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Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis: a hidden natural spectacle in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range

    The Sierra de Tramuntana is a natural paradise that extends along the northwest coast of Mallorca. It is a space away from the tourist hustle and bustle where you can enjoy charming villages, secret coves and the characteristic aroma of orange and lemon trees in the area.

    At ROIG, we believe that the best way to visit this area is through a car rental service in Mallorca. That is why we offer you our fleet of sustainable and efficient cars, as well as introducing you to the natural spectacle hidden in the Serra de Tramuntana: Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pereis. Let’s go!

    The descent to Sa Calobra: A journey through majestic scenery

    There are two ways to get to Sa Calobra and the first is through a boat trip that you can start in the Port of Soller. You can get to the village of Sóller through the transfer service from the airport, so you won’t miss a minute of your vacation. This experience will allow you to admire the landscape from a different perspective, where you will find yourself at the foot of the cliffs.

    However, if you are more of a road traveler, thanks to the rent a car service in Mallorca that we offer at ROIG, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular roads of the island, the MA-2141. The route is not too steep, so you can do it quietly, without worrying about the slope.

    But don’t expect a straight road, but rather a series of zigzagging curves that will allow you to contemplate the views of the entire area from above. At one point, you will come across the most famous curve of all, known as “the tie knot”, which is a turn of no more and no less than 270 degrees.

    Torrent de Pareis: Exploring the heart of the sierra

    Once you have arrived at Sa Calobra, you can leave your car in one of the parking lots and continue your route on foot. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes but keep your diving boots in case you want to take a dip in the rocky beaches.

    When you are ready, you can start walking along the stream, where you will find many species of flora, 30 of them endemic to the Balearic Islands. You will also be able to spot some animals, such as the ferreret or the Balearic toad, species that have survived only in these sparsely inhabited areas of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

    If you are thinking of just going for a walk, we recommend that you walk the first kilometer of the torrent, as you will be able to soak up the essence of this natural spot, with only a 5% slope. After kilometer 1, the hike starts to get more complicated and becomes suitable only for those hikers who are better trained.

    Another possibility is to start touring the Torrent de Pareis by its more complicated side and finish in Sa Calobra. However, we would like to point out that this excursion is classified as very difficult and it is advisable to do it accompanied by experienced guides.

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    The beach of Sa Calobra: A haven of peace between cliffs

    The history of the beach of Sa Calobra dates to the 18th century, when the locals decided to build a small urban center next to the port of Sa Calobra. Until then, this place was where the pirates’ ships docked to make their famous raids on the island. In fact, it is said that this was the favorite stop of Barbarossa himself.

    Today, the beach is much quieter and completely free of pirate attacks, although in high season it can get very crowded! The natural mouth of the Torrent de Pareis is Sa Calobra itself, a cove of boulders between two cliffs worthy of the best Instagram photos.

    It is characterized by clear and deep waters, perfect for snorkeling. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best things to do in Mallorca! If you want to enter the water, we recommend that you do it with booties, otherwise you could get hurt. 

    If you get hungry after your swim at the beach, you can walk a bit to the parking lot, where you will find some restaurants. However, be cautious and look at the menu first, as the prices are usually quite high.

    Coll dels Reis: Breathtaking views

    Along the road leading to Sa Calobra you will find numerous viewpoints where you can stop to contemplate the views. One of the most impressive is known as the Coll dels Reis and is located just after the bend of the Nus de Sa Corbata mentioned above.

    This is an obligatory stop for many travelers who want to photograph the charm of the Serra de Tramuntana, either for its natural beauty or to get an indelible memory of the winding road to Sa Calobra. You can access this viewpoint just after making the turn of the Nus de Sa Corbata on the Ma-2141.

    However, finding parking there during high season can be quite a challenge. So, we suggest you to get up early and go early or hire one of ROIG’s premium services: car rental with driver in Mallorca. This way, the driver will take care of finding a parking space, while you just worry about enjoying the views.

    We hope that our route through Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis has encouraged you to visit this natural spectacle that is hidden in the Sierra de Tramuntana. On our ROIG website you will find many car rental offers in Mallorca, as well as other services available such as cab in Mallorca. Our company is characterized for being professional, serious, and giving the best service to our customers so they can enjoy their vacations without having to worry about transportation.

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