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VIP Programme

Are you already a ROIG VIP?

You probably are, because it’s as easy as booking with us twice. If so, you can now begin to take advantage of exclusive offers and the 10% discount on all our rentals, including the ROIG Bus, ROIG Premium and ROIG Taxi transfer services.

As a VIP, we offer you the chance to enjoy Mallorca, save money and be the first to discover our promotions. We aim to make your dreams come true and give you the options for an unforgettable stay in Mallorca. Ask for your free VIP card now and write to us to begin enjoying fabulous benefits right away!



Plan your trip around Mallorca with our interactive guide. We know our island well and will be delighted to show you the best routes, beaches and scenery so you can explore the island and enjoy it as much as we do.