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Rental Vans and minibuses in Majorca

In Majorca, vans and minibus are the perfect rental vehicles for all those travelling to the island in large groups. They are a great option for large families needing to move around with plenty of luggage, for adults and children of different ages. So if you are planning a trip in a large group, check out our fleet of vans and minibuses for rent in Majorca. Choose the vehicle that best matches you and your group, and ask us for a quote. You will be surprised!

Rental Vans and minibuses in Majorca with Roig

In 2019 at Roig we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first bus we acquired and started renting to the emerging tourist market on the island. Since then, many things have changed, and the company now has many buses, including several rental minibuses with room for up to 8 or 9 passengers in some cases.

A similar number of passengers can travel in our vans making both rental vans and minibuses perfect for transporting large groups. Even if you don’t fill all the seats of these vehicles, you can still enjoy the advantages of their ample luggage space. There is even room to take bikes for all those planning on exploring the many cycling routes around Majorca for example.

You may be wondering whether it is necessary to have a special driving license to be able to hire a van or minibus in Majorca. The answer is no, because these vehicles are all included in the usual type B license. Because of this, at Roig, the only condition we set is that the driver is 21 years old or older, and has been driving for at least a year.

Discover Majorca in rental vans and minibuses

As we have already mentioned, due to the capacity of the vans and rental minibuses offered by Roig Drive Majorca, they are ideal vehicles for large groups of tourists. However, they are of course also ideal for work groups travelling to the island for a few days.

There is however, another group of visitors for whom vans and minibuses can be a spectacular way of travelling around Majorca. We are of course talking about groups of families or friends who want to travel around the island, sleeping every night in a different place under the Majorcan stars. That means always carrying your luggage around, so for this these vehicles are ideal for carrying all your bags and backpacks around all day, without them getting in the way. This way you can plan fantastic routes discovering all the secrets of the island, while you spend each night in different hotels and accommodation.

This way you can travel around the coast from Manacor to Capdepera, and then continue to Pollença, and from there to Andratx through Sóller, Deiá or Valldemossa. Or if you prefer to travel inland, the winding roads through the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range are perfect for taking in the landscapes and lesser known towns and villages of inland Majorca.

But there is no fixed route, you can make your own itinerary and hire a van or a rental minibus in Majorca to enjoy with all your friends.