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SUV and off-road vehicle rental cars in Majorca

Renting an SUV or off-road vehicle in Majorca is ideal for discovering the most remote corners of the island. Whether you choose an SUV rental car or the most adventurous off-road vehicles, the entire area of Majorca is accessible to you and your family. As well as being perfect for reaching the most spectacular places, these cars offer spaciousness and comfort similar to those of the best vehicles for hire. Plus, all that being said, off-road and SUV rental cars are just begging to be taken out for an adventure in the island.

SUV and off-road vehicle rental cars in Majorca with Roig

The extensive fleet of Roig rental vehicles also includes a range of models of SUV cars and impressive off-road vehicles. SUV car rental in Majorca may be the best option for your family, especially if you are travelling with younger children as they are vehicles with excellent living space, loads of room and with the most comfortable details you can imagine, as well as the mechanics suitable for both major highways and unpaved roads.
While choosing our off-road rental cars means choosing vehicles that also have the highest range of comfort, the resistance of some of our vehicles means they are capable of reaching the most unsuspected sites on the Island of Majorca.
As we said before, our off-road hire cars in Majorca are ready and waiting to be taken on an adventure. That said a fully secure adventure; and not only because of the low mileage and the excellent set-up of Roig’s entire rent-a-car fleet, including our SUV and off-road cars but also because any of our insurance options, from the most basic insurance with excess, to fully comprehensive insurance include our 24-hour customer assistance.

Explore Majorca in an SUV or off-road rental car

Majorca has a lot to offer. Everyone has heard of the charming coastal towns, home to some of the best bathing places in the entire Mediterranean Sea. But there is much more to see. It is an island that it really worth exploring in depth, discovering places which, although not so well known, are just as fascinating.
Places like the small town of Bañalbufar with its charming little beach and the picturesque tower at Torre des Verger. Or spaces like the Natural Park of Mondragó, near the famous Cala d’Or, where coincidentally Roig cars have one of our offices for car rental in Majorca.
Our off-road and SUV vehicles are ideal for discovering any of these places, and many, many more. Some of our vehicles are even suitable for those wishing to drive through the spectacular Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range in the heart of the island. It is a great place to drive across in an off-road vehicle, but even better to cycle around. So why not hire both bikes and a rental car in Majorca and enjoy a great experience?
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