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Local festivals in Majorca you cannot miss

    There is nothing better to escape from the stress of everyday life and totally disconnect than visiting Mallorca coinciding with one of its parties. You will be surprised to know that you have a lot of events full of music, tradition and color throughout the year. From national celebrations to local celebrations, there is always a reason to celebrate. For this reason, in ROIG Rent a Car we want to show you the local festivals in Majorca that you cannot miss, so you can jot them down on your calendar and get to them in a taxi from Palma de Mallorca or from wherever you want.

    1. Sant Antoni in Artà

    January 17 is the day of Sant Antoni Abad, patron saint of animals. As in many places of Catholic tradition, the island of Majorca, this saint is also celebrated. One of the towns where this festivity is most traditional is Artà, which fills its streets with fire on the eve of this date. Bonfires are lit, dimonis (or demons) walk the streets to dance under fire, and it is the perfect time to eat a lot of chocolate and ensaïmada.

    1. Festes de Sant Sebastià

    January is undoubtedly a month for celebration in Majorca. In the case of the festivities of Sant Sebastià, they last two whole weeks that are full of activities for adults and children. On the eve of the saint’s day, in Palma de Mallorca you will be able to attend a parade with some of the most popular characters of the island’s traditional culture, including giants, capgrossos (big heads) and the Na Coca Dragon, all accompanied by the traditional music of the xeremiers. It is also traditional to light the bonfire, or fogueró, which will be the starting point of all the celebrations. On the 21st of each year there is also a big parade with up to five “groupings of devils” that will make you dance to the beat of the drums.

    1. Procession of Els Cavallets

    During these same festivities of Sant Sebastià, Pollença celebrates the tradition of the Cavallets i L’Estendard on January 20th. It is a dance accompanied by a tambourine and a piccolo in which cardboard horses dance in honor of Saint Sebastian to commemorate the struggle of the medieval people against the Turkish soldiers to defend the Christian faith. They are also accompanied by a centurion, in memory of the saint, who was a soldier in the Roman army during his lifetime.

    1. Sa Rua and Sa Rueta

    Carnival has a special relationship with the Balearic island, since an authentic party is celebrated in Palma de Mallorca every year, where the whole family is welcome. In the morning, the youngest can join Sa Rueta, where, in addition to a large costumes parade, also fills the streets of the capital of the island with entertainment, workshops and other activities that will that they will surely enjoy. In the afternoon, it is the adults’ turn, since there are floats and carnival costume contests, all enlivened by concerts so you can dance to the best beats during this colorful festival.

    1. Moros i Cristians in Port de Sóller

    Although the recreations of battles between Moors and Christians take place in different towns, the representation of Port de Sóller is one of the most spectacular. Es Firó recalls how the population fought against an attack by pirates from Turkey and Algeria every Monday after the second Sunday in May. The young people go to the party dressed as one of the two sides and represent this feat in the port area. Vintage boats, music and lots of smoke culminate in a great party.

    1. Corpus Christi

    Another of the festivals in Majorca that you cannot miss is Corpus Christi. Despite being a celebration closely linked to religion, this is another opportunity to attend an event that is also related to Majorcan culture. In Pollença, you can attend the Ball de les Àligues, a procession similar to Els Cavallets. However, in this case it is two girls who are dressed in an eagle suit, adorned with jewelry. Both are preceded by Saint John the Baptist with his face covered with a mask. This festival is celebrated every year in June, 60 days after Easter Sunday.

    1. Els Cossiers

    The name of cossiers is given to a group of typical dances of Majorca that is believed to have originated with the Reconquista (the Christians’ conquest of Spain from the hands of the moors), as it has many similarities with Catalan entremesos (a traditional dance). It is represented by dancers who have the function of helping women not to fall into the hands of evil. Currently, they are incorporated as a show in many local festivities, such as Algaida. It is celebrated during the medieval festival of Corpus Christi since the 19th century, although you can also see them during January 16 and on the Saturday of the Sant Jaume festivities, around July 25.

    1. Summer local festivities

    Around the country, summer is the ideal time to celebrate local festivities, and Majorca could not be less, since its magnificent climate makes the nights cool enough to enjoy the best parties. Although you will find many throughout the summer in each town, we recommend the local festivity of Sant Pere, in Andratx. The fishermen’s patron arrives with a program full of concerts, cultural events and exhibitions. Esporles also celebrates this saint, and they honor him with activities related to climbing, a water festival and lots, lots of music in the beautiful Placeta del Jardinet.

    Another patron that is very celebrated is the Virgin del Carmen, especially in the coastal towns of Majorca. In Port de Pollença, for example, folk dances, concerts and other festive events are organized. Another example is Son Servera, which organizes an artisan fair every night and a marine procession through the port.

    1. Festa del Rei en Jaume

    Do you want to know a little more about the history of the island? A fun way to do it is to attend the festivities of King en Jaume, which commemorate the reconquest of Majorca, in the hands of the Arabs. Held in Santa Ponça, in this town in the southwest of the island you will find a wide range of activities for all ages. One of the main events is the recreation of the disembarkation of Jaime I’s troops in the port. The delivery of the royal banners, a small explanation of the history of the reconquest and a representation of the battle are some of the attractions you cannot miss. Walk through its streets to discover the medieval market and take the opportunity to take a historical tour of the city. This party takes place the last week of August and the first of September. Remember that you can leave your rental car in Santa Ponça if this is the last stop on your route across Majorca or you want to return with another transport.

    1. La Beata procession

    The most awaited festival by the inhabitants of the town of Santa Margalida is this procession that takes place in the town since the eighteenth century. La Beata (the Blessed), along with a parade formed by the authorities, the xeremiers (musicians who play a typical instrument of the Balearic Islands), peasants and demons, go for a walk through the streets in a festive atmosphere.

    1. Festa des Vermar

    The last weekend of September marks the end of the harvest. Thus, Binissalem pays tribute to the work of the harvesters with activities related to the world of wine. This includes a great battle of grapes, wine tastings and grape-stepping competitions. All to celebrate the collection of this versatile fruit. This also includes the opportunity to taste a very typical dish on these dates, the fideus des Vermar, an old noodle recipe that is cooked with black sheep meat, sobrassada and black wine from the land.

    1. Dijous Bo

    On Thursday after Sant Lluc (October 18), one of the largest festivals in the town of Inca is celebrated. It is an agricultural and art fair that joins other celebrations of a more playful nature. Here you will find sports activities, gastronomic stalls and musical performances for all tastes.

    Now that you know all the festivals in Majorca you cannot miss, remember that, if you want to go with a large number of people without worrying about transport, you can count on ROIG’S bus rental in Majorca. Do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you have any questions or think we should highlight another Majorcan festivity!

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