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    When thinking about the advantages of renting a car in Majorca or anywhere else in the world, you will surely have doubts about the insurance offered by the car rental company you decide to trust for your transfers, whether you have to use the car for leisure, on a holiday with your family, for example, as for business. Why rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance? There are many reasons why it is one of the best options, from forgetting about excess insurance to avoiding an audit. So, let’s see what all its advantages are. You’ll be surprised!

    Renting a car without a credit card or excess insurance

    As you know, renting a car with excess insurance means that an amount of money, or even a credit card, can be blocked. This means that you cannot use a certain amount of money will not be available or even the use of the card until you return your car and the rental company checks that it is in perfect condition, that it has not suffered any accident or damage. If this is the case, the money will be available for you to use once again.

    Thus, this option requires a credit card to rent a car, which some people do not have. In most cases, renting a car at full risk means, as in ROIG rent a car, that you will not need a franchise and, therefore, your card will not be blocked. Why? Having a fully comprehensive insurance will cover any situation with a single payment, so it will not be necessary for the company to retain any amount in your bank account.

    Forget about cash deposits

    There are companies that ask for a cash deposit instead of an excess insurance to make sure that you will return the car without damage. Yes, this is a trick used to not use the word excess insurance, although, in essence, the idea is very similar. This means that you must set aside part of your holiday money for an extra expense. In addition, the deposit may not be returned depending on the state in which you return your car. With a fully comprehensive insurance, there will be no impossible payments or amounts of money that you will have to leave at the agency.

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    24-hour road assistance

    A comprehensive insurance means that, whatever happens on the road and whatever the time, you will have the rental company’s support. Although there are many insurance options, you should always read the fine print to make sure which incidents are covered and which are not, especially when it comes to breakdowns or punctures. This is why, when you rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you can always count your company in the face of any mishap. There are special packages, such as the ROIG Keep Calm Package, with which you can enjoy a car rental in Majorca without excess insurance that covers roadside assistance, fine management fees, the replacement of inadequate fuel and even the loss or breakage of keys without any additional expense.

    Full coverage

    The service offered when renting a car with a fully comprehensive insurance usually means that you can also enjoy other additional services. Since they change according to the company, we will tell you what ROIG offers with its COMFORT rate. For example, when renting a car with a fully comprehensive insurance you will have a free airport pick-up service, which will take you to your newly rented car. However, if you prefer, you can also book the delivery and return of your rental car in the same hotel. In addition, if you travel to Majorca with children, you will have access to child seats, adapted for each weight and age.

    Avoid audits

    As you know, when the rental car is delivered after having used it, the company will be able have to survey the car to ensure that you are delivering it in perfect condition. Only when the car is audited will the withheld money be returned. This also means that you will be subject to schedules, since the expert will be at the rental company’s headquarters at a certain time. If you want to deliver the car at dawn and your car needs expertise, companies usually charge extra expenses. If you want to save this expense, rent a car at full risk will allow you to skip this step, since you are completely covered.

    The fastest way to rent a car

    Forget queuing and waiting for a long time when you reach your destination. Those who want to rent a car with excess insurance will be subject to a lot of paperwork and different payments, so it will take longer for them to get behind the wheel. If you want to enjoy driving immediately and without further delay, booking a rental car with a fully comprehensive insurance in advance will allow you to arrive, have your keys handed to you and embark on your road trip. It’s that easy!

    How to rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance?

    Access your chosen company’s web page. Visualize the fleet of cars and choose the one that best suits your needs, indicate the place where you want to pick up and leave your car and add the dates and times. In the case of ROIG rent a car, to rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance, you can choose between the COMFORT option, which includes delivery at the airport, or the RELAX option, with a shuttle bus service to the offices. Add all the extras you need, such as second driver or baby chair. Click on “book” and you will only have to fill in all your data. In addition, you can choose if you pay at the time of your online booking or when picking up your vehicle.

    It’s up to you.

    As you can see, there are many reasons to rent a car with a fully comprehensive insurance. Do you know about more advantages that we have not mentioned? In ROIG rent a car, your trusted car rental company in Majorca, we would love to hear your opinion, so do not hesitate, let us know about your thoughts below!

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