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Blog The best boat trips around Mallorca 

The best boat trips around Mallorca 

    Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the best places to enjoy a getaway. Whether by land, sea or air, this island provides you with beautiful landscapes and idyllic corners in which to lose yourself. With our car rental in Mallorca you can discover some of the most spectacular scenery of the island, but the island has much more to offer, and to access some areas we must do it by sea. Among all the activities you can do on the island, a boat trip around Mallorca is one of the essential ones to get to know all the corners and coves that cannot be discovered on foot.
    There is such a wide range of possibilities that, depending on the area of the island where you decide to spend your holidays, you can choose from many of the different boat trips that this paradise has to offer. That’s why, below, we’re going to recommend some of the best boat trips in Mallorca to make your choice easier (although we might make it a little more complicated):


    The llaüt, part of the Balearic Island’s cultural heritage, is a traditional boat originally known as a small fishing boat propelled by lateen sail. But nowadays it has become an authentic work of exclusive craftsmanship.

    Our first proposal is an exclusive boat trip departing from Alcúdia, in the northern part of the island. This excursion offers you different routes which include a captain, fuel, paddle surf equipment, diving masks and, most importantlyl, a good typical Mallorcan snack, the picada. The three routes offered in this exclusive excursion are:

    -Natural beach of Coll Baix + Alcanada beach (4h duration).

    -Formentor beach + Parc Natural de Llevant (8h duration)

    -Sunset at Playa de Alcanada (2h duration) + Port of Alcúdia illuminated

    As you can see, there are different types of boat trips in Mallorca from Alcúdia, so you are sure to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.


    Another experience on board a Mallorcan llaut, but this time departing from the southern area, in the Marina of Cala d’Or. Why do we want to highlight this excursion? Because it offers you personalised tours, tailor-made for you, to discover the places that really interest you and thus give you an unforgettable experience in Mallorca. Surely you know that there are coves in Mallorca that are only accessible by boat, so this personalised tour is the perfect opportunity not to miss any of those places that you had in mind.

    The possibilities on board this boat will surprise you: gastronomic experience with a delicious paella tasting cooked in one of the best restaurants in the area, unique wine tasting with the most exquisite wines and the possibility of doing water activities such as jetski, paddle surf, etc.

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    Here we bring you another highly recommended option, with more common boats, which gives you the option of taking a licensed or unlicensed boat to sail it.

    Departure is from the Cala d’Or Marina, and you have the option to customise your routes.

    Some of our recommendations for you to personalise your route in the best possible way, starting from the Port of Cala d’Or, are the following:


    A must-visit in the south of Mallorca without a doubt; it is an ideal place to visit with family or friends. The park connects Mondragó beach and S’Amarador beach via a small path by the sea. Two beaches with crystal clear waters where you can stop for a swim, go paddle surfing or diving, or simply relax in the middle of the blue sea.


    Porto Colom is a small fishing village and very touristy, with jetties and a lighthouse that make its landscape unique. To visit Porto Colom from Cala d’Or, we recommend that you stop at the coves you will find on the way: Caló d’es Fortí, Cala Petita, Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, Cala Ferrera, Cala Serena, Cala Sa Nau and Cala Marçal, ending at the Port of Porto Colom. All the coves have crystal clear water, very white sands and are surrounded by cliffs that make them very secluded, quiet and spectacular places.

    Although in the end you are the one who chooses, our private boat trips in Mallorca will not disappoint you.


    If you like to enjoy the sensation of freedom that the sea offers us, you cannot miss out on sailing trips. This is a very special option, as the sailboats use the force of the wind to move, giving you the sensation of merging with the sea and the landscape. These two very special routes on the island will complicate your choice:


    This trip requires only one thing: relaxation. You will be able to appreciate all the charms of one of the most special areas of the island, the Bay of Palma. You will enjoy the views of the Yacht Club, the Cathedral, the Club del Mar, full of luxury yachts, and many more. The Maritime Station, the Castle of San Carlos and the Porto Pí Naval Base, where the King of Spain keeps his private yacht, are other places that cannot be missed on this route.

    They also have the same excursion in the afternoon, to watch the sunset while enjoying a drink on the deck of the boat, one of the best experiences there is.


    To reach the beach of Es Trenc, the sailing boat will leave from La Colonia de Sant Jordi, and will continue its route along beaches such as Cala Vella, Cala Blanco or Cala Pi. Once you arrive at Es Trenc, you can enjoy a swim in its crystal-clear waters, sunbathe or have a drink at the beach bar. Es Carbó Beach is the continuation of Es Trenc, and both have something very characteristic: they have transformed the military bunkers into works of art, painting them white and retouching them with verses from the poem “Cala Gentil” by Miquel Costa i Llobera.

    Whichever one you choose, we assure you that a boat trip in Palma de Mallorca will give you another perspective of the city, and you will be able to enjoy its charm from a privileged location: the Mediterranean.


    Last but not least, we bring you a variety of routes departing from Palma de Mallorca, specifically from the Port of Andratx.  If you are looking for a boat trip in Mallorca with children, you are sure to find the perfect one among the following options:


    First stop: Sant Elm, a very popular fishing port and also known for its nautical practices. Stopping at its two beaches, Sa Gran and Sa Petita, with crystal-clear waters, we will head for the island of Sa Dragonera, a protected and uninhabited nature reserve. We end the trip at Cala en Basset, a rocky cove with a very peculiar type of sand in which it is typical to make mud and spread it all over the body.


    The route that takes us to Cala Ortigues is a very peculiar trip; the cove is very small and isolated, as access by land is very complicated. It was formed by the erosion of the Torrent de Sa Llova, which is why it has a semicircular shape.


    A stop at this cove is a must; a long, narrow cove of stones, surrounded by forest-covered cliffs, and with crystal-clear turquoise water that will leave you speechless. This cove is a diver’s paradise.


    Located in the municipality of Deià, this L-shaped geographical feature juts out into the sea and at its tip has a hole that is perfectly visible from a distance. This spot offers us a combination of pine and olive trees together with desert areas of the Tramuntana.


    The beach of Portal Vells is connected to the Cala del Mago. It has a unique cave on the island called Cova de la Mare de Deu. Cala del Mago is the island’s nudist beach par excellence.

    In short, as you can see, there are an infinite number of boat trips and routes to do in Mallorca. Whether with children, for the more adventurous, for the sybarites… The magic of this island is that it has an option for everyone, which is why so many people fall in love with this place. From Roig, we will do everything possible to make your stay perfect, whether it is with our fleet of rental cars, our private transfer service in Mallorca or booking a boat trip with Mallorca Top Activities, you can enjoy its charm from a privileged location: the Mediterranean.

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