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Blog Everything you need to know about Es Trenc beach

Everything you need to know about Es Trenc beach

    Mallorca is a beautiful island surrounded by beaches and each one of them has its own particular charm. However, most of the guidebooks that suggest routes around the Balearic Island agree that Es Trenc is one of the beaches that you cannot miss on your holidays. It is an extensive paradise of white sand and warm, turquoise waters that will allow you to relax and fully connect with nature.
    Below, we explain everything you need to know about the beach of Es Trenc, so that you are not just another tourist, but so that you can appreciate the true charm of this natural landscape full of life.

    What to do in Es Trenc

    The main activity on Es Trenc beach is to lie on the sand and sunbathe, taking the occasional dip to cool off. Bear in mind that the sea on this beach is not very deep, so you will have to take a long walk to get the water up to your waist, but this is one of the charms of the beaches in the south of Mallorca.

    If you just want to spend a relaxing day on the sand, bear in mind that there isn’t much shade at Es Trenc, so you’ll have to bring your own umbrella or rent one on the spot.

    However, in the paradise of Es Trenc there are many more things to do apart from enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves and we will show you below.


    Surely, the first thing that comes to mind when you see photos of Es Trenc is yourself snorkelling in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, you’re not wrong because Es Trenc is one of the best places to put on your snorkel and mask and enjoy the seabed in complete peace and quiet.

    We recommend that, before snorkelling in Es Trenc, you check the weather in the area. If they say that the wind has picked up in the south of Mallorca, the water will be very choppy on the beach and you may not be able to see anything. In that case you can opt to go to another area of the island and leave Es Trenc for another, more suitable day.

    Walk along the beach

    We would tell you to take a walk along the beach, but Es Trenc is so long that it wouldn’t be an accurate suggestion. A walk along the coast of Es Trenc is a 3-kilometre walk where you won’t see any buildings and will just enjoy the charm of the natural landscape. On one side you will be left with crystal-clear waters and on the other, white sand dunes and wild vegetation.
    During your walk you will have the opportunity to see some machine gun nests built during the Second World War, to prevent a possible landing. These bunkers are completely abandoned and in 2014 they decided to paint them and write verses of poems on their facades, as an action of artistic vindication.

    Taste traditional Mallorcan food

    Eating out in Es Trenc is not difficult and, what’s more, you can enjoy the best traditional Mallorcan dishes right on the beach. These are the best restaurants in Es Trenc, so you can choose which one you fancy trying:

    • S’Embat: In the area of Ses Covetes we find the s’Embat beach bar and it is one of the best places in the area to listen to live music while having a fresh dinner. The beach bar is decorated in a hippie style and each of its dishes has a lot of personality.
    • Club Náutico de Sa Rápita: In this club you can try the best seafood recipes in Mallorca, although the price is quite high due to its privileged location.
    • Have a picnic on the beach: This is undoubtedly the best option for enjoying Es Trenc in all its essence. But remember that this is a protected area, so you will have to collect all the waste you generate and leave the beach just as you found it.

    Watching the sunset

    The sunset in Es Trenc is full of magic. The turquoise and white colours of the beach join with the orange tones of the sky to give rise to one of the best natural spectacles of the day. At that time of the day, a very relaxed atmosphere is created on the beach of Es Trenc in which to enjoy a romantic evening.
    We recommend that, once the sun has gone down, you can get into the water and enjoy a night swim under the starlight. You won’t regret it!

    Visit Salobrar de Camps

    Salobrar de Camps is located just across the sea from the beach of Es Trenc and constitutes one of the most ecologically valuable coastal systems in the whole of Mallorca. On the one hand, we have the coastline of Es Trenc, further inland the dunes that separate the two areas and, finally, we find these salt lands that are optimal for cultivation.

    In the Salobrar area you can stroll around the different ponds that make up the area and be amazed by the large number of migratory birds that you can observe. If you go in spring or autumn, you cannot miss this experience, as the pink flamingos make their stopover there to rest during their migration.

    Visit Sa Cabrera

    Very close to the beach of Es Trenc there is another completely uninhabited natural paradise, this is the small island of Sa Cabrera. The only way to reach this National Park is by boat. You can do so from Colonia de Sant Jordi, on an organised excursion that will allow you to discover the island, take a quiet swim in its waters and discover its famous Cova Blava.

    We recommend that you take a look at the timetable of the excursion, so that you don’t miss out on this experience. Once on the island, go to the Colonial ice cream parlour to try one of their famous almond ice creams, which will make your mouth water!

    Discover the salt industry

    When you visit Es Trenc it is impossible to overlook its salt mines, so a good option is to take a guided tour, so that they can explain to you how the industry developed around this mineral. During this guided tour, they will explain how the salt mines have been used since the beginning of time.
    They will also explain the optimal weather conditions necessary for these salt accumulations to occur in certain areas of Es Trenc beach. Learn about the process followed to produce this salt step by step and don’t leave without your little salt sachet to cook the best recipes with the salt of Es Trenc.

    What does Es Trenc mean?

    Es Trenc is an unspoilt sandy beach that stretches for many kilometres and where you will not see any type of construction intended for tourism, apart from a couple of restaurants. It is the Caribbean of Mallorca and is the least commercial area, compared to the rest of the island. Although that does not exempt it from being full of tourists.

    It is a white sandy beach with crystalline waters that is located in a dune system that separates the beach of Es Trenc from the Salobrar de Camps, a humid cultivated area that you can see behind the beach. This is the second most important wetland area in Mallorca, after s’Albufera d’Alcúdia.

    The Mallorcan word Trenc, in English, means “broken” or “breakage” and refers to the moment when the sandy area breaks, separating the beach area from the Salobrar de Camps, to create two very different spaces.
    Oral tradition explains that in the middle of the 18th century, a tidal wave reached the coasts of Mallorca, creating a well-defined section in the dunes that separated the open sea from the salt marshes, giving rise to this independent beach.

    How to get to Es Trenc

    If you have finally decided to spend the day at the beach of Es Trenc, some questions will come to your mind and one of the main ones is how to get to this practically deserted paradise. We are going to explain the 3 most popular options, so that you can plan your route a little better.

    Getting to Es Trenc by car

    Arriving by car is the best option to visit Es Trenc and anywhere else on the island, as the public transport network is not as effective as in other regions of the mainland. If you go by car, the arrival will be very easy, but the complication will come when it comes to parking.
    There are two options for parking, although you should be aware that you will have to pay for parking, especially in high season. The first option is to park in the Ses Covetes paying car park, and the second is to go to the heart of Es Trenc beach, where you will find another car park where you can park your vehicle, also for a fee.

    Excursions to Es Trenc

    If you have decided not to rent a car and you are staying in the south of Mallorca, you can get to Es Trenc with a group trip organised by ROIG Transfers and Mallorca Top Activities that will pick you up at your hotel. They will take you to the area of the Hotel Marqués in Colonia de Sant Jordi and there you will have to walk for 15 minutes to the beach.

    The excursions to Es Trenc are a good option, although you will have to be aware of the timetables offered, both on the way there and on the way back, which will take away quite a lot of freedom from your experience.

    Getting to Es Trenc by bus

    If you are staying in Palma, you can take bus line 530 from Palma to Sa Rapita and Ses Covetes to get to Es Trenc by public transport. The main disadvantage of this way of getting to the beach is that it takes quite a long time, as the bus makes a lot of stops.

    This is all you need to know about Es Trenc beach and how you can visit it. Remember that the best way to get to know every corner of the island is by renting a car. At ROIG you will find the best value for money when renting your car in Mallorca, so that all you have to worry about is enjoying your holiday.

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