of the environment in our beautiful island, something that would not be possible if all these people traveled in separate cars, since they would pollute much more.

    Your guests will arrive on time 

    One of the situations in which having a bus is highly beneficial is in the case of weddings. You can already imagine why, right? If you have decided to hold the ceremony in a small cove or organize the reception in a beautiful farmhouse in the middle of the Majorcan countryside and need transfers for your family and friends, the best way to do it is on board a bus. In this way, everyone will arrive to both the ceremony and the reception at the same time, avoiding delays or guests who get lost along the way. The bride and groom will be the ones who decide on the schedules and the number of stops they want, thus facilitating everyone’s arrival. In addition, you can also organize different trips so that each person can choose the time they want to leave, and those who wish to will be able to enjoy the party until the end. In addition, you can rely on comprehensive services for weddings in Majorca if you also need a car for the newlyweds or other options so that the logistics run smoothly on this special day.

    Save on transportation

    The more the merrier, right? Following this saying, not only will you spend some great days in Majorca, but you will also save money in the process. For example, if you are looking for a transport for events or congresses, a way to make sure everything goes as planned without spending a lot of money – and a good way for everyone to arrive at the convention center is to use a bus for their transfers. Do you have guests who are extremely important and need a premium treatment? You can also count on luxury minibuses in Majorca, so that they have access to the best brands and travel with the style they deserve.

    Get to the most hidden corners of the island

    To have an experienced driver and a company that offers comprehensive services has an added value. For example, you will have the opportunity to be advised and guided by the drivers so you can discover some of the secret corners of the island, the most spectacular spots and viewpoints or to take a tour of the most unknown coves of Majorca.

    Now that you know why renting a bus in Majorca is a good idea, how about booking one with ROIG Bus? Discover all the advantages you will have compared to other companies in the Balearic Islands. You will be convinced!

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