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Convertible rental cars in Majorca

Convertible rental cars in Majorca are the fantastic cherry on the cake for a memorable holiday on the island. One travels to Majorca to enjoy the landscapes and the way of life inspired by the Mediterranean, the unity of nature and elegance that is felt in the biggest Balearic Island. All this can be experienced first hand if you opt for our convertible rental cars in Majorca. A seal of distinction that will show you the glamour that the island radiates.

Convertible rental cars in Majorca with Roig

The demand for convertible car hire in Majorca is very high. This is logical considering that this type of vehicle allows your driving experience to be the most evocative and inspiring act. Therefore, convertible vehicles are part of the large fleet of rental cars in Mallorca that Roig has prepared for you.

Maybe you think that renting a convertible car in Mallorca is something extremely presumptuous and above all quite expensive. You’re wrong! Have a look at our prices: You’ll be surprised. At Roig Drive Mallorca we always have offers and promotions that make our fleet of cars to hire, including convertibles, accessible at a very interesting price.

In other words, the dream of driving on Majorca’s roads in a convertible car and feeling like a real privileged, is very much more possible than you ever could have imagined, thanks to Roigs car rental service in Majorca.

Travel Majorca in a convertible rental car

Feeling the sea breeze whilst driving to northern part of the island where spectacular landscapes of Cape Formentor await us. Or breathing in the fresh air of the Tramuntana mountain range whilst driving over the curving asphalt towards the beautiful town of Deià. These are some of the plans we propose for those who choose our convertible rental cars in Majorca.

Experiences go beyond mere displacement. It’s about having that feeling of traveling and enjoying the trip. And that’s why only a few means of transport can be more suitable than a vehicle without a convertible roof.

Driving and moving in this type of car is primarily a personal and inspiring experience, especially since it somehow creates a particular relationship with the environment that you drive in.

Still, there are undoubtedly many who link the hiring of convertible cars in Majorca with a glamorous and slightly exclusive act.

If this is your case, we will also give you a couple of ideas to enjoy the experience to the fullest. For example, we suggest you to get into your rental car, lower the convertible roof and to drive to Manacor to buy a special souvenir such as the pearls that are sourced there locally. Alternatively, you could head to the town of Pollença and look, amongst its best restaurants, for one that offers you a fish and seafood feast.

Be yourself and above all: Enjoy your holidays to the fullest and make the most of our convertible rental cars in Majorca!