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    If you like to combine the best of both worlds, a trip to Torrent de Pareis will surely be at the top of your list of things to do in Majorca. Being classified as a Natural Monument, hikers will enjoy the natural environment of the Serra de Tramuntana, while the most intrepid will be amazed with its incredible canyons. Whether you arrive here with a group tour of the island or on your own in a rental car in Majorca, here you will find all the information you need to spend a great day by the Mediterranean.

    History of the Torrent de Pareis

    The incredible canyon that starts in S’Entreforc is created thanks to the confluence of the Torrent del Grog Blau and the Torrent de Lluc. The wild landscape that has formed this torrent was created thanks to the abrasion of torrential water that, acting on the calcareous rock, initiated a karstic dissolution process, creating this fracture that is now full of caves, canyons and sinkholes. It is a descending canyon of about 3,300 meters surrounded by rock formations about 200 meters high.

    At the end of this route, the torrent flows into the Mediterranean, on the well-known beach of sa Calobra, an area considered a Special Protection Area for Birds. The history of this beach and the old urban center of Port de Sa Calobra dates back to the 18th century. This area was not developed before this century because of the fear of pirate robberies. In fact, it is said that Red Beard himself docked in Sa Calobra. In addition, a group of Saracens entered this area to devastate the population of Albarca in 1557. This event is known in Majorca as “the misfortune of the Moors”. Despite this, nowadays, the port area is very busy, with boats arriving on a trip to Torrent de Pareis from Port de Sóller.

    How to get to sa Calobra?

    If you are travelling to Majorca with children, a trip to Torrent de Pareis will consist in arriving at the beach where the torrent ends, since going into the canyon can be dangerous for the little ones. Instead of this, we recommend you take a bus tour of Mallorca with ROIG. In this way, you needn’t worry about anything else apart from enjoying the area in all its splendor. However, if you decide to get to sa Calobra by car, or with your rental car, you can get there through several routes. The first and most recommended is via Sóller, going through a tunnel that requires tolls and keeps on past the Lluc sanctuary. Passing next to the reservoir of Cúber and the Gorg Blau, we get to the road that is colloquially called the “tie knot” due to the number of curves it has. From here, you can descend to the parking lot of Port de sa Calobra. Once you have parked, you can start your excursion with children up to Calobra, where you will have the opportunity to walk through this unique place and even discover some of its tunnels.

    In addition, with your bus tour you will have the chance of sailing on a boat to admire the magnificent coastal landscapes of the area until you reach Port de Sóller once you have visited this magical place.

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    Routes and activities in Torrent de Pareis

    If, on the other hand, you want to go hiking in Torrent de Pareis, the first thing you should know is that it is only recommended between the months of May and October, and only when the torrent is dry, that is, do it between 10 and 15 days after it rains in Majorca. It is advisable to bring suitable clothing and footwear in addition to water and some food, since the route takes approximately 6 hours.

    Starting at Escorca, at km 25.2, your trip to the Torrent de Pareis will take you down the forest towards S’Entreforc through the Torrent de Lluc. Along the way, you will cross the Quarter des Carrabiners, a 20th century building that was built to control contraband. When you reach the junction of the torrents of es Gorg Blau and Lluc, you will begin to walk between rock walls. In this section we should highlight the Soldat Pelut cave and several pools.

    Follow the signs that will indicate the most comfortable way to reach Font des Degotis, a pleasant corner that indicates that we are on the final stretch of the route, which will take you to the spectacular opening and to Sa Calobra.

    Another interesting route starts at the Lluc Sanctuary, although it is recommended to do it accompanied by a professional guide.

    Do you like abseiling? In this case we recommend you book a guided tour that starts from s’Esmolar, where you can go down the rocks and boost your adrenaline. Other adventure sports to practice in Majorca and in this particular area is canyoning, since there are different organizations that offer routes through the Gorg Blau, which is ideal for this practice.

    On the other hand, if you like music you should know that, every year, a free concert is organized at the beach. On the first Sunday of July you will be able to hear the best voices on the island in this magical environment, which becomes a space with an acoustic that has to envy to the best auditoriums.

    Also, if you have decided to visit the area with your rental car in Majorca, you can also take the opportunity to visit Cala Tuent, another of the best beaches in the area surrounded by an amazing natural landscape. Overlooking the Puig Major, it is very close to the torrent, making it an ideal alternative if you want to sunbathe in peace or snorkel.

    Now that you have all the information you need to take a trip to the Torrent de Pareis, you can leave us a comment and explain your experience. How did you get to sa Calobra? What is your favorite part? Do not forget that ROIG, your land transport company in Majorca, is at your disposal so you can fully enjoy your holidays in the Balearic Islands.

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