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Trip to Cala Mondragó: Everything you need to know

    There are a lot of charming corners in the largest of the Balearic Islands, from the lakes found high in the Tramuntana Mountains to the rocky charms of the Torrent de Pareis. But if there is an idyllic place that both locals and those who visit the island want to visit, this is Cala Mondragó and its surroundings, with a varied natural environment and views that will take your breath away. Take a pen and paper to write down everything you need to know to take a day trip to Cala Mondragó, whether you go with children or with friends.

    What to see in the Natural Park of Mondragó

    Cala Mondragó is located in a natural park in the southeast of Majorca, in an idyllic enclave that has been named Natural Area of ​​Special Interest and Special Protection Area for Birds. With an orography that has been marked by rural life, it has seen its geography used for agriculture and livestock throughout its history. This is why visitor will be able to witness how the water of the area has been used to favor life in the area, with the construction of water-lifting wheels, cisterns or ditches, during this trip to Cala Mondragó. In addition, we cannot forget the most typical and traditional buildings of Majorca, the rotary barracks (barraques de roter, in Catalan), made of dry stone and used by farmers and their animals. The landscape is also made up of pine forests, under which giant orchids grow, in addition to being able to spot hedgehogs and genets in the middle of the low mountain. The torrents of the area, on the other hand, flow into a coastline and are marked by rocks where birds such as the common hawk and the Mediterranean turtle coexist. In short, a rich ecosystem that you can admire firsthand.

    There is so much to see in the Natural Park of Cala Mondragó that we want to highlight some of the points of interest that you cannot miss:

    Pond of S’Amarador: In this small pond next to the homonymous beach, vegetable fiber from flax and hemp used to be collected, in addition to being used to strengthen the wood used for ship construction.

    S’Amarador Beach: Just 5 kilometers from Santanyí we will find this beach, with fine white sand, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Majorca. This oasis of tranquility is bathed by crystalline waters, ideal for a fun family outing in an area of ​​great natural charm.

    Can Na Muda: in front of one of the main car parks of the Natural Park you will find this old cattle shelter, erected more than a thousand years ago in dry stone, a typical construction technique in the area.

    Ses Fonts de n’Alis Viewpoint: From this point, in addition to the great views of the Mediterranean, you can admire the way in which the streams of En Carraixet and S’Hort d’En Colovet converge. If we explore this area, we will also find different ponds of Arab origin.

    Caló d’es Perdiu: Located on the path that leads to Ses Gaviotes viewpoint, we find this small swimming area. As it is made up of rocks, it is not recommended to access the water by land, but by boat.

    Caló des Bruget: with a small area of ​​sand, this opening to the sea maintains its virgin appearance, surrounded by rocks and the shadows pine trees.

    Cala Mondragó: The site that gives name to this natural park is without a doubt its busiest point. Also known as Cala de Sa Font de n’Alis, it is very popular for its unbeatable beauty. With fine sand and clear waters, one of the attractions of this enclave is, precisely, to reach it on foot.

    Hiking trail in Cala Mondragó

    There is a total of 5 itineraries that will allow you to take a trip to Cala Mondragó, which we will explain below:

    Itinerary of Ses Puntes de Ses Gatoves: This itinerary runs along the coast, so you will have unquestionably beautiful views. From the S’Armador beach you must take the marked detour. Enjoy the viewpoint with incredible views, continue towards the old lime kiln and reach the road, which will take you back to the parking area.

    Itinerary of S’Amarador: With a kilometer in length, this is the longest circular route. From the parking lot of Ca Sa Muda, we embark on the path between pine forests and junipers, passing through the homonymous torrent and making a technical stop at the pond, where you will admire all the biodiversity of the wetland. This route will end at S’Armador beach, the perfect place to rest.

    Sa Font de n’Alis viewpoint itinerary: this first route begins, as its name indicates, in the Sa Font de n’Alis car park, and is the shortest and easiest of them all. At the bottom of the parking lot you will find the starting point, which will take you through the garrigues for about fifteen minutes or half an hour, depending on your rhythm, to the viewpoint. You can spot some birds in the area if you like ornithology and / or take a dip in Cala Mondragó to cool off.

    Sa Guardia de’n Garrot Itinerary: If you want to discover the contrasts of the area, this small trip to Cala Mondragó is ideal. From the beach of Cala Mondragó, we will take the path that will take you on a walk full of viewpoints, walking by a machine gun hideout and Es Caló des Borgit. This tour ends at the beach of S’Amarador.

    Cala Mondragó from one end to the other: If hiking is your thing, you can opt for a three-hour excursion that will take you throughout the natural park and includes all the itineraries described above. Start from one of the two parking lots and get to know this natural area from top to bottom, on a trip that will take you approximately 3 hours with stops.

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    Cala Mondragó with children

    Majorca is one of the best destinations to visit with children, so it is no wonder why you may want to share this trip with them. This is the reason why we want you to pay attention to the following tips for an ideal family day out:

    – Take a baby carrier if you need it, since the type of paths you will find makes it very difficult to take a stroller.

    – Bring lots of water and food for everyone. Being a natural park, there are not many services in the vicinity of the beaches and coves, so it is important to bring all the supplies you need, remembering to take back all the waste you generate to preserve the environment.

    – In the natural park of Mondragó there are two recreational areas where you will find some shade, playgrounds for children and bathrooms.

    – Remember to put sunscreen on, especially for excursions, since the sun may hit directly in many parts of the path.

    – Any of the first 4 itineraries described above can be done with children, since they are one kilometer long or less, and it is even recommended to combine two of them for a broader view of the place.

    How to get to Cala Mondragó by car

    To do one of the best-known hiking trails in Majorca, it is best to get there by car. This is why ROIG rent a car offers you the possibility of renting a car in Majorca without excess and with the best prices.

    To begin your trip to Cala Mondragó, you can reach one of the two car parks:

    Ca sa Muda: In this case, head towards Cala Figuera, but get off the road when you get to Camí des Cap de Sa Peret or Camí de s’Eriçó. From there, you can follow the indications to the car park near Cala Mondragó.

    Ses Fonts de n’Alis: From MA-19, reach Portopetro, and take the Camí de sa Torre to the road to Cala Mondragó.

    If you want to start this route with the Caló des Burget itinerary, you can also park in the streets of the Barca Trencada urbanization.

    If you want more information, you can visit the park offices located in Santanyí , carrer de can Llaneres, 8.

    Many people wonder about the parking price. Although there may be changes, the parkings within the park have a cost of € 5 / car.

    Bring your rental car in Cala d’Or and take trip to Cala Mondrago, this beautiful enclave is much closer than you may imagine!

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