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Where to charge an electric car in Mallorca without problems

    Don’t know where to charge an electric car in Mallorca? More and more drivers are opting for an electric vehicle when travelling around Mallorca and there are various charging points available on the island. These vehicles do not emit polluting gases and are extremely silent, thus reducing pollution and noise, which is why they are the future of the fleet on the island and in Spain. What’s more, you’ll save a lot of money on petrol.

    If you are planning to rent an electric car, here we are going to list the possibilities currently available to you for quick and easy charging in Mallorca. The truth is that there are many options, which helps to promote sustainable mobility on the island.

    If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, take note of all the possible options to make your journey in a simple way and without any headache that may hinder the journey. At Roig we tell you all about it


    If you want to know exactly where all the charging points for electric cars are in Mallorca, you can access very complete maps on the Internet that will allow you to find the nearest points according to your route and location, as in the case of Electromaps

    However, to give you an approximate idea, we are going to show you different options for charging an electric car in Mallorca and their characteristics.


    Some car hire companies may have their own stations and parking spaces with chargers for the exclusive use of electric vehicles rented from their company, although this is not the most common.

    In any case, at car hire companies in Mallorca such as ROIG Rent a car, we take care of everything. In this way, you will be able to have an electric vehicle with its charge completed and we will provide you with the information you need to access the nearest electric car charging points in Mallorca.

    Normally, once the reservation is completed, the driver must return the vehicle with at least 30% more charge, leaving it at one of our offices, so that the next user can have enough autonomy to start their journey as soon as possible.

    Our vehicles offer great autonomy and it is possible to solve any query quickly and efficiently through our team of staff or by calling our contact telephone number.

    In the case of Roig, you have the possibility of renting hybrid vehicles so that you can switch to traditional fuel when you see fit. This way, you will have a vehicle that stands out for its efficiency, comfort, ecology and comfort. In addition, you can add a second driver free of charge so that you don’t get too tired during the journey and you can delegate the driving to someone else.


    The Melib network is for public use and has more than 350 charging points available for electric vehicles in Mallorca. Each of these stations is managed by the Town Hall of each municipality and charging is free of charge.

    Drivers who want to make use of these facilities must register on the Melib app, available on Android and iOS devices, although it is also possible not to register and access the charging stations directly after contacting the company.

    These points are perfect to avoid headaches during a visit and to be able to increase the autonomy of the vehicle every time you stop for lunch or visit the emblematic points of Mallorca and the most beautiful villages located around it. However, current regulations do not allow them to be used for more than 2 hours at a time.


    Another place to charge an electric car in Mallorca is the Endesa X network. The company also has 40 fast electric car charging stations in Mallorca available in different areas of the island.

    The minimum charging speed at these stations is 22 kW per hour, enabling the vehicle to be fully charged in a matter of 2 hours. It is also possible to request the Endesa X card to make the process as easy as possible, although you will need to have it handy in the vehicle so that you can access it whenever you need it.

    Electric car parks in Mallorca

    The island is doing everything possible to encourage the introduction of electric vehicles in urban areas. Its town councils are committed to the use of alternative energies to fossil fuels to facilitate the process and adopt the measures established by the European Union. If you are looking for an electric car park in Mallorca, check out the following.


    Electric vehicles that have the environmental or zero emissions device granted by the General Directorate of Traffic can use these car parks with no time limit and without the need to obtain a ticket or receipt in accordance with ORA regulations.


    Similarly, vehicles that have been identified as electric may also park in the ZAR zones located in different areas of the island, as is the case of the car parks located in Plaça de la Reina and Carrer J. Anselm Clavé in Palma.


    In this case, electric vehicles have access to municipal car parks with charging points distributed as follows: parking spaces in the Parc del Mar, in Marqués de La Sènia, in via Roma, Manacor, Santa Pagesa or SA Riera. In this case, the first half hour of parking is free.


    Saba and Endesa make it possible for you to conveniently park and recharge your electric vehicle in their network of car parks. This way, you will have a space and a recharging point for your personal and exclusive use so that you don’t have to worry about anything else.

    The Saba network has a multitude of network points, whose service has a specific monthly cost. The price includes a parking space and “X” recharges so that you can travel around Mallorca at your leisure. Undoubtedly, another of the best places to charge an electric car in Mallorca.

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    Electric car charging points in Palma

    Here we show you some alternatives for electric car charging points, so that you can get around Palma comfortably:


    These spaces are only intended for recharging electric vehicles, so they can only be used if you are recharging. They are not parking spaces as such, so if you have any queries you can contact the municipal charging stations’ incident telephone number, 900 705 900.

    In the case of car charging zones, these are the streets where you will find one of these stations:

    • Arago, number 2
    • Sant Ferràn, 36
    • Passeig Mallorca, 28
    • Plaça Alexander Fleming
    • Joan Maragall (Avingudes)
    • Francesc Fiol I Juan, 12
    • Balanguera, 29
    • Sant Miquel, 77
    • Plaça Reina, 3
    • Setze de Juliol, 83


    This chain has charging points for electric cars in all its shops, which you can use during the opening hours of the supermarket. These are semi-fast chargers with 22 KWh free of charge and are only available to Lidl customers.

    The maximum charging time is 30 minutes. However, if there are no other customers waiting to charge their vehicle, it is possible to increase the charging time by 30-minute slots. In this case, all you have to do is press the button of the selected connector.

    To check if the vehicle is charging correctly, just check the display. This will show the estimated charging time to obtain a full charge.


    As we have already mentioned, the public car parks available in Palma have specific spaces for electric vehicles with 22 KWh chargers completely free of charge for the first half hour of charging. After those 30 minutes, the driver will have to pay the price of the car park, but not the charging, which will continue to be free.

    As we have already told you, the SMAP car parks and electric car charging points in Palma de Mallorca are the following: Via Roma, Manacor, Santa Pagesa, Parc de la Riera, Parc de la Mar and Marquès de la Sénia.

    Petrol stations with charging points for electric cars in Mallorca

    Among the petrol stations that have charging points for electric cars in Mallorca we find the following:


    These service stations have web and mobile applications so that you can find the nearest charging points. This is a very large community with many electric car drivers, and these are some of their charging points:

    • LIDL – Camino de la Vileta, at Camino de la Vileta, 21 (Palma de Mallorca).
    • Camí de Jesús, 34 (Palma de Mallorca)
    • Carrer Marquès de la Sènia, 32 (Palma de Mallorca)
    • Rcnp port de plaisance, at Carrer Contramoll Mollet, 20 (Palma de Mallorca)

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