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Everything you need to know about Majorca pearls

    The desire to adorn the body has existed for as long as Homo sapiens have been on earth, and jewellery is one of the best ways to achieve this. This desire applies to people of all types and economic levels, as even clergymen are adorned with rings and necklaces!

    However, pearls have always been destined for a more exclusive public, because of the level of difficulty involved when obtaining them. At ROIG we would like to introduce you to the most special pearls for us and some of the most renowned pearls in the world. We are talking about Majorica, the Majorca pearls, and we would like to explain why they are so special!

    What are Majorca pearls?

    Pearls are the product of animals capable of transforming their wounds into pieces of sublime beauty and thanks to them we were able to obtain the first pearls, which eventually became a symbol of elegance and love. However, nowadays there are 3 different ways to obtain pearls:

    Natural pearl

    The natural pearl is formed when a foreign body is introduced into an oyster to attack it and the oyster defends itself by covering the intruder with layers of crystals and proteins. This is how the nacre is formed, resulting in this beautiful pearl. The formation of these pearls takes several years and is very rare.

    Cultured pearls

    They are born in the same way as natural pearls, but with the intervention of man, who is in charge of making all this happen. The foreign nucleus is inserted into the oysters, which will set the mollusc in motion. They are made in hatcheries and are more affordable.

    Majorca pearls

    Majorca pearls are artificial and manufactured with a high quality, making them practically the same as natural pearls. Their cost is much more affordable, so they are highly sought after for jewellery and costume jewellery for lovers of good taste. The value for money is excellent.

    Each of these pieces is made of a glass core and covered with several layers of mother of pearl. You can find pearls in different colours, varying qualities and shapes, such as pear-shaped pearls. In the same way, the price will also change.

    Seeing the high price of natural pearls, people began to look at cheaper alternatives they could afford. In the 17th century a rose factory in Paris discovered a viscous material made from fish scales, which could be used to coat glass pieces.

    However, the breakthrough with reasonably priced pearls came about 100 years ago and the demand for pearls in European capitals grew like wildfire. Eduard Hugo Heusch, a German engineer who was living in Paris, worked on the process of making artificial pearls and eventually founded a company which moved to Manacor in Mallorca to produce his Majorica pearls.

    What does Majorica mean?

    Majorica pearls are often confused with Majorcan pearls in general; however, the quality is not the same, or at least you can’t be sure of it. Majorica was the name Eduard Hugo Heusch decided to give to his pearl company when he heard that it was going to move to the largest Balearic island, Majorca.

    However, when the founding company’s patent ran out in 1948, numerous pearl production companies opened up. Today, seven companies compete in the production of artificial pearls on the island, each using different processes and materials. But only one of them bears the original Majorica name.

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    How do you know if Majorca pearls are original?

    When we talk about artificial pearls we are referring to those that have been created 100% by man and within this classification, we can find many qualities. The most famous artificial pearl for its quality and beauty is the Majorca pearl. To manufacture these high quality pieces, a very hard and smooth surface is created which is not affected by make-up, perfume or changes in temperature.

    To be able to identify that a Majorca pearl is original, you can follow the following steps:

    • Buy from reliable sources: Be sure to purchase Mallorca pearls from reputable shops or jewellers that offer certificates of authenticity. This will significantly reduce the chance of buying fake pearls.
    • Research the origin: Majorca pearls should originate from the same island in Spain. Make sure the seller can provide you with clear information about the origin of their pearls.
    • Inspect the pearls: Look closely at the pearls for signs of authenticity. Majorca pearls are coated with this material called Mother of Pearl, which gives them a very lustrous appearance and is capable of displaying the colours of the rainbow.
    • Focus on the shape: Majorca pearls are usually pretty much the same in shape, size and colour, If you notice a large variation in these aspects between pearls on the same necklace or bracelet, it could indicate that they are not authentic.
    • Ask for a certificate of authenticity: Sellers of Mallorca pearls provide a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the origin and quality of the pearls. Be sure to ask for it with your purchase.

    However, you should bear in mind that Majorca pearls may be original, but they are not natural. So, are Mallorcan pearls not as good as the real thing? The truth is that whether natural, cultured or imitation, pearls are a sensory jewel.

    Natural and cultured pearls are a little cooler to the touch than Majorcan pearls, whose surface is a little more delicate. Both are a pleasure to the skin, as one feels the soft texture and firmness of the heart of the pearl’s body. However, true lovers of genuine pearls point out that oyster pearls are irreplaceable and that their magic can never be imitated.

    Of course, we cannot forget that the artificial pearls you will find in Mallorca cost much less than natural pearls. That means that you can wear the beauty of the original, without your bank account being significantly reduced. Whereas in the past, pearls were only available to the rich and famous, now everyone can wear these top quality pieces.

    Where to buy pearls in Mallorca?

    Mallorca is an island of pearls, so practically every day you spend there you will find yourself surrounded by pearls at some point. If you have not been able to resist the temptation and have decided to buy a piece of pearl jewellery, we recommend you to go to official places, which can offer you real pearls. These are some of the places where you can find real Majorca pearls:

    • Pearl factory: Some of the pearl factories, such as Majorica, are open to the public and have retail shops where you can buy your pieces directly from the manufacturer.
    • Jewellers and specialised shops: There are many jewellers and shops specialising in pearls in Mallorca. We recommend that you go to one that has a long tradition and is renowned for its authenticity.
    • Local markets: In some of the local markets in Mallorca, such as the one in Palma, you will find sellers offering you their pearls. You should make sure that they are authentic and of good quality before you buy.
    • Buy online: Another option is to look for online pearl shops in Mallorca, as this way you can check the seller’s reputation and read reviews from other customers to verify the authenticity of the pearls.

    Where to buy Majorica pearls?

    The best known pearl brand in Mallorca is Majorica and wherever you look you will see the presence of this brand all over the island: from shops, to airport advertising, to billboards on the motorway, etc. This means that there are dozens of Majorica shops all over the island and in any small village you will find one of the official Majorica shops.

    However, we recommend that you take a day out of your holiday to visit the factory in Manacor, which is located on Carrer dels Argenters. The factory shop is the best place to buy Majorica pearls at outlet prices. The ship also offers an exciting experience with its multimedia area, luxury boutique and relaxing lounge bar.

    Where to buy Perla Orquidea pearls?

    Another well-respected company dedicated to the production of pearls in Mallorca is Perlas Orquídea. Near their factory on Carrer de Palma in Manacor, you will find more than 2,000 metres of displays offering 15,000 different models of top quality pearl jewellery.

    Now you know why Mallorca pearls are special and where you can find the best quality and 100% authentic pieces. At ROIG, we want you to fall in love with the island as much as we do, and that’s why we offer you the best car hire fleet so that you can move around freely during your holidays and enjoy the Balearic Islands to the full.

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