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Electric rental cars in Majorca

Electric rental cars are the most ecological means of transport in Majorca, and are perfect to really enjoy the island to the full. Driving with an electric rental car in Majorca is a commitment to the environment that is now possible thanks to the fact that this type of vehicle has now been incorporated into the large fleet of vehicles on offer from the company Roig.

Electric rental cars in Majorca with Roig

The origins of the current rent a car company Roig Drive Majorca date back to 1953. Since then the company has seen unstoppable growth, for two reasons. One of which is that the quality of our services has always been the norm and the other reason is our ability to constantly adapt to changes both in society and our customers. Therefore, it was logical that in the 21st century, Roig car rental service in Majorca took another step in our history by offering modern electric cars.
This type of vehicles has seen increasing demand in recent years. This is not only because of the lower economic costs to our clients in fuel, but also because electric rental cars are the most respectful way to discover all the charms of Majorca. That is without mentioning the numerous other benefits. As is the case with the entire rent-a-car fleet offered by our company in Majorca, our electric vehicles are also high quality cars, with little mileage and with the best set-up. We only have one objective: 100% customer satisfaction.

Discover Majorca in an electric rental car

One of the questions we are always asked by customers when evaluating our offer of electric rental cars in Majorca is, how much freedom these vehicles offer? Well the exact figure depends on each model, but what we can say is that given the dimensions of the island of Majorca, travelling the entire surface distance by any roads is no problem for our electric cars.
To begin with, when you pick them up at any of our delivery points they are always fully charged. Whether at our headquarters in Cala d’Or, at Palma airport or at our other venues in Porto Colom, Calas de Majorca or Ca’n Pastilla, they will always be full of electric power. When your battery runs out, there are several recharging points on the island, which we also inform our customers about. So you only need to get on with sightseeing, without worrying about where to charge the car.
We can safely say if you choose to rent an electric car in Majorca, you can forget about petrol stations. You only have to have a map with the recharging points and the places you want to visit during your stay because with these cars everything is at your fingertips. From Cap de Formentor in the north to the Cabo Salinas lighthouse in the south, and from the beaches at Cala Águila and Cala Ratjada in the east to Sant Elm, in front of Dragonera Island in the west.
We are sure that the demand for electric car rentals in Majorca will increase, and as has happened before in other areas rental cars, Roig has also been a pioneer in this sector!