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    The success of a weekend getaway or a holiday is not only decided by the chosen destination. And although a trip to the Balearic Islands is always a safe bet, there are other decisive factors to make the experience really worthwhile: for example, the hotel chosen or the transportation to move around the area. Therefore, if you plan to travel by road, you cannot miss these tips to rent a car in Majorca.

    As it is an island, it is normal for many travelers to choose a rental vehicle. In this way, you can avoid depending on timetables, the frequency of public transport or strange routes. This is one of the advantages of renting a car in Majorca, but there are many others. Of course: if you want your choice to be a success, pay attention to these 10 recommendations.

    1. Find out about the services included in low-cost rental car companies

    Admittedly, seeing rental cars for 15 or 18 euros a day is most tempting. However, if we read the fine print, the initial interest usually evaporates quickly. The reason is that, when the rates are so low, you usually have to add the price of the insurance or a plus for mileage, since sometimes it is limited. The result? A final bill that is far from attractive. That is why it is so important to be well informed about the services that are included when renting a car. And that is why it is advisable to choose car rental agencies in Majorca that offer transparent conditions and without surprises.

    2. What happens when there is a mishap while driving?

    Even if the rent-a-car agency in Majorca has a completely renewed fleet of vehicles and regular technical checks are carried out, nobody is safe from suffering a mishap on the road (in fact, what happens when we are behind the wheel does not just depend on us). This explains why it is essential that the company offers an immediate solution if this happens, either by taking it away to repair the vehicle or by making another car available with the same features as the one hired. At ROIG, we know better than anyone that being stranded without a vehicle can ruin your holidays in Majorca. Therefore, we repair the fault immediately or, if that is not possible, we offer another vehicle at the time. In addition, this will not cost you anything, since we provide you with 24-hour roadside assistance, without additional costs.

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    3. Includes a second driver in the rental agreement

    As much as it is for security as for comfort reasons, the ideal thing is to be able to take turns behind the wheel. This may actually be unavoidable If the main driver doesn’t feel well so it is worth adding a second driver. To make it easy, ROIG allows you to add a second driver for free.

    4. Do not pay more: choose the rental car you really need

    There are as many needs as there are customers. For example, it is not the same to rent a car to move between Palma and the main tourist points of the island than to access some of the secluded coves on the southeast coast, testing the resistance of the shock absorbers and tires. Nor is it the same to prepare a romantic getaway in Majorca as a family trip. In order to respond to each demand, it is important for the fleet of rental vehicles of the chosen company to have a wide catalog to choose from.

    Normally, companies use the letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D …) to group rental vehicles by category. The first correspond to the simplest utilities, and those closest to Z, are the most complete or high-end models. Before making your request, think carefully about what you need and reserve the car that provides the services you are looking for. If you choose us, it will be really easy, since we have an extensive fleet renewed annually that even includes buses for hire in Majorca. Of course: if you are under 25, keep in mind that some models are not available for underage drivers.

    5. Pay attention to the rental’s cancellation policy

    Even if you’re dying to enjoy a getaway to the Balearic Islands, we can all suffer unforeseen events. However, there are many agencies in which, once the booking of the rental car in Majorca is formalized, it is not possible to back out without receiving a penalty for it. The good news is that this will not happen to you with ROIG: simply let us know as soon as possible – you can do it until 24 hours before the day of delivery – so we can offer the vehicle to someone else. As simple as that.

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    6. Check if different rates apply depending on age

    If you are young and usually resort rental vehicles, imagine finding agencies that ask for higher rates than those offered to veteran drivers. Do not worry;  at ROIG, everyone pays the same, no matter how old they are. So, if you have already turned 21, we will welcome you.

    7. Beware of credit card reservations

    In many rent-a-car agencies, not only is it mandatory to leave a credit card as a guarantee when it comes to formalizing your reservation, but it has to meet a number of requirements. For example, companies usually request that it be associated with an account in which there is a minimum amount of money, to cover an eventual repair in the event of an accident, or if a scratch occurs. In general, this amount is usually around 1,000 euros. In addition, the cardholder is normally required to be the main driver. Fortunately, there are alternatives. For example, if you hire all the insurances, at ROIG you will not have to provide a credit card when you book your vehicle..

    8. Avoid surprises: hire some additional insurance

    Generally, third party insurance is included in the price. This covers the damage to the vehicle and the bodily injury caused to a third party and your car, even if it is the car hirer’s fault. In any case, if you want your peace of mind to be total, you can hire additional insurance -with or without franchise-, which will cover any repair in case the rented car suffers any damage or puncture..

    9. Take pictures of possible damages to the vehicle before using it

    Occasionally, car rental agencies may not notice small scratches or bumps on the body of the car. Therefore, it is important to take pictures with your mobile phone -or digital camera, as long as it correctly reflects the day and time- when you pick up your car. In case of doubt at the time of return, you can show that you have not been the cause of the damage.

    10. Check the time and the form of collection and delivery

    If you anticipate that your flight to Majorca will arrive at untimely hours, or if you are thinking about returning the car outside normal business hours, find out if the agency you are going to hire offers that as a possibility and if you have to pay any additional fee for it. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the chosen destination.

    Here ends our list of tips to rent a car in Majorca. Of course, if you have any other tip for our users, we will be happy if you share them with us. Do not hesitate, we are looking forward to reading you!

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