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All you need to know about Puig de Galatzó

    In Mallorca there are different possibilities for outdoor leisure activities. Hiking is one of the most popular, as it is a sport with which you can enjoy nature and discover new places. One of the most interesting excursions to be found on this island is a walk around the Puig de Galatzó.

    Puig de Galatzó is one of the highest mountains in Mallorca, reaching over 1,000 metres in height. The paths that lead up to this peak are completely surrounded by nature. You can get to know different resources of the mountain range that, in fact, can be considered heritage resources of high natural value.

    To find out more about the possibilities offered by Puig de Galatzó, we need to find out a little more about the different existing routes, the fauna and all the flora that you will find in this fantastic enclave on the island of Mallorca.

    The best hikes around Puig de Galatzó

    The hikes around Puig de Galatzó are really interesting to get to know the entire western area of the island of Mallorca and discover an authentic nature reserve that you can enjoy with your friends. It should be noted that everything is very well signposted and the routes are easy to follow, so that you can enjoy a day’s hiking with the certainty that there are signs and paths that offer easy access; in fact, this is where some of the best hiking trails in Mallorca are to be found.

    1. Puig de Galatzó from Puigpunyent: From Puigpunyent you can take a trail that leads to Puig de Galatzó. This is considered the shortest route to reach this peak, being one of the shortest and easiest routes for hikers. This route starts in Font des Pi. From the beginning, the path is well marked out and is hardly difficult, and there are milestones and wooden signs posted at certain points so that you can’t get lost. The duration of the walk will depend on your pace, but bear in mind that it is a 6-kilometre uphill walk and a further 6 kilometres of descent.
    2. Puig de Galatzó from Es Capdellà: A second very interesting route is the one that starts from Es Capdellà. Unlike the previous one, this can be considered the most complex. The difficulty increases, it has some areas of difficult access and ascents that put your legs to the test. In addition, the path gets lost in the last two kilometres. On the other hand, it should be noted that the duration is much longer, as it is a type of route recommended for experienced mountain climbers.
    1. Puig de Galatzó from Estellencs: another example is the route from Estellencs. This is probably the most highly rated by hikers, as it offers a circular route that is easy to follow and perfectly signposted. The final stretch may be the most complex, but it is also true that the route is very entertaining, as it combines paths for comfortable walking with other areas for climbing. There is no doubt that the excursions that require a more entertaining activity may be the most popular with the public, bearing in mind that right at the start of the route there is also a recreational area with picnic tables.

    Flora and fauna of the Puig de Galatzó reserve

    The wealth of flora and fauna in the area around Puig de Galatzó is undoubtedly one of its most important assets. Holm oak groves are the most common in the whole area. It should be pointed out that the Mediterranean climate has a decisive influence on the development of extensive holm oak groves.  

    At the same time, it is worth mentioning the pine forests, such as the Aleppo and Aleppo pine, both of which are one of the tree species that, in general, play a major role throughout the sierra, especially concentrated in the areas near the top of the mountains.

    Olive groves are also present, mainly in low-lying areas. There are different varieties, but they occupy an extensive area of the island and are widely developed throughout the land near Puig Galatzó. Similarly, citrus tree crops also grow. It is worth mentioning the orange groves, characterised by their white and pink flowers, as well as the sweet oranges that are typical of Mallorca.

    In the higher areas of the mountain range, we should mention that the scrubland takes on great importance. Maquia and garrigue are present, as plant species among which shrubs such as rosemary, rockrose and heather can be found. It is mainly in the mountains where they are most developed, without forgetting that all the vegetation has its place in the space, adapting perfectly to the mild and peaceful climate of the island.

    Throughout the area you can find different species of fauna that are characteristic of the Tramuntana mountain range. Mammals are the most common and can be spotted all over the area. Very significant examples are the brown hedgehog, field rats, weasels, martens, genets, rabbits, goats and many species of birds that occupy the sky and can be seen from different points of the mountain range; therefore, the routes of Puig Galatzó are also very interesting from a biological point of view, being a very interesting nature reserve for study and enjoyment.

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    How to get to Puig de Galatzó

    To do the excursion you need to start the route from any of the points previously indicated. However, we will explain how to get there so that you can have a broader conception of the process that must be carried out to find the path with which to start the route and enjoy a beautiful day in nature.

    To do so, you need to go to the municipality of Puigpunyent. It is easy to get there by car and there are many rest areas. From there, continue towards Galilea, where you will find the turn-off to the Galatzó Reserve. To avoid the risk of getting lost, you should look out for the Camí des Pla de Delme. By the time you reach this road, you will have travelled a little over 4 kilometres. The road has somewhat deteriorated due to weather conditions, as it is not a very busy road, but you can see that it is not in good condition.

    Once you have done this route by car, you will reach Font des Pi. It is here that you will find a large esplanade where you can park. In this way, you can be sure that you have arrived at the starting point to begin the route. Therefore, the arrival process is uncomplicated and it is quite feasible to make the journey without any alteration on the way; moreover, it is only 30 minutes away from the capital.

    Prices and opening times to visit the nature reserve 

    Prices range from €5 (children aged 4 to 12) to €15 (adults), depending on age. The opening hours are as follows: the opening hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 (the last entrance is at 15:00); however, there may be days when it is closed, so make sure you check their website calendar, which you will find on the “Book” button, where you can see the days it is open. Even so, it is recommended that you book your visit.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that when it comes to knowing what to do in Puig de Galatzó, there are different activities to do with experts and reserve guides who will guide you along the route at all times so that you know where to go and what issues you should bear in mind to get to know the natural environment better. It is also important that you know where to eat in Puig de Galatzó and find different solutions for the whole family, as it is not always a good idea to have some prior knowledge before going to a tourist destination like this. It should be borne in mind that there are usually more visitors during the high season, especially in summer.

    In Puigpunyent and Galilea you will find some of the restaurants that are available to visitors to Puig de Galatzó. The dishes available are very interesting because they include traditional gastronomic products as well as elaborate dishes of great culinary interest. 

    In short, the Puig de Galatzó nature reserve is a good alternative for leisure and culture for the whole family. In addition to the hiking trails, there is a park prepared and equipped for the enjoyment of users.

    The rich flora, the autochthonous fauna and the whole landscape itself are worthwhile thanks to the fact that they have the characteristics of a pleasant and unique Mediterranean climate. For this reason, it is well worth enjoying Puig de Galatzó and the entire natural area, which is classified as one of the best heritage resources in Spain.

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