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Book a typical Mallorcan ensaïmada with your Rent a Car in ROIG

If there is one souvenir that is the star of the island of Majorca, it is undoubtedly the ensaïmada. This delicious delicacy is ideal for taking home to your loved ones and even to remember your visit to the largest of the Balearic Islands, thanks to the versatility of its flavours.  Mallorcan ensaïmada is a sweetened, fermented and baked pastry made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard.

That is why, at ROIG, as experts in Mallorca, we want you to take the absolute best of our land with you, so that you can taste this product in all its authenticity. And to make it easier than ever, we now offer an ensaïmada delivery service at our car rental offices at Palma de Mallorca airport, in Son Oms.

All of this is possible thanks to our collaboration with the 100-year-old Pomar bakeries, experts in confectionery and with more than 116 years of experience. Specialists in ensaïmadas, Pastelerías Pomar began its history with small bakeries, and after more than a century of experience, its vision of the future, passion for work and tradition have made it one of the most prestigious bakeries on the island. 

How to book your ensaimada with ROIG? 

 If you want to book an ensaimada during your stay in Mallorca and make sure that you always take the best quality product with you, all you have to do is book it through our website when you book your rental car, by e-mail or by calling our customer service telephone number. 

Select your vehicle, indicate whether you want us to prepare your ensaimada when you pick up or when you return the vehicle, and we’ll have everything ready for you at our car rental offices near Palma airport, so you can make the most of your car rental in Majorca with ROIG to experience the island from the very first minute. What’s more, as you can choose to have your ensaïmada delivered to you when you collect or return the vehicle, you can enjoy it during your stay on the island or take it back home with you to extend your holiday feeling in Majorca.

Remember that this service can only be carried out if the ensaïmada is ordered 48 hours before the collection or return of the vehicle!

As a company that has been operating on the island for almost 70 years and experts in Mallorca, ROIG wants to offer its customers the security of taking a good and authentic ensaïmada home or to their hotel, without taking the risk of buying just any old ensaïmada in tourist trap. 

Book this emblematic Balearic product with ROIG now, making sure you try a quality, traditional ensaimada in the most convenient way possible.