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    Today we must deal with the million-dollar question: is it better to buy a car or rent it? Although the answer is not simple, we want to help you make this important decision by unveiling all the information you need.

    As you know, deciding on whether to buy or rent a car depends on an infinity of factors: the type of use you will give the vehicle, the frequency with which it will be used, the mileage it will perform in a certain period, the number of people that will take advantage of it … There are many variables that need to be assessed, no doubt, but that is what we are here for: to help you analyze the pros and cons that come with each of the options.

    Pay attention!

    What are the advantages of renting a car?

    After several decades in the market with our rent a car service in Majorca, we know about the benefits of renting a car first-hand. Undoubtedly, we would need much more space to summarize them, but here are the most important advantages.

    • Allows you to always drive new cars

    If you like driving, the most natural desire is to get behind the wheel of models that have just come out of the dealership (or almost). However, this is not common when it comes to a car purchase, because when you have just paid the last installment, the utility of the car will most likely be outdated. Luckily, renting a car allows you to test the performance of various vehicles for a reasonable amount of money. In the case of our rental cars in Majorca, for example, our fleet is renewed every year, so that your only concern is to fully enjoy the drive.

    • Provides maximum road safety

    As new vehicles are subject to constant check-ups by the car rental companies that manage them, you will have the confidence of driving reliable cars with full guarantee. That means you will not have to worry about taking them to the mechanic’s or about oil levels, brake pads, air levels or tire deterioration. All this without forgetting about additional services that some car rental agencies offer. With ROIG Rent a Car, without going any further, you will have free road assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. This guarantees that your car will be repaired instantly and, if that is not possible, it will be replaced straight away for another of similar or superior characteristics. How about that?

    • You will stop monitoring mileage

    With a purchased car, traveling long distances is often synonymous with uneasiness, as it means there will be greater wear and tear on the vehicle. And if you are thinking about travelling by car during your vacation, who wants to spare on mileage? If you opt for car rental agency with unlimited mileage, you can make the most of your car hire.

    • Space is not a problem

    This is another of the big limitations of buying cars. Normally, vehicles are purchased with family members in mind. The result? That they become too small when someone else decides to join in on your weekend getaway. Rental cars allow you to solve this problem, since you can rent a vehicle with the exact number of seats you need. For example, our fleet of rental cars in Majorca offers, in addition to family cars, buses for rent in Majorca with between 14 and 80 seats, ideal for large events such as anniversaries, weddings or stag or hen parties.

    • Makes moving around easy

    Having a car in property is really practical, but … what happens when we want to use it on holiday, and the destination is a great distance from your home? In these cases, renting a vehicle can be the best choice too. In addition, you will not have to depend on buses, trains or other means of transport subject to schedules and limited in their geographical scope, as is the case in Majorca or many other islands.

    • It can be a considerable saving

    Many people, especially those who live in urban areas that are well connected by public transport, only use their vehicle on their holidays or on specific trips. When this happens, you have to take out the calculator and compare the cost of owning your own car -including installments and insurance payments, road tax, VTI checks, the repair bill for breakdowns, etc. – to  the option of renting it only on those days when it will be used. In many circumstances, we assure you that choosing rental cars is more cost-effective.

    What about the disadvantages of rental cars?

    Like everything, the decision to rent a vehicle also implies a series of aspects that must be taken into consideration and that, in some cases, can make us doubt about the convenience of taking this step. We will detail them below, also giving you the keys so that they do not become a problem.

    • It involves investing in a vehicle that is not our property

    Although this is true, does it mean that we are wasting money? Not necessarily. Choosing a rental car, as we have seen in the last point of the previous section, is not always synonymous with making a useless expense, since it can mean saving up when the car is only used sporadically. On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that renting is a service, such as booking an excursion or a guided tour.

    • Watch out for unexpected expenses

    It is not fun for anyone to find a scratch or dent when opening the car door. However, the responsibility is greater when the car is not owned but rented. In this case, the customer has to take care of the repair fee, something that could be avoided if the car were owned. However, there are ways to avoid it, such as hiring additional insurance. In this way, you can drive with total peace of mind, and, if any mishap were to occur, your economy would not be compromised.

    • It is usually necessary to have a credit card to rent

    While this happens with many car rental agencies, some, like ROIG Rent a Car, give you the option to book your vehicle without a credit card. To do so, you only have to book all our optional insurance. That is all!

    • In the long run, it can be expensive

    This statement is true for those people who, for example, live in isolated areas and use the car daily to go to their workplace. However, if this is not your case, you can skip this observation.

    As you can see, rental cars can be the best decision in many cases. If you want to check out our car rental service in Majorca, you just have to contact us. We will be happy to guide you without any commitment.

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