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Cheap rental cars in Majorca

Cheap rental cars in Majorca are among the most popular with the tourists who visit our island throughout the year. It is clear that they are the cheapest option to discover the many charms of Majorca at leisure. That’s why here at Roig Drive Majorca we have numerous vehicles of that category for you.

We know you are looking forward to a holiday in the largest of the Balearic Islands, but we also understand that you may have a reduced budget. So our cheap rental cars in Majorca are the best solution for you to make this trip a reality and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Cheap rental cars in Majorca with Roig

However, cheap rental cars with Roig is not just about our extraordinarily reduced rates as there are other advantages that are also worth mentioning about our rent a car company in Majorca.

One of these very interesting conditions is that you only need to pay the rent of the car chosen when you pick it up. You don’t have to pay in advance as we want you to see the car before paying for it.

Another advantage of our cheap rental car service in Majorca is our fuel policy. We will deliver the vehicle to you with a full tank, and obviously you drop it back to us at any of our five locations scattered around the island in the same condition. But in the event you don’t have time or are unable to give it back full, do not worry as you will only have to pay the difference for the fuel used, without any hidden extra costs.

Moreover there are even more advantages to renting from our car rental company in Majorca. In the event you have to change or even cancel your reservation, you can do it for free. We know that in life there things we can’t control, so if you are forced to return the vehicle ahead of time, we will pay you back the difference.

Discover Majorca in a cheap rental car

You can check out the wide fleet of economic rental cars that we offer on our website. However, there are times of the year when for reasons beyond our control we do not have the model of the car you have reserved. Suppose you have booked a cheap car in Majorca for your holidays, and for whatever reason it is unavailable at the time you pick up your vehicle. Then we will provide you with another similar model, even from a larger category but at the same price.

In short, we want you to enjoy your stay in Majorca and do all we can so that our services do not pose you any monetary or security problems. We offer you cheap car rental in Majorca, but with vehicles with very little mileage and with all the daily checks. We just want you to drive our cars and explore our island in depth, so we therefore can even provide you with the cheapest GPS in the market, so you don’t miss anything of all that there is to see.

What are you waiting for to take advantage of all these advantages offered by Roig rent a car?