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Blog Where to go canyoning in Mallorca

Where to go canyoning in Mallorca

    Canyoning has been considered one of the best sports to practice in Mallorca. It allows you to go canyoning in the most outstanding ravines on the island and get your adrenaline levels to the maximum.
    Here we explain in detail where to go canyoning in Mallorca, so that you can get in your car and set off on one of the best adventures the Balearic island has to offer.

    Mortitx canyoning, a place for all levels

    The ravines in Mallorca have become one of the most sought-after places for adventure sports, especially when the weather is better and you want to cool off with exciting jumps in the most idyllic spots along the river.

    The Mortitx canyon is considered one of the best places to go canyoning in Mallorca, for all those people who want to have a good time doing crazy things with friends (that’s why many people book this route to celebrate stag and hen parties).

    This is a canyon located in the Tramuntana mountain range that does not involve too much difficulty, so it is recommended for all those who are just starting out in this sport, as you don’t need to be in excellent physical condition to enjoy it, you just need to know how to swim!

    To go down the canyon you will have to jump, abseil and jump down natural slides that will make your adrenaline rise to levels never seen before. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy landscapes of incomparable beauty and breathtaking cliffs.

    Na Mora canyon, a fun descent

    The Na Mora canyon is one of the best activities to do in a group in Mallorca because of its low difficulty but high intensity. This means that, although the jumps are not too difficult, every few metres you will have to test your bravery to throw yourself into the void and fall into the water.

    It is a very fun canyoning route where you will find jumps, small natural slides and more than 6 abseils. At the end of the descent it is advisable to go back up to the starting point on board a boat, as it will allow you to contemplate one of the most impressive views of the island: the panoramic view of Soller.

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    Torrent Coanegra, canyoning for experts

    To go canyoning in the Torrente Coanegra you will have to drive to the village of Orient, a pretty village from where this adventure sport begins in Mallorca. The descent has several water-filled pools and leads to a maximum drop of 150 metres.

    This section is ideal for experts who are in good physical condition to withstand such high jumps and long descents. Along the way you will have to overcome 12 sections full of slides, jumps and abseiling that will take your excitement and your body to limits you had never imagined.

    The climax comes when you find yourself at the top of a 25-metre waterfall which you will have to descend if you want to continue your route. This is when you will put your physical abilities to the test and become just another element of nature.

    When you finish your descent and have recovered your strength with a good meal, we suggest you look for some of the best caves to see in Mallorca, as they are one of the most characteristic geographical features of the island and not to be missed on your trip to the Balearic Islands.

    Calvià, the best place to practice coasteering

    Coasteering in Mallorca is an activity that has become very fashionable in recent years, as it combines several disciplines and allows you to enjoy some of the best landscapes of the Mallorcan coast in depth.

    It consists of a very complete adventure sport in which you will have to swim, walk, climb, abseil and jump. It starts from the beach itself, swimming up to some cliffs that can be easily climbed to reach the rocky areas that will allow you to continue the route from above. 

    After a short walk to the edge of the abyss you will have to do some abseiling to reach the high point of the hike: a cliff from which you can see wonderful views of the sea and where you will have to summon up all the courage you have to jump into the water.

    Coasteering is a sport that adventure lovers have fallen in love with and is revolutionising the world of water sports, as it mixes many different disciplines. 

    Torrent Gorg blau – sa Fosca, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

    This route has been considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, due to the number of different landscapes that you will be able to contemplate and the peculiar rock formations that you will find along the way. 

    It must be said that this torrent is one of the most difficult on the island, so it is only recommended for those who have already been canyoning several times and are in good physical condition.

    To begin the descent you will have to drive to Marratxi and start the route that will take you through different rappels, with a drop of up to 20 metres. 

    At one point on the route, the extreme thrill begins, as you will come across a rappel at ground level that will take you down to the depths of the rock and position you below the ground.

    Once you reach the bottom, it’s dark all around you, so it’s time to switch on your headlamps and follow your path, practically groping your way down the riverbed. This is the main reason why the Gorg blau – sa Fosca torrent route is considered a unique canyoning experience in Mallorca and one that every canyoner should do once in a lifetime.

    Pollença, the circular route along the coast that will make you fall in love with it.

    This is the second route we propose of the famous sport of coasteering. This discipline is very similar to canyoning in Mallorca, but the only thing that changes is the landscape. 

    The route will start from the Alcudia bridge and will pass through some of the most beautiful coves of the Mallorcan coast, so that you can enjoy the passage and make the most exciting jumps.

    This is a circular route in which you will have to overcome different difficulties and obstacles to be able to continue the route. 

    The scenery is one of the main attractions of this experience that you can do in 3 hours: if you look down you can see the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and if you raise your eyes you will see species of birds such as black eagles and black vultures.

    The only thing you need to be able to enjoy this route is to know how to swim and at a certain point of the route, you will have the opportunity to snorkel to see the seabed of one of the most beautiful islands of the Balearic Islands. 

    In addition, if the weather is good, you may be able to enter one of the underwater caves in the area of Pollença (always under the supervision of a trained supervisor).

    We hope this article has helped you to know the best places to go canyoning in Mallorca. If you need a car to move around the island and enjoy it to the fullest, take a look at our Roig car rental services, where you can find the most suitable transport for you and your group.

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