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The best gift experiences in Majorca

    Majorca is the ideal travel destination as there are plans and activities for everyone. If you are planning a trip to the largest Balearic Island, why not surprise your companion and gift them one of the best experiences in Majorca

    At ROIG, we want to help you avoid the typical tourist spots and discover more authentic experiences, worthy of a true Majorcan. Read more if you want to find the best gift experiences in Majorca

    Adventure in the sea caves

    Visiting sea caves can be one of the most special activities to do in Majorca, as you will be immersed in an underground labyrinth with so much to discover. With an expert guide, such as those provided by Majorca Top Activities, you will be navigated through dark and narrow passages, manoeuvering around rock formations and admiring stalactites.

    Some of the most impressive underground chambers you will visit are illuminated by filtered sunlight, while others are lit with artificial lights that highlight the geological formations. This adventure can also include diving in some sea caves, an experience that connects you with nature in its most pure state.

    Guided tour of Palma

    Gifting a guided tour of Palma will allow you to discover the best parts of the city while having fun with your friends. Afterward, you can revisit the places you liked the most on your own or follow the guide’s recommendations for the best bars and restaurants to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. 

    An expert local guide will accompany you through the narrow streets of the old town, telling you the secrets hidden behind the walls of the Palma Cathedral. You will also visit other iconic monuments such as the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, while learning about the city’s history and its most illustrious figures.

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    Hot air balloon ride

    If you’re looking for unique ideas for a romantic getaway in Majorca, a hot air balloon ride is a truly magical and unforgettable experience. As you ascend into the air, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Balearic Island, including green valleys, olive groves, picturesque villages, and beautiful beaches by the Mediterranean Sea.
    Let the silence and tranquillity envelop you as you float in the air with your loved one. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture memories of a lifetime, as this is one of the best original gift experiences in Majorca! After the ride, you can enjoy a traditional Majorcan ensaimada for breakfast to start the day off right.

    Tickets to Katmandu Park

    Katmandu Park is a theme park located in Magaluf and is perfect for a day of adventure and fun with family, friends, or a partner. The park offers a wide variety of thrilling attractions and activities, such as ‘The House’, an augmented reality experience; ‘Desperados’, an interactive 4D cinema; ‘Katlantis Splash Park’, a water area with slides and water games; and ‘The Asylum’, a terrifying maze for only the bravest. Do something a little different and visit this amusement park in Majorca!

    Buggy excursion

    If you want to give an adventurous gift experience in Majorca and enjoy an adrenaline rush, a buggy excursion is a great choice. Driving a buggy allows you to explore the island in a unique and fun way, as you navigate rural roads, forest trails, and off-road paths, passing through stunning landscapes and enjoying panoramic views.

    Speed along on straight stretches and discover hidden corners in Majorca that few have ever reached. Whether you choose a group excursion or a private outing, travelling by buggy will allow you to enjoy a special and different connection with the island’s nature.

    Culinary experience

    Indulging in the best restaurants in Majorca will be a delight for all your senses. Majorcan cuisine combines some of the most authentic and traditional flavours, always using fresh and local ingredients.

    You can enjoy typical dishes such as “tumbet,” a mix of the finest Mediterranean roasted vegetables, or “frito mallorquín,” a dish of fried meat and vegetables seasoned with local spices.

    Additionally, this Balearic Island takes pride in having some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Zaranda, a very elegant and sophisticated location with plenty of natural light, or Dins, considered to be the temple of Majorcan gastronomy.

    The local markets you encounter in each town are also a must-visit to discover fresh products such as olives, cheeses, wines, fish, and more. Immerse yourself in the authentic culinary culture of Majorca and gift the foodie in your life an unforgettable experience.

    Diving baptism

    A diving baptism is the ideal gift experience in Majorca that allows you to discover an underwater world without having to complete a full diving course. In the beginning, the instructor will provide a brief theoretical introduction with some simple exercises, followed by a dive between 6 to 8 metres deep, always accompanied by professionals.

    This way, you can experience scuba diving and discover incredible marine life, swim among colourful fish, and admire beautiful reefs and underwater caves. This is an opportunity to experience weightlessness and underwater beauty in a safe environment.

    Helicopter trip

    If you’re looking to make a grand gesture, don’t hesitate to book a helicopter trip, a unique and thrilling gift experience in Majorca. As you ascend into the sky, you will have breathtaking panoramic views of the coast, mountains, and landscapes of the island.

    You will see the white sandy beaches, steep cliffs, and crystal-clear waters of Majorca from a different perspective. You will also fly over charming cities and towns, as well as protected areas that are only accessible by air. Don’t forget to look towards the sea to spot some of the other Balearic Islands. Can you recognise Menorca?

    Zip Lines at the adventure park

    Located in a 9-hectare forest, the adventure park offers a total of 100 platforms and activities. Once you arrive and put on your safety harness, you’ll be jumping from tree to tree at various heights, crossing bridges, swinging on vines, climbing nets, and enjoying many zip lines.

    There are two circuits available: a family-friendly route for all ages and a more advanced one recommended only for the most adventurous. In addition to getting your adrenaline levels up, you will have direct contact with nature in a very special way.

    Dinner and a show at Son Amar

    We conclude our selection of the best gift experiences in Majorca with Son Amar, a famous dinner and entertainment show. It is considered to be one of the island’s top variety shows, making it a great choice to give as a gift on your holiday. The show combines music, dance, acrobatics, and live performances in a theatre with seating for hundreds of people.

    In addition to the show, Son Amar offers an exquisite dinner that complements the experience. It is a perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable night of entertainment and gastronomy in Majorca.

    What do you think of the best gift experiences in Majorca? Remember that you can find them on the Majorca Top Activities website and choose the ones that best fit your schedule. At ROIG, we’re here to help you have the best possible experience in Majorca, and we offer the best rental cars for you to explore the island at your own pace. Enjoy Majorca as you deserve on your holiday!

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