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Underground wonders: Explore the caves of Mallorca

    Hidden beneath the surface of the Earth, in a realm veiled in darkness, ancient secrets patiently await your discovery. The caves of Mallorca create an underground realm that ignites curiosity and inspires awe in those bold enough to explore its depths.

    At ROIG, we recognize that one of the key attractions of Mallorca lies in its caves, housing peculiar geological formations, subterranean lakes, and stalactites that resemble sculpted works of art. Join us as we explore the caves of Mallorca. 

    Caves of Drach and Caves of Hams: Subterranean Treasures of Mallorca

    The Caves of Drach and the Caves of Hams stand out as two prominent subterranean wonders in Mallorca, attracting numerous visitors annually. Both caves offer a unique experience, easily accessible through car rentals in Mallorca.

    Caves of Drach

    Nestled on the east coast near Porto Cristo, the Caves of Drach, renowned for their stalactites and stalagmites, are celebrated for their underground lake, Lake Martel—a remarkable expanse ranking among the world’s largest underground lakes. Delight in a boat excursion on the lake accompanied by a live classical music concert—an extraordinary experience!

    Caves of Hams

    Also positioned on the east coast near Porto Cristo, the Caves of Hams presents another enticing option for cave enthusiasts and nature aficionados. Recognised for their distinctive stalactites and stalagmites, these caves boast impressive artificial lighting that accentuates the allure of the rock formations. The Caves of Hams feature a captivating light and sound show, creating a surreal underground palace.

    Must-Visit Sites: Discover the Wonders of the Cuevas de Arta

    Positioned on the northwest coast, the Cuevas de Arta stands out as one of the top attractions in Mallorca. Nestled in a breathtaking natural setting, easily reached through car rental offers in Mallorca, ROIG also extends premium chauffeur-driven car rental services for a seamless and luxurious experience.

    Like other caves on the island, the Cuevas de Arta showcase unique stalactites and stalagmites formed over centuries. Artistic lighting highlights the beauty of the rock formations, creating a surreal atmosphere.

    A unique feature of the Cuevas de Arta is the Music Hall, sometimes used as a venue for live concerts. With incredible natural acoustics, it offers a one-of-a-kind musical experience underground.

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    Exploring the Cueva de Campanet: A Hidden Gem on the Island

    For an exploration of the island’s underground marvels, a must-visit is the Cueva de Campanet. Positioned in the north of Mallorca and readily reachable through airport transfers, this cave showcases geological formations crafted over millennia, resulting in a distinctive underground panorama. The Cueva de Campanet is nestled in a less developed natural setting compared to other tourist caves, offering an authentic and serene experience akin to genuine spelunking.

    Guided cave tours offer detailed information about the formations, the underground fauna, and the cave’s history.  As you progress through the tour, you’ll come across distinct chambers with unique features. As you reach the end, you’ll encounter the Romantic Chamber, and in that moment, you’ll understand the reason behind its name. 

    For those who prefer to escape the crowds and relish unique experiences on their vacations, the Cueva de Campanet is an ideal choice. Embrace a more authentic and serene experience, immersing yourself in the essence of true spelunking.

    Mythology and Mysteries: Legends Surrounding the Cuevas de Génova

    The Cuevas de Génova are situated in the town of the same name, just outside Palma de Mallorca. Easily reachable by taxi in Mallorca or with your rental car, these caves may not be as famous as others mentioned, but they offer an equally interesting experience without venturing too far from the capital. Moreover, they are located in a lively restaurant area, providing an opportunity to reserve a table at one of the nearby establishments and enjoy some of the finest Mallorcan cuisine.

    Upon entering this cave, you’ll be amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites formed over years of water drips. Each of these rock formations is entirely original and one-of-a-kind.

    In 1906, while excavating for a water cistern, a natural treasure was discovered, which has become a must-visit for tourists and residents alike. The caves have a nearly one-kilometre walking route, descending to a depth of 36 metres.

    You can choose to explore the cave independently or join a guided tour to learn about the geology, history, and ecology of the cave. Expert guides, armed with archaeological and paleontological discoveries, provide explanations about the cave’s origins and its historical significance.

    What do you think of these underground wonders? Surely, you must now be eager to uncover the secrets hidden in Mallorca’s caves.  If you’re considering a trip to the island, we suggest exploring our ROIG car rental service in Mallorca, offering the freedom to travel at your own pace with a rental car. Renowned for our reliability, professionalism, and extensive experience, we ensure you have a seamless vacation without complications.

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