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Discovering the coast of northern Mallorca by Car: From Alcúdia to Formentor

    Taking a trip along the coast of northern Mallorca is an experience that allows you to travel from the charming town of Alcúdia to the impressive Cape of Formentor. This area is full of hidden treasures, picturesque landscapes, and breathtaking views, all waiting to be explored from the comfort of your vehicle.

    At ROIG, we are a car rental agency in Mallorca with extensive experience, and we know every corner of the island. That’s why we’re excited to bring you one of the best routes to explore northern Mallorca by car. Will you join us?

    Alcúdia: Gateway to coastal adventure

    Alcúdia, encircled by medieval walls, is an excellent starting point for exploring the coast of northern Mallorca. This town uniquely combines historical charm with modern touches. Here, you can wander cobblestone streets, explore ancient Roman ruins, and admire well-preserved architecture reflecting the area’s rich heritage. The lively Plaza Mayor, filled with cafes and shops, is the perfect spot to experience authentic Mallorcan culture.

    Leave your rental car at one of the designated car parks at the entrance of the town, or if you don’t want to worry about driving or parking, hire our premium car rental service with a chauffeur and have them take you wherever you want to go. 

    Alcúdia Beach: Golden Sand and Crystal Clear Water

    Drive to Alcúdia Beach with your rental car in Mallorca and discover a haven of golden sands and crystal-clear waters on the island’s north coast. Ideal for those seeking peace in a picturesque Mediterranean setting, Alcúdia Beach offers a tranquil escape into paradise.

    Alcúdia Beach, with its gentle slope and calm waters, is perfect for families. Basking in the warm Balearic sunshine on the soft, golden sands is an idyllic way to spend your time in Mallorca.

    However, if you prefer staying active during your vacation, Alcúdia Beach offers a variety of water sports to explore its turquoise waters. Activities like windsurfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, and diving are readily available for those seeking adventure along the coast.

    As you stroll along Alcúdia Beach, you’ll find a wide variety of services designed to enhance your comfort and enjoyment. From beach bars serving refreshing drinks to restaurants on the sand offering the finest local cuisine, everything is set up to ensure a delightful and memorable beach experience.

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    From Cala Sant Vicenç to Pollença: Hidden gems on the coastal route

    Travelling from Cala Sant Vicenç to Pollença unveils the hidden treasures of northern Mallorca’s coast. This area is not only a spectacle of natural beauty but also steeped in history. The highlight of this route is the blend of stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

    Cala Sant Vicenç

    Cala Sant Vicenç comprises several small coves nestled among rocky cliffs. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful escape amidst nature, this serene spot allows you to unwind and reconnect with the environment. The coves, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, invite visitors to stroll along their coastal paths and enjoy refreshing dips in the sea.


    Pollença truly is the jewel of Mallorca! Its cobblestone streets and stone-paved squares radiate a sense of history to all those who visit. Dominating the town’s skyline is the Church of Nostra Senyora dels Àngels, renowned for its grand staircase. For a more vibrant experience, the weekly Sunday market is a must-visit, bustling with stalls selling local products, handmade crafts, and fresh ingredients.

    Bay of Pollença

    At the Bay of Pollença, you’re greeted with a stunning vista stretching all the way to Cape Formentor. The bay’s calm waters are ideal for various water sports, and the restaurants along the promenade, serve culinary delights, blending local flavours with breathtaking views, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

    Cape of Formentor: The End of the Mallorcan World

    To reach the Cape of Formentor, you can use the transfer service we offer at ROIG, which is similar to a taxi service in Mallorca, taking you from the airport to wherever you wish.

    Situated at the northernmost point of Mallorca, Cape Formentor marks the end of our coastal journey. Known as the “Mallorcan land’s end,” it’s surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides, providing a one-of-a-kind experience where unspoiled nature meets dramatic scenery.

    The route to Cape Formentor winds through cliffs and pine forests, making for a uniquely Mallorcan experience. Along the way, various viewpoints offer stunning, panoramic views that are sure to take your breath away.

    Once you arrive at the tip, you will find the Formentor Lighthouse, making the conclusion of our route along the coast of northern Mallorca. Operating since 1863, this historic lighthouse has been a beacon for sailors for over a century. Its architectural charm enhances the scenic landscape, offering a vantage point for enjoying unparalleled panoramic views.

    Along the coast of the cape, you’ll find white sandy beaches, easily accessible on foot. This paradisiacal setting offers a serene and beautiful spot to relax, providing the perfect way to conclude your route around the coast of northern Mallorca. 

    At ROIG, our longstanding expertise in car rental services spans over 70 years. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, offering a fleet of premium vehicles, and delivering exceptional customer service. Our commitment is to ensure that each customer finds the perfect car to suit their needs. Explore the best car rental deals in Mallorca for your adventure to the northern coast on our ROIG website.

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