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    One of the most comfortable ways to travel on your own account during your holiday is by car. It is the ideal way to visit every corner of a territory, discover places where you would not otherwise get to know and not be subject to other transport schedules. That freedom is certainly priceless, but when it comes to choosing a car rental company, doubts begin to arise. To try to shed some light on all these questions that you may be asking yourself, ROIG Rent a Car wants to make sure you are informed about what to know when renting a car, whether it is for your holidays or for business. Next, we will give you the 10 most relevant things to look out for, so read carefully and choose the car rental that best suits your needs.

      What payment methods do they accept?

      One of the great concerns for those of you who want to rent a vehicle is to know about the payment methods available. The rental, the insurance and the expenses derived from this service in many occasions require a credit card, something that implies the retention of a high amount. In view of this doubt, it is important to review payment policies carefully to know which charges you will have to face if the car is not returned in the same conditions. If you want to avoid these retained amounts, we recommend companies that allow you to rent a car card without a credit card, and that give you the opportunity to purchase insurance through a debit card or a cash deposit.

      Car rental with or without franchise?

        The next question that arises, which is very linked to the one we have explained in the previous section, is the franchise. In order to understand, this is the amount that is usually retained to ensure that, if the car were to suffer any damage, the consequent expense could be met. This is an option that may not fit some people for several reasons, but if you want to avoid them, you should find a car rental company that also offers you the possibility of choosing additional insurance (always with the same company) that can cover these damages. This is, for example, ROIG’s case, which allows the client to choose if you want a franchise or not, a practice that has earned them the Seal of Good Practices of the Balearic Government.

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        Where to pick up the rental car

          Another important aspect to keep in mind when renting a car is to know where you can pick up your vehicle. Obviously, this point will be related to each person’s needs. Despite this, a good idea is to have a company that offers the option of picking up the car at the airport, so you can start your journey from the moment you arrive at your destination. Despite this, it is also useful to have offices in different parts of a territory so you can choose. In ROIG’s case, in addition to the airport, you will also find offices in different parts of Majorca, so you can enjoy your car rental in Cala d’Or, Cales de Majorca or Santa Ponsa, among others.

          Fees according to age

            There are many companies that have age restrictions when booking a rental car or that apply other fees to insure younger drivers. This is why it is important to find a company that does not have similar policies and that allows all people to rent without additional expenses. In our case, any person who has had a driving license for more than one year and those over 21 years old. Only Premium rental cars have a 25-year restriction.

            What is their second driver policy?

              Some journeys by car can seem long and the driver may feed tired or become indisposed. For this reason, it is always useful for another person to take the vehicle if circumstances require it. To do this, check the policies to know if adding a second driver will be free or will mean an extra cost. Our recommendation? Choose those companies who, like ROIG, offer to add a second driver without having to pay more, you will appreciate it.

              Cancellation policies

                An unforeseen event can always arise at any time. From the unexpected cancellation of a flight, an event that takes you by surprise to a last-minute meeting. We believe it is better to be safe than sorry, so we recommend choosing a car rental company that allows you to modify your reservation or cancel it free of charge until at least 48 hours before your booking, so you can have room for action in any situation, making sure that this will not mean an added expense.

                Fuel policy

                  Another important issue that you must analyse with a magnifying glass is each company’s fuel policy. What you must ensure is that there are no extras related to gasoline before booking your rental car. The best policy from our point of view is full-full, as it does not involve any hidden expenses. The car will be delivered with the full tank and the only thing that is expected of you is that you return it in the same condition. Remember to take a picture of the state of the deposit when you collect your vehicle and another on arrival so there are no possible errors.

                  In addition, ROIG goes a step further and gives you the chance of the deposit being filled for you once you have returned it upon payment. This will mean you will not waste a minute of your time by going to the gas station.

                  The state of the car

                    This is surely one of the trickiest topics to consider when renting a car. It is important to look carefully at the state of the car as soon as it is delivered and notify any incident to those responsible before driving off. It is also advisable to take photographs of the vehicle when picking it up at the car rental company upon delivery so that there is no doubt about its state. A good tip is to choose new cars, as they are not likely to fail and have not been used much so there is not a shadow of a doubt that it will work properly. For example, a good initiative is for rental companies to change their fleet every year to always offer the most well-equipped vehicles and deliver them in an optimal condition.

                    Restrictions and mileage

                      Many companies decide to restrict the number of kilometers that can be traveled each day or even charge for the distance traveled, which can slow your plans down drastically. Decide on an option that does not drag you back and choose a rental that has no restrictions and allows you to travel all the roads you want.

                      What extras does the company offer?

                      Attention to detail is important and is one of the things that loyal customers appreciate the most. Take a look at the added value offered by each company compared to others that have similar conditions. From a second driver for free, the option of renting a GPS for a reduced price, a pick-up service from the airport’s departure gate to get directly to your rental car, a roadside service and immediate vehicle replacement after a breakdown or accident are just some of the most useful and are all offered by ROIG, your trusted car rental company in Majorca.

                      Now that you know what you need to consider when renting a car, we invite you to tell us about your experience and ask us all the questions you want about this topic. At ROIG we will be happy to answer any questions.

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