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    One of the biggest expenses on a trip, whether for business or leisure, is the car rental. In spite of this, the freedom of being able to go wherever you want in each moment, not to depend on schedules or other people and, simply, to enjoy the drive are unpayable advantages. Well, not exactly. It is normal to always want to find the best bargains to be able to spend your money on other things, because destinations like Majorca have a lot to offer. This is why, ROIG Rent a Car wants to give you the best tips to save on your rental car. Do not miss a single tip!

    1. Internet allows you to search for the best deals

    When we are in a hurry, urgency makes us accept anything at any price. To avoid abusive prices in your car rental, a good trick is to review the best offers and promotions for car rentals online, which are not few, and usually appear sporadically on websites. Look for those that offer you all the included services, that do not have hidden expenses and that have special offers. Not only will you save money (but unwanted surprises too). Remember: compare, but it is not a matter of staying with the one that has the cheapest price, but with the one that offers the best economic conditions and the best services.

    2. Choose your driver well

      The following tips to save on a rental car is for those people who travel in groups and have several options when choosing a driver. You do not have to throw a coin in the air or fight to see who gets behind the wheel, but the cheapest option is for someone who is over 21 and has had their driving license for more than one year. Remember that many companies have additional fees for drivers under the age of 25, so this is something you should also value. In addition, the fact of adding a second driver to your car rental will also imply an extra expense, so, unless there is hardly a price difference, it is not recommended if you want to save. At ROIG, the price does not vary according to age and, in addition, we allow you to add a second driver for free. How about that?

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      3. Full-full policy

        One of the things you should keep in mind when renting a car is what kind of policy the company has regarding gasoline. Those that charge per kilometer traveled, unless you want a vehicle for very short distances, can be too expensive for people who want to use it for several days or travel long distances. For this reason, the full-full fuel policy is the fairest, since your car will be at its maximum capacity both when you pick it up and when you return it, just paying for the cost of gasoline. On the other hand, with a full-empty policy you will have to pay an additional fee and, if you return it with some gasoline, you lose that money.

        4. Choose cars that are one year old or less

          They say it is better to prevent than to cure and, for this reason, one of the ways to save money on taxis and a good headache is to avoid cars that have been in circulation for a long time, since they will have a higher probability of having a fault. Thus, it is better to choose a rental company that renews its fleet of cars year after year, so that your safety and that of your passengers is not a concern during your trip. That is precisely what ROIG Rent a Car offers you.

          5. Avoid toll roads

            It seems incredible, you will find a toll even in the most unlikely places. This is the case of Majorca, which, despite the dimensions of the island, has a tunnel in the Tramuntana mountains that is subject to payment. Our recommendation is that you check well and avoid this type of road, and more so in a place as picturesque as the largest of the Balearic Islands, since you have the option of traveling roads with overwhelming landscapes in addition to avoiding unnecessary extra payment. If you are not in a hurry, enjoy the drive.

            6. The ideal car for your needs

            If we previously mentioned that prevention allows you to save on car rental expenses, in this case we should recommend the opposite. Calculate and think about the type of car you need: it’s not the same to rent a convertible in Majorca than a 9-passenger van. In addition, a useful tip is to inquire about the capacity of the trunk, since there can be much difference in the price and, if you only carry two small suitcases, it may not be necessary to have one that could fit up to six.

            7. Save on gas

              This point seems difficult, but we assure you that it is not impossible if you know how to do it. There may be a few cents difference in liters, but if you add up, the total price can vary substantially if you inform yourself about the prices of gasoline and choose the cheapest. It’s not crazy, you just have to do some field work, you’ll be surprised with what you’re going to find!

              8. Choose a company with offices in different collection points

                And to end with these tips to save on car rental expenses, our last recommendation is to choose a company that does not charge a plus for picking up the car at the airport. In addition, it may be a good idea to have one that has different collection points because, if you are not interested in picking up on arrival, you can request a transfer from the airport to your accommodation and rent it at the place where you are staying, for greater comfort.

                What do you think about these tips? Have they been useful? Leave your comment or question, it will surely help the rest of our users. And remember, if you need a rental car in Majorca, ROIG Rent a Car is your trusted agency.

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