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    A motorbike is synonymous with freedom and a perfect ally to get the most out of your getaways and your free time. If you are thinking about traveling alone or as a couple, you will not find a better vehicle to travel without being stuck in traffic jams. Of course: for the experience to be satisfactory, it is important to take into account the following tips to rent a motorbike on holiday.

    As you well know, moving on two wheels is an ideal choice to enjoy the good weather and the landscape. Something that is especially practical in the islands, where public transport options are limited. For example, in the Balearic Islands, where ROIG Rent a Car offers you the opportunity to rent a motorbike in Mallorca.

    For everything to go as planned, do not lose sight of these recommendations if you decide to approach a scooter rental company. Take note!

    1.Rent your motorbike in advance

    A holiday in Mallorca, or anywhere else in our geography, is the best excuse to escape routine. However, a minimum of planning will help you save more. If you decide to rent your motorcycle in advance through the internet, you will ensure that you will have the model that you are interested in and at an adjusted price. You will also gain time, since you will avoid, once at destination, having to look for a motorcycle rental agency.

    2.Prepare the documentation before your trip

    It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of clients who, realize that they do not carry the necessary documentation when going to pick up their rental motorcycle. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you! However, if your holiday destination is within national territory, it will be enough to present your ID. On the contrary, if you are spending a few days abroad, you should have your passport with you. Of course: never leave it as a deposit, since it is necessary to always be identified. On the other hand, before moving to your holiday destination, make sure that your driving license is in order and that it is valid in the country you are in. In ROIG, for example, we request a type B license that is (at least) three years old. The minimum age required is 21.

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    3.Make sure you have an approved helmet

    The use of the helmet is mandatory in the vast majority of countries around us. For example, in the case of Spain, all motorbike and scooter drivers, as well as the passenger, must wear it on any urban and interurban road since 1992. In addition to this being a basic safety measure, breaking this law may result in a penalty of 200 euros and the loss of 3 points on your license. Hence, when renting your motorcycle, it is necessary to ensure that the approved helmet is included in the amount paid. With the ROIG, you can rent a motorbike in Mallorca with your helmet included, at no additional cost.

    4.Pay attention to the insurance of your rental motorbike

    Although a rental motorbike is a cheap means of transportation, any small incident can cause your holiday bill to skyrocket. To avoid this, hiring good insurance is essential. Although there is mandatory insurance, it does not cover theft. It is usually associated with the excess payment in case of eventual repair. Therefore, we recommend booking an optional all-inclusive insurance. In some cases, as with ROIG, this includes a roadside assistance service, which covers on-site repairs in the event of an accident or breakdown or, if not possible, its immediate replacement with another with similar characteristics. On the other hand, the driver is also exempted from paying excess, which is usually around € 400 in the case of a small scooter, such as a Piaggio or a Vespa.

    5.Beware of the deposit or excess payment

    As with rental cars, it is usually required to provide a credit card associated with a bank account with a certain amount. In this way, it is intended to cover the possible damages caused during the use of the vehicle. While this procedure is quite common, we recommend that you read all the details carefully when you sign a rental agreement, to ensure that you will not have problems when it comes to recovering your bond.

    6. Find out about your motorcycle’s fuel policy

    Here is another of our tips to rent a motorbike in Mallorca on holiday: before you get on your rental motorcycle, it is important that you clarify all your doubts about the fuel policy. At ROIG, we have chosen a full-full policy. That is: we deliver your motorbike with 100% deposit, and you will have to return it to us as is.

    7. Inspect your rental motorbike before using it

    Although any car rental company is obliged by contract to provide a vehicle in good condition, it is worth checking if there are any damages that, despite not affecting your driving experience, may justify a subsequent visit to the workshop. This is why, before picking up the motorcycle, it is useful to have your mobile or a camera ready to photograph it as it is delivered, also capturing images of the accessories, possible scratches, bumps or previous dents, etc. With this, you will record possible damages.

    8. Ask how to act in case of accident or breakdown

    We imagine that, after all the mandatory checks, you are anxious to get behind the wheel of your rental motorbike. However, before getting on the road, you should inform yourself about what to do in case of breakdown, accident or any other incident. It is also convenient to have a contact phone number for these situations, as well as review all the motorcycle documentation.

    9.… and the return timetable for your rental motorbike

    Some motorcycle rental companies charge hourly reservations, the schedule must be respected to avoid paying any penalty or extra cost when returning the rental motorcycle. You also have to keep in mind what is the point of collection of the motorcycle and the return of the vehicle, since there are companies that charge an additional fee if it does not occur in the same office where the delivery was made.

    10. Test the motorbike before accepting it

    Before you start enjoying a few days off, we advise you to carry out a short test drive. During it, check that the lights and brakes work correctly and that the condition and pressure of the wheels is adequate.
    With these tips to rent your motorbike on holiday, you can start traveling the desired destination at your leisure. For example, if your stay is in Mallorca, how about marking a road trip through the Tramuntana mountains?
    Do you have any other recommendations for our users? If so, do not hesitate to share it with us. We will be happy to read you!

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