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    Mallorca is always a safe bet for travelling. And although you probably already know the main destinations of this Mediterranean island first hand, today we want to talk to you about a lesser-known town, but one that is also worth a visit. We are talking about Colònia Sant Jordi, a coastal town in the southeast of Mallorca that you will love.

    Belonging to the municipality of Ses Salines – whose name comes from the salt mines that have been worked on since Punic times – Colònia Sant Jordi is located between the towns of Camps and Santanyí. Raised as a small fishing port, it is now a well-known tourist spot. Want to discover it at the wheel of your rental car in Mallorca? To make it even easier for you, we bring you some recommendations that will help you to plan your trip to Mallorca better. Ready? Pay attention!

    What to see in Colònia Sant Jordi

    Are you passionate about history? If so, why not take advantage of your trip to Mallorca to learn about the past of the largest of the Balearic Islands? A good option is to visit some of the prehistoric and protohistoric settlements in Mallorca. Here are some suggestions: Els Antigors, Es Mitjà Gran, Es Talaiots de Na Mera, Talaia Joana, etc. Talaiots, from the Bronze Age, are constructions for agriculture and cattle raising uses in Ses Salines, which have lasted until nowadays. You can also visit the islet of Na Guardis, which has an archaeological site from the Phoenician period discovered in 1981.

    Among the monuments of Colònia Sant Jordi, S’Estany also stands out, a fortified building from the 15th century, located next to the salt mine. Also visit S’Avall, a 14th century watchtower, and the tower of Ca’n Barbarà, next to the parish church and an excellent example of defensive architecture.

    As for the beaches of Colònia Sant Jordi, we recommend Es Port beach, located near the main marina. Are you looking for something more peaceful? In that case, nothing better than the coves of Es Caragol, Es Carbó and Ses Roquetes, with their calm waters and sheltered from the wind.

    If you want to take home some of Mallorca’s typical products, remember that the Colònia Sant Jordi market takes place every Wednesday.

    Do you want to enjoy the most traditional Majorcan festivities? In that case, when planning your trip to Colònia Sant Jordi, remember that the summer festivals are held between late July and early August. Their programme includes concerts, children’s activities – ideal if you are travelling with children to Mallorca – sports competitions and many other proposals.

    Do you need more reasons to book your hotel in Colònia Sant Jordi? We have them: just keep reading.

    Day trips from Colònia Sant Jordi

    In addition to all the above, you can also take day trips from Colònia Sant Jordi. One of the recommended places is the Sant Joan de la Font Santa spa, only 3 km from Colònia and in the municipality of Camps. These are the only natural thermal baths in Mallorca, so you cannot miss them. You will even find some of the most exclusive and relaxing spa facilities in Mallorca.

    On the other hand, the coast of Colònia Sant Jordi, dotted with small islands, sandy beaches and lush vegetation, stands out for being bathed by transparent waters, perfect for a refreshing bath. There you will find some of the best beaches in Mallorca, such as Es Trenc, 3 km from the municipality of Camps, Es Dolç and Es Carbó, very long and sandy, where the sea takes on a beautiful turquoise colour. Colònia Sant Jordi is also located between two beaches, which makes it an ideal place to disconnect and park your stress in one of the most fascinating corners of the Balearic Islands. 

    However, the beach is not the only thing to see around Colònia Sant Jordi. In fact, this enclave also has a marina from which excursions to Cabrera are organised on a daily basis. On this Balearic island you will find the National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Archipelago of Cabrera, a group of islets that are among the best preserved on the Spanish coast and are home to important fauna and flora. In addition to its ecological value, the place also has a long history. During the 13th and 14th centuries, Berber pirates used it as a base from which to attack the Majorcan coast. This forced the construction of a castle in the 14th century at the entrance to the port. At the beginning of the 19th century, during the War of Independence, it was here that the prisoners of the Battle of Bailén were taken by Napoleon, many of whom died due to the lack of resources and problems in the arrival of supplies. In their memory, a monument was erected in the area.

    However, the interpretation centre of the Cabrera National Park is located in Colònia Sant Jordi, as this is the closest geographical point. In its facilities, located in the street of Gabriel Roca, s/n, they will provide you with all the necessary information to visit this place, which occupies a prominent place in the history of the Mediterranean. And that’s not all: in the centre, you will also be able to see a talaiot, a type of megalithic construction that is traditional of the islands of Mallorca and Menorca, and similar to those that can also be seen in Sardinia and Malta.

    Another place to see in Colònia Sant Jordi is Ses Salines de Sa Vall. These are the second oldest in the world, dating from the 4th century BC and were first exploited by Carthaginian merchants. Already in Roman times, salt extraction continued, an activity that was also taken up by Byzantines, Arabs and Christians… until today. Furthermore, the process continues to be carried out using traditional methods (although only in August). Take advantage of your visit to the Es Trenc-Salobrar de Camps natural area.

    From Son Sant Joan airport, it will only take you 38 minutes – it is 47 km away – to get to Colònia Sant Jordi, either with our rental cars in Mallorca or by taking a transfer from Palma airport. When do we leave?

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