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Reasons to rent a hybrid car in Majorca

    Holidays are synonymous with rest, disconnection, culture, leisure … However, designing the perfect getaway can mean splurging out. To avoid this, and if you are planning to enjoy your days of rest in the largest of the Balearic Islands, at ROIG we can offer you some tips to save during your holidays. These little tricks also have to do with fuel consumption, something that affects the chosen car model. However, there are many other reasons to rent a hybrid car in Majorca (an option that will help you to keep expenses under control).

    If you want to know more about them, keep on reading. Your budget – and the environment – will thank you!

    Discover the advantages of hybrid cars

    Hybrid cars-that is, those that can operate either with mechanical energy, from a fossil fuel, or with electric power-are no longer the future, but a reality. All the major manufacturers have already incorporated them into their catalog, and for years they have been part of tour fleet of rental cars in Majorca.

    In addition, and contrary to what it might seem, hybrid cars are far from being a novelty. In fact, the first known hybrid vehicle was created in Belgium in 1900 and was operated with a gas engine and an electric one. On that same date, the first hybrid bus in the United States also appeared.

    Surprised? Regardless of what your reaction, the number of decades that hybrid vehicles have lived among us shows that they are practical and, above all, effective. Discover the main advantages of hybrid cars below.

    • They allow you to save fuel.

    Although the price of gasoline and diesel is cheaper in Spain than in most European countries, that does not mean that fuel costs are low. Hence, hybrid cars can be an interesting ally to save up. Thanks to its electric motor, the hybrid car frees the combustion engine of a part of its load, since it can start the vehicle and contribute to acceleration and keep the car running. The result? A much smaller refueling expense. Do the test!

    • They are more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles.

    Economic issues aside, hybrid vehicles emit less CO2 than equivalent combustion models, with figures around 70 or 80 g / km of carbon dioxide.

    • They provide greater comfort.

    Many people know that both hybrid vehicles and electric cars are much quieter than combustion cars. This translates into more comfort for passengers. Of course: remember that, since July 2019, all cars are required to emit a sound that alerts you of their presence on public roads when they are running below 20 km / h (in the case of the United States, the figure rises to 30 km / h).

    • They guarantee access to the city center.

    Although the Balearic capital, Palma de Mallorca, is not usually known for its high levels of environmental pollution, other large Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid have already begun to take action to tackle this problem…That’s why, if you decide to rent a hybrid car in Majorca, you will have the peace of mind that an excess of pollution will not be an obstacle for you to visit Bellver Castle, the palace of the Almudaina or the cathedral of Palma at the wheel.

    Does renting hybrid cars have any downsides?

    When we talk about the automotive industry, talking about the perfect solution is like boiling the ocean: something impossible. Anyway, that does not mean that they do not offer multiple advantages compared to conventional vehicles.

    Although they continue to emit carbon dioxide, the volume of emissions is significantly lower than combustion engines. In addition, counting with a diesel or gasoline engine helps to release the car from the autonomy limitations that electric cars have, which is nowadays around 500 km in the best of cases. Bearing in mind that Majorca has 555 km of coastline, as well as numerous interior routes, this aspect could be a drawback.

    On the other hand, the shortage of recharging points -especially in some remote corners of Majorca, such as the accesses to the coves or some places in the Serra de Tramuntana- also mean that, currently, the electric vehicle is not the most practical option.

    On the other hand, although the purchase price of vehicles is higher than combustion cars, the difference is minimal in the case of our rental cars in Majorca. Want to take them for a spin?

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    Other benefits of renting hybrid cars in Majorca with ROIG

    In addition to all the advantages that we have mentioned, in ROIG Rent a Car we have created a special service for you, with additional advantages that will make your holiday even easier: roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; the possibility of adding a second additional driver free of charge, the option of booking your car without a credit card (for those who hire all the insurance options); to be able to recover part of the amount paid if you return the vehicle in advance, full-full tank fuel policy for an even greater convenience, prices without surcharge for younger drivers …

    In addition, we are the only road passenger transport company offering comprehensive services. For example, we have the most complete array of rental buses in Majorca, perfect for personal celebrations or for event organization. We also have luxury cars, with or without driver, and a generous fleet of taxis in Majorca, with which you can easily move to Palma airport or any other point on the island.

    What are you waiting for to discover our hybrid cars for rent in Majorca? If you try it, you will definitely want to repeat the experience.

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