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    Although many of the touristic attractions of the Balearic Islands have to do with its beaches, this archipelago is an ideal place to get behind the wheel. This is one of the reasons why our rent-a-car service in Majorca has been running at full capacity for so many decades! And just as this option is ideal for couples or families, it is also great for those who travel in larger groups and need other types of vehicles. Thinking about them, we have summarized some tips for renting a bus at the best price and making sure you always get the right vehicle for you and your companions.

    Obviously, other doubts or questions may always arise, but here you will find some of the points that should be kept under control. Pay attention!

    Find out about the bus rental companies that you are interested in

    According to a recent study by Google, 82% of people search for information on the Internet before booking a product or service. From our point of view, this is a key habit to find the company that offers a more adjusted response to your needs. Online forums, ratings or comments by other clients that preceded you or the opinion about their experience and the treatment received can be a good indicator of the company’s reliability. Although this is not always the case, a proven reputation can give us a clue as to the suitability of choosing a bus rental company among its competitors.

    Be clear about the exact number of passengers

    Yes, we all have that family member or friend who never confirms his/her assistance until the day before the flight, and nobody is safe from unforeseen events that may leave them behind at the last moment. Even so, it is necessary to know in advance, as accurately as possible, the number of people who are going to take part in a particular trip. This data is essential, since only then can you adjust your budget to the maximum without surprises. Although car rental agencies such as ROIG have an extensive fleet of rental buses, you must bear in mind that the capacity of the vehicles is usually governed by a standard: for example, 14, 18 or 20 people in the case of rental minibuses, or about 35 people when it comes to medium-sized buses. Therefore, when there is one more person on excursions or scheduled trips, this can force you to look for other last-minute combinations, which will make the price rise.

    Although in ROIG we have buses of up to 80 seats, so that the number of travelers is never an inconvenience, it is always convenient to stick to the real number of travelers, so you don’t have to cash out extra.

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    Keep track of the type of service you want to offer

    In the same way that we don’t dress the same to go to work than to go jogging or attend a wedding, the same thing happens with buses. In fact, the attention that your group of friends expects from a stag do will not be the same as the clients of a company that is about to close an important commercial agreement with yours. Or a group of attendees at the end of a sports tournament. For special occasions, it is convenient to make sure that the bus rental company that you are interested in has luxury coaches and can offer special services for events.

    Go beyond the price

    There is no doubt that the budget is always limited. However, this should not be the only factor to consider when you rent a bus. This has to do with the services included in the contract, and which may not cover the requirements of the passengers. If you compare prices between different transport companies, you have to take into account what each of these offers includes. On the other hand, if the services are similar, an excessively economic amount should make you suspicious, in any case, if you detect strange quality standards and questionable services. Unfortunately, this is one of the tips to rent a bus that is most overlooked, although it is one of the most important.

    Forget about finding a standard rental rate

    Unlike other types of products and services, you will hardly find two similar budgets – and with similar services – between two transport companies. The reason? The number of variables involved. For example, the capacity of the vehicle, its benefits, the mileage, the number of stops it will make – in one location or more – its road routes, the additional services for the traveler, the number of drivers who will intervene in the transfers, the amount of hours or days of service, if the payment of possible tolls or tickets to monuments is included … Therefore, getting two proposals that are very similar is almost impossible. Our recommendation? Choose the one that best suits your real needs when traveling.

    Ask for a detailed proposal

    This tip for renting a bus is closely linked to the previous point. When the bus rental company sends you its price proposal, it is necessary to be very clear about the aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph, such as the availability of the driver, the quality of the buses that will make the transfers, possible limitations of the distance covered, insurance coverage – both mandatory passenger insurance and extras -, where and under what conditions the pick-up and return of the rental bus should be made … Only then can you know what to expect when hiring the service.

    Choose between renting a bus with or without a driver

    Although renting a bus without a driver is cheaper, opting for this option means being sure that a professional will be able to perform this function. For this, it is necessary that the person in question be in possession of a type D driver’s license, which allows you to get behind the wheel of vehicles of 8 passengers or more. If the proposed driver has obtained his/her driving license in another country, we advise you to inform yourself about whether this document is valid in Spanish territory.

    In any case, so that driving is not a problem, in ROIG we offer an experienced driver with all the permits in order to transport passengers by road safely and with total comfort. Of course: if your group already has one, we can rent a coach without a driver. We guarantee you won’t have to worry about anything.

    These are our tips to rent a bus, in Majorca or anywhere else in Spain. In any case, if you find other issues missing or have doubts, don’t stop writing to us. As always, we will be happy to receive your comments.

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